Chapter 154- Many Wives, Many Lives

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KMega6KMegacharacter noticed that Lazar was all fidgety and nervous, and he had a guess as to why. As a once clueless guy, and in some ways still is, he could tell when a guy is confused; even a thirty foot lizard.

“All right, how many wives are we talking about?” (KMega)

Lazar thought about it for a moment, which KMega took as a bad sign.

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“If you include the ones when we returned, fifty two.” (Lazar)

KMega’s eyes went wide with shock. The word harem is something he recently learned, and this definitely sounded like one. He just wanted to leave this matter alone, but he somehow knew that would cause trouble later on,

“Hmm? Normally, I would say take care of the mothers and children, but….” (KMega)

He then trailed off as he started thinking.

“I suspect that any woman that has a child with a dragon4dragonspecies will be welcome in the brood. Let’s not wait. I will go and speak to a few individuals of influence later on. However, you will be in charge of raising those children. I will see to a place for them to live. If you make any more children later on with no forethought of raising them, then I will see to it that a proper punishment befalls you.” (KMega)

Lazar hesitated before bowing his head.

“As you command, my queen. I have played with lesser mortals, and I shall be punished by raising the other dragon children and those that were born of my actions. I will think twice before taking such pleasures again.” (Lazar)

KMega had a sorry expression on his face under his helmet.

“Discuss this matter further with Astrid7Astridcharacter. I must make my way to the city right now.” (KMega)

As KMega left, Lazar went deeper into the cave.

When KMega entered the fortress, he could see all the new buildings.

However, there wasn’t very many people around.

After pondering for a bit, he took to the sky and went to the nearby city that was a few miles away. As regulation, he entered through the main gate, but as soon as he took two steps forward past the checkpoint, four women were upon him.

“It’s him. It’s the dragon boy!” (Woman 1)

“Wow! I wonder if he will give us his autograph, or maybe a kiss.” (Woman 2)

“A kiss, really!” (Woman 3)

KMega could only sigh as he politely asked them to move out of his way so he can go to the church. However, in that time, ten more women showed up.

Unlike the players that originally appeared, some of these women were NPC’s. He saw even more on the way, so he slapped his tail to get more height as he glided between two of them, but they each grabbed one of his wings. He casually caught them by the back of their armor and set them down on a building nearby before flying towards the church.


When he arrived at the church, he encountered another woman problem of another nature.

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Since there was a holy war recently, there was a lot of pregnant young women inside the church worried about giving birth to a demonic beast. Luckily for them, the Bishop was around and already dealing with it.

“Ah, Great Hero! I haven’t had the opportunity to speak with you about your contributions in the war…” (Bishop)

KMega looked around and noticed that at least one woman had an infant with dragon features.

“Pardon me, Bishop, but I’m in a rush. However there are a great many topics I must discuss with you. For one, and probably the most obvious, is about the father of these ladies children. I am devoted to my wife and mate, so these children are not mine, but likely one of the dragons in the brood I am a part of. The finer details are still being worked on, but if any of the mothers or their children are being mistreated for being dragon’s, send them our way. We’ll care for them.” (KMega)


The Bishop nodded in understanding as the pieces fell into place. The children he’s been encountering recently had mortal souls, so their appearance was deceptive.

“Also, about my titles. Before a major incident occurs and all the lives I have, or will ever live is snuffed out, I will plead in front of the gods. I want them to get rid of the title called, ‘Image of Masculinity’. My wife needs no such reminders, and I don’t fancy anybody else.” (KMega)

The Bishop looked at KMega with surprise before looking at the long line of women gathering outside the church. Because of KMega’s position, he didn’t have to wait.

Not only pregnant women, but hopefuls also lined up.

Normally, removing a title took a donation, but because of his contribution, the fee was waived.

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