Chapter 153- Changes

After his morning routine, three days later, KMega6KMegacharacter found that he had access to the game again and immediately logged in. To his unexpected surprise, he was in his first dragon4dragonspeciesian form rather than the second or human form. As Astrid7Astridcharacter stirred, he went through all the nerfs he had undergone. First was his race. It was now 65% dragon and 35% human. He did not mind this, but one of the game’s changes was that from 30% to 70% your race was the default hybrid form. He could easily become human again because it was his original race but transforming to the next dragonic tier, or rather his second dragonian form, required a lot more effort, or rather, mana.


He next took a look at his skills and items. Many of them had changed as well. However, the only one with noticeable changes was [Moon’s pile driver]. Limiters were put on it, and a much steeper penalty for each use had been added. His crescent cleave was also nerfed by about 20%, but its resource cost had correspondingly reduced.


Finally, the titles: KMega glanced through them. Three caught his attention. WMD, or weapon of mass destruction, was one he knew from due to his time as a mage. You obtained it by killing over a thousand enemies with one attack. It was a hard-to-get but highly-sought-after title for AOE damage dealers. It increased AOE range and power by 5%.


Rip it Asunder, was a title he had never even heard of before. According to the description, he got it by causing a terraforming event with environmental effects. In essence, it stemmed from when he made a crater that could become a lake. It provided him a high chance to negate earth-based barriers: not just magic barriers but also things like a castle wall could, in theory, be destroy with a single strike. Furthermore, environmental changes he caused would have a larger impact than normal. However, there was one that made KMega sour-faced: Image of Masculinity. He was a bit annoyed that he had actually received this title because it was a playboy’s wet dream. It increased the rate of random women encounters.


After he reviewed everything that had changed, Astrid finished her sync with her mechanoid body. He was a little worried because the system could have altered or even deleted her. This moment of her leaning on his shoulder, all cute, was very unlike her. “We’ve got to get rid of that stupid title. I don’t need the world thinking that you are open for breeding.” (Astrid)

Now KMega understood her cute reaction. “I’ll go to the church after our talk. You sync well? It was a lot longer than normal.” (KMega)

Astrid nodded. “For the most part, the system left me alone. It only added a meter of my loyalty to you. Pfff. Like it would ever drop to 99%.” (Astrid)

KMega could not help but smile as he gently grabbed her hand. “I’ll go to the church to get my unwanted titles removed then head over to the Adventurer guild to see if there are any hunts. Anything you want me to keep an eye out for?” (KMega)

Astrid shook her head to clear it. That title really riled her more than it should have. Perhaps its effects were coming to play… “I need high quality leather to repair the inner armor and some high quality metal ore for your swords and shield. Also get some top quality silver and gems if you can. I also need herbs and other potion items.” (Astrid)

He gave her a gentle smile before letting go of her hand and equipping his ‘shamble knight’ armor set. The helm contributed a lot to his defenses.


As KMega was leaving the lair, he found Lazar nervously guarding outside.

“What’s wrong Lazar?” (KMega)

Lazar quickly turned to him before bowing his head. “My queen, I have perhaps misunderstood my lord. When she said wife, I did not think of permanent bonding.” (Lazar)


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KMega blinked. In video games5video gamestheme like Sword Kingdom, NPC had children quickly, and the younglings grew up fast, especially when the population of a nation was small. As a result of this feature, Eastguard was about to have its first batch of half-breed dragonoids, all hundred and twenty-eight of them.

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