Chapter 157- Where They All Come From

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Naturally, KMega6KMegacharacter explored this ‘new’ land with the same curiosity and enthusiasm as Lazar. Since they had a headstart, Astrid7Astridcharacter gave him a tour of the town. The last time he looked around, there was only a hundred or two people in the town at one time, but now there were thousands. A lot of them weren’t human or dragon4dragonspeciesians either. All the faces that were there before were bewildered, but perhaps the biggest thing is the addition of a large four story building that towered over it’s surroundings. On the sign attached to the building was ‘Silent Mercenary Core’. KMega had a feeling as he went inside the building to find dozens of rough looking men sharpening their weapons.

Even KMega was slightly intimidated by the sight, but he didn’t show it.

He then walked up to the clerk at the front desk,

“I seek the one in charge.” (KMega)


“And who might you be?” (Receptionist)

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KMega crossed his arms.

“I’m the spouse of the dragon lord that rules these lands.” (KMega)

There was some loud laughter from the mercenaries as one of them stepped forward towards Astrid.

“I suppose this one here is your queen then. Honey, how about you and me find a nice quiet…” (Mercenary)

However, the mercenary couldn’t even finish his perverted sentence as KMega instantly vanished and grabbed his wrist and threw him on the table.

“If you try and touch her again, the only way you’ll be able to please yourself afterwards is by giving yourself a b******.” (KMega)

As the words were leaving his mouth, all the other mercenaries drew their weapons and got ready for a fight. However, they were rather hesitant as they watched the scene unfold in front of them. While the man was apart of their ilk, their loyalty was stronger then their honor, and KMega moving so fast made sure none of them moved.

“I’ll say it again! I’m here to see the person in charge! If she isn’t available, then I’ll come back another time. I don’t have the time to deal with expendable people.” (KMega)

KMega really pushed their buttons when he said that.

While Emma got ready to log into Sword Kingdom, she thought about her rather unique position in-game that even most professional players will never achieve. She was the leader of a mercenary band. While her actual combat ability is rather low, she had strong analytical skills that were on par with a lot of the games royalty or ministers. As a child IRL, she lived on the streets for several years, making her timid and scared of strangers; especially males. She was even less open with Adams and Brian compared to KMega. This is because they kept their distance after knowing her dark side.


It only took a few minutes for Emma to sort through all of her notices. Her guild had received dozens of pleas for help from the demihumans that escaped their companions. While most mercenary cores take pay upfront, Emma paid with experience as well as money for her men instead. This different approach was standard for training her mercenaries to be C-Rank adventurers at the minimum, which is the cream of the average rank adventurers. However, with their experience at battling humanoid opponents, they could even stand their ground against B-Ranks with ease. If a member was still in the ‘recruit’ level, they will receive daily training from other members for a small sum.

A few members even became official teachers by doing this. If you add to the fact that she doesn’t discriminate as well, it’s no surprise that she will be apart of the event that just occured.


After reading all the notices she received when she logged in, she got up and got dressed before heading into the lobby of the main building. That’s when she encountered the scene of a lot of her lower tier members about to face off against KMega and Astrid.

“What is the meaning of this!?” (Silent)

With her voice alone, the mercenaries shook with fright while KMega and Astrid didn’t even react. KMega then went to Astrid’s side and took a knee like a proper knight bowing to their superior.

“I am Dragon Brood Lord Astrid, owner of these lands…” (Astrid)

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