Chapter 537: Peerless skeleton

The room became quiet without any sound.

Three pairs of beautiful eyes stared at Long Yi as if they were looking at a freak. They looked up and down, left and right as if they wanted to see through him.

On the other hand, Long Yi remained calm and composed while comfortably sitting on the soft sofa. He sipped a mouthful of steaming hot green tea and then his eyebrows smoothened out, appearing to be enjoying the lingering taste.

But a pair of dark claws massaging Long Yi’s shoulders were even more eye-catching. That’s right, the person who was giving Long Yi a massage was his younger brother, the peerless skeleton, Long Two. At this moment, his that blood scythe with dense baleful aura was hung on the six overgrown bones on his back, and his empty claws were massaging Long Yi with all his effort. One didn’t know whether that was an illusion or not but the red light flickering in his pitch-black eyesockets unexpectedly seemed to have a hint of gentleness and admiration.

“Hey, Long Yi……” Crystal was unable to endure this anymore, so she shouted nervously.

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“If you have something to say, then why on earth are you mincing? It’s shaming your title as she-T. Rex.” Long Yi gently looked up and putting down the teacup on the table in front of him, he said.

Crystal and Sharman glared at him at the same time. They wished to raise their hand to strike but were honestly too curious in their heart. The scene of just a moment ago was still replaying repeatedly in their mind.

Just when the barrier was about to be broken by those bloody resentment spirits, Long Yi suddenly appeared along with that very strange skeleton. Then, as if this skeleton had a kingly aura, these more than a hundred bloody resentment spirits quickly opened up a path and admitted their defeat in fear. Then, Long Yi effortlessly collected them. After that, Long Yi patted the shoulder of this skeleton and said “Good job.” In turn, this skeleton unexpectedly answered in a mechanical voice: “Big brother……”

Speaking skeleton? The three women were dumbfounded at that time. Ever since the recorded history, there was no record of any skeleton that was able to speak. What did this represent? This represented that this skeleton had wisdom. This was too shocking. If the skeletons of the entire world had wisdom, then it would not be the turn of humankind to rule this world, rather undead creatures would have ruled this world.

And especially seeing Long Yi enjoying the massage of this skeleton, the three women had to look at each other in blank dismay and fall into silence.

Crystal was the first person that was unable to endure this silence, she rushed over and sat beside Long Yi, then timidly extended her little hand towards the arm of Long Two.

Kacha, Long Two turned his head and the red light flickering inside his pitch-black eyesockets stared at Crystal. This frightened Crystal so much that she quickly retracted her little hand.

“Eh…… big brother skeleton, hello, can we be friends?” Crystal stared at Long Two and said.

“I am not big brother, my big brother is big brother.” Long Two replied with his mechanical voice. In his simple consciousness, only Long Yi was the big brother in this world.

Seeing Long Two could reply, Crystal immediately became excited. Although his answer was somewhat childish, this at least proved that he had the ability to think independently.

“Then, what is your name?” Crystal excitedly asked.

“Long Two.” Long Two replied.

“Then, do you know how you came into being in this world?” Crystal asked with sparkling eyes.

The red light in the eyesockets of Long Two flickered for a while as if he was thinking about it. But, this type of question was clearly too profound for Long Two. He replied after a long time: “Bog brother……”

Crystal was somewhat disappointed and she turned to look towards Long Yi, hoping for an answer.

But, it was no use asking Long Yi this question. The law of the creation of heaven and earth was related to the profound mystery of the universe. Why was a skeleton able to give rise to a consciousness? This was something even Long Yi couldn’t explain. He also wanted to know why. So, he could only shrug his shoulders to express that he also don’t know.

“Long Yi, say, where did those resentment spirits of just now come from?” Sharman knew that it was useless to ask the same question again, so she changed the subject of conversation to those powerful resentment spirits.

“I don’t know, but not long ago, someone laid out a Nine Yin Soul Refining Array below this place. And there is a secret room just below this place where dried corpses and skeletons are deposited. Perhaps, because those people died due to the extraction of their energy and vitality while still alive, along with this geographical condition with dense resentment, they come into being. Or, someone might have used some trick. I am not certain.” Long Yi frowned and said. He had also been thinking over this question, but even though he had carefully checked that secret room before he came up, he didn’t discover anything particular. Only the yin qi of this place was denser to a certain extent compared to other places.

“By the way, you still have yet to tell me why you hastily went down.” Murong Shuyu said.

“To save a person.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“It must be a woman, otherwise, you will not be so anxious.” There was a hint of sourness in the tone of Murong Shuyu.

Long Yi just smirked agreeing tacitly, but since he didn’t want to speak much about the matter of Mu Hanyan, he changed the subject: “I have a matter to handle, do you all want to stay here or go out together with me?”

“Of course, go together with you. Who is willing to stay in this awful place?” Crystal said. Originally, she had come to watch the excitement, so she would naturally go wherever was lively.

Long Yi led these three women out of this special prison cell and wandered around this Heaven Forbidden Prison. But, when they were about to reach the exit, he suddenly stopped and scan these two women behind him.

“Long Yi, what are you waiting for, hurry up, this place is more boring than Dragon Island.” Crystal urged.

“Okay okay, I will take you to an amazing place, but why don’t you cover those ox-horns in your head. It will be bad is other people saw them.”  Long Yi adjusted the hair of Crystal to cover her dragon horns.

“You…… these are my dragon horns, not ox horns, if you insult me…… me……, hey, wait for me.” Crystal angrily said. But, before she could finish speaking, she discovered that Long Yi had already walked away.


The wind and snow had already begun to stop, but the entire magnificent Soaring Dragon City was covered with snow, making it the world of snow and ice. One would wonder if legendary Snow Angel would appear here.

At this moment, Soaring Dragon City wasn’t lively and bustling as usual. On the streets, other than occasional patrolling imperial guards, not a shadow could be seen. Because of that imperial decree of curfew, the entire city was enveloped with a layer of the heavy atmosphere.

“There is no one, it is no fun at all.” Crystal complained while flying.

“Want fun? Then, see that imperial palace over there, there are many people inside, if you go and attack them, it would be amusing.” Long Yi smirked and pointed at the imperial palace far away.

The eyes of Crystal glimmered, clearly was thinking a little to do so.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense, making a move here is bound to attract Elder Pierre, then your behind is bound to bloom, do you want that?” Sharman glared at Long Yi while stopping Crystal.

“Damn you, you dirty bastard, you nearly trick me.” Crystal rolled her eyes.

Long Yi just smiled while thinking about how to pull these female dragons into this muddy water. If he could have these two dragons in his side, then he would have a big advantage in this war, merely, it was somewhat hard to deceive this Sharman.

“Didn’t you two want to go to a fun place? Now, I will take you two there.” Long Yi smiled and led the three girls directly towards Vermillion Jade Cuddling House of the ** street.

Sharman and Crystal didn’t know what this place was, but Murong Shuyu was very clear. She speeded up and secretly pinched the waist of Long Yi and snorted: “Stinking Ximen Yu, what a bad intention you have!”

Long Yi gritted his teeth and fondled the breast of Murong Shuyu without anybody knowing. Murong Shuyu was startled and she jumped away with a red face. Then, Long Yi said with a bad smile: “Since you know I have a bad intention, why are you still following?”

“Because you have bad intention, I even more have to watch you.” Murong Shuyu said with justice on her side.

“What is this place?” Hearing the discussion between these two, Sharman felt something was wrong.

“This place is called ** Den, naturally is the place to seek pleasure and make merry.” Long Yi smirked and took to the lead to enter.

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Although the imperial decree of curfew was issued, how could menfolk having some status and spare cash leisurely stay at home? They were sneaking into this ** den in threes and fours. One should know that the current situation was very tense and the warfare could break out at any time in this Soaring Dragon City. At that time, it was unknown whether they would survive or die, thus, it was better to seize this chance to seek pleasure and make merry.

The people coming to this ** den, other than the people in Ximen Clan’s side, there were also people in Long Clan’s side. Among them, most were people having lower status within their clans, but although they had lower status within their clans, that didn’t represent they didn’t understand politics or couldn’t see the current situation clearly. This time, in this struggle between Ximen Clan and imperial Long Clan, practically all people with some status within Soaring Dragon City were involved. These young masters with low status all knew that, regardless of Ximen Clan coming victorious or imperial Long Clan coming victorious, there will inevitably be a big cleansing within the empire. After this internal strife, half of these small and big sized clans within the imperial capital will vanish quietly from this world. Since that was the case, naturally, they wanted to enjoy themselves to full when they were still alive. They didn’t care about emptying their pockets. Therefore, these people of different camps were peacefully enjoying the brothels of this ** street.

Entering the entrance gate, along with blurred lighting, men and women hugging together, leading the befuddled life appeared in front of them.

“Truly has lost all sense of shame.” Seeing those half-naked women and men who had abandoned all restraint, three women spat in unison and their beautiful face reddened.

“Second Young Master, what wind blows you here?” Along with a burst of fragrance, Cui Niang walked over twisting her slender waist to welcome. Looking at Long Yi, her gaze was full of respect and a hint of unconcealable adoration.

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