Chapter 158- IRL Colleagues

Every mercenary felt fear in their hearts when they heard Astrid7Astridcharacter’s simple words. Honor be damned when they felt death approaching them in such a low voice. The smell of fresh urine began to fill the room, as even Silent barely kept herself from bowing down to the cute petite woman. Silent had no idea that KMega6KMegacharacter’s leadership and charisma related stats are that of a decorated military general and that Astrid’s were even higher when he’s nearby, since she’s technically the ‘husband’ in their relationship and the leader of the brood he’s in.

If she wanted to, she could make a king hesitate by just her words alone, and she clearly wanted to intimidate.


After taking a moment to compose herself, Silent walked over to the end of the stairs and walked down to where everyone was, while speaking, “I’m the leader of this mercenary guild. What business does a dragon4dragonspecies have with me?” (Silent)

Silent was putting on a tough act, but if Astrid pushed, she knew she couldn’t hold.

“Before this building was built, this town and the small mountain over there, were a part of our lands. I came here to make sure that there aren’t any misunderstandings from the gods’ actions. Conduct your business cautiously for now.” (Astrid)

Astrid then brought out a bag of gold coins and dropped it on the floor as she spoke,

“This should be sufficient payment and incentive.” (Astrid)

She then turned around to leave.

Before any of them could make a dash for the bag of coins, KMega sighed as he picked them up and said, “ Well, Em, er… Silent, I will hold onto this until a formal contract is created.” (KMega)

While KMega took a seat, he barely remembered Emma’s IGN in time. Silent snapped her fingers and drinks, an ink and quill, and a blank form appeared on the table, as she sat down as well. KMega was slightly impressed with his skill set since he could see that she wasn’t a fighter type.


The contract was rather simple, but it also had some complicated parts. For fifty large gold coins, the mercenary guild will be a police force that helps with civil activities such as; construction, waste disposal, cooking, crafting, etc. Realistically, Silent was cutting them a deal, but additional funds can be supplemented later. For now, it was better to keep order.


After giving her the payment and sealing the contract, KMega grabbed a drink and relaxed a little, “So, how have you been, Silent? I haven’t seen you around since the tournament.” (KMega)

Silent almost flinched since she instantly understood he was trying to make small talk.

“I have been well. After you were eliminated while being a total badass and taking on fifteen at once, we went and took one of the top rankings. We probably would have won if you didn’t get yourself killed.” (Silent)

KMega couldn’t help but laugh as he scratched his cheek.

“Yeah, it was either me or Asgaber. She’s more of a professional in those kinds of settings, I’m more of a solo/raid type.” (KMega)

Silent relaxed and a small smile appeared on her face. Deep down, she wished that she had the courage to jump on him before Winter did.

A lot of the mercenaries were surprised as they watched their guild leader openly talk to someone. One of the higher ranked members subtly pulled out an identity scroll and used it on KMega since he kept his titles and stats hidden.

When the mercenary read the information on the scroll, he gulped down his saliva after finding that it gave just a minimal effect.

However, it did show something interesting.

“Holy s**t! He’s Duke KMega of Eastguard! The Hero of Eastguard and the bad**s of the demon war said to have slain a thousand demons with a single attack. They say he can rend the terrain at will and was so bored during the demon war he just lay with his wife. Jok even tried to cup a feel, he’s lucky he isn’t dead!” (Higher Ranked Mercenary)

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Yowlo was kneeling at the altar with an angel behind him. He used part of his contribution to let Berry keep her new rank and left the rest with the Bishop for those in need. In truth, the island only cost one and a half million of KMega’s contribution points, but the rest of it was used for the people. However, even what KMega had left over wasn’t enough for all the former companions. Yowlo had contributed over a hundred thousand points himself, and many other players gave contributions that in total doubled what they contributed.

Berry sighed with annoyance as she said, “ Should I just go over to him? There are a lot of things he needs to know.” (Berry)

Yowlo stayed still as he prayed.

Before, he was a fan that wanted to help his idol, but now, he was fully devoted to his new religion.

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