Chapter 536: Powerful specters

“How come the wind is coming from below? Moreover, how come it is so gloomy and cold?” Murong Shuyu said, looking at that hole.

“What an evil aura, it seems to be an undead type creature.” Sharman frowned and said.

Just after she spoke, a red mist curled up from that head-sized hole which gradually took shape in this special prison cell. In addition, that dense bloody resentment qi made them feel like vomiting.

“What is this resentment spirit? How come it is so strange?” Crystal covered her nose and said retreating two steps back. This bloody aura was a somewhat denser than the dark aura of Boss level Dark Specter.

As if that bloody resentment spirit sensed the aura of living people, it squeaked and rushed towards these women.

Sharman waved her little hand and dense dark dragon aura met it head-on, instantly dispersing this bloody resentment spirit. Merely, to her surprise, although this bloody resentment spirit had received damaged, not long after, its dispersed body reformed again, then rushed towards them.

Sharman frowned and jumped, then drew a circle in the air with this bloody resentment spirit at the center. After that, using her dark dragon power, this bloody resentment spirit was devoured clean.

“Big sister Sharman, you are amazing.” Seeing Sharman easily dealing with this bloody resentment spirit, Crystal couldn’t help applauding in praise.

“Not at all.” Sharman said with no other choice. It appeared as if she was able to deal with this bloody resentment spirit very quickly, but she had spent a lot of her dragon power. This strange resentment spirit was very powerful, more powerful than Dark Specter.

“But, how can this resentment spirit come from below? Does this have something to do with Ximen Yu?” Murong Shuyu nervously asked.

“Does he has something to do with this? Perhaps, he was playing around with this thing.” Sharman said in annoyance. That fellow was strong enough to make her have some misgivings. He looked 20 or so in age, but his cultivation was comparable or a bit higher than herself who had cultivated for several thousand years.  Naturally, this made her very upset.

“That might be true, merely, how come he is not coming out even though it has already been so long…… Big sister Sharman, do you have any means to go in and take a look?” Murong Shuyu looked at Sharman with hope. Although she knew that Long Yi was very powerful, a girl in love was stupid like this.

“Perhaps, when I was just born, but now, I don’t have any means unless this hole is expanded. But, this metal is too hard, it is impossible to expand it within a few hours.” Sharman was willing to help but was unable to do so.

“Ah…… look, another one came out.” Crystal shouted pointing towards that hole.

“Not one, it’s a crowd……” Sharman made a bitter smile looking at that red mist coming out from that hole. She considered whether they should withdraw from this prison cell first or not. In any case, if there was countless resentment spirit below, then they would be in danger.

But, before she had time to think over, these bloody resentment specters shrieked and rushed towards them like a swarm of bees after sensing the aura of living people. Seeing this, these three women couldn’t help but shiver.

Sharman and Crystal simultaneously roared and their aura forced these resentment spirits back, then, along with the flashing of white light, Sharman activated the barrier pearl, separating themselves from these bloody resentment spirits.

Those resentment spirits began to pile up in this prison cell. Now, there was over a hundred of them, moreover, these bloody resentment specters were somewhat more powerful than Dark Specter which was a BOSS level undead creature. It was terrifying just thinking about this. But, where exactly were they coming from? The three women sat on the sofa and began to ponder for the time being.

Such a powerful evil aura, Long Yi naturally sensed it. He guessed that resentment spirits had formed in that secret room where dried corpses and skeletons were deposited. However, he had not guessed that those resentment spirits would be so powerful, thus, he continued to lie on the bed while hugging Mu Hanyan.

Only when the barrier he had set up fluctuated violently under their attack, Long Yi realized that the matters weren’t as simple as he had imagined.

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Long Yi gently placed sleeping Mu Hanyan on the bed, then jumped out of the bed wearing his clothes. And when he walked out of the barrier, he saw that this place was crowded with bloody resentment spirits as well as powerful undead creatures. Seeing this, even though his temperament was tough and tensile, he was also dumbfounded. He already knew that that secret room where the corpses were deposited was the best place to cultivate resentment spirits, merely, he had not expected that it would give rise to so many powerful bloody resentment spirits and undead creatures. Could it be that Military Adviser used some trick in this secret room? Then, why was he not here?

Other than some concern in his heart, Long Yi was somewhat happy. There were so many powerful specters here, if he could subdue them, then they could become a big helping hand.

Long Yi summoned Long Two from his dark space dimension, watching those bloody resentment specters and undead creatures. Long Two was wearing black colored bone armor with blood scythe in his hand and there was a red light flickering in his pitch-black eyesockets. Seeing him, those bloody resentment specters and undead creatures stopped and retreated in fear while screaming.

Although these specters were powerful, Long Two’s body emitted a very pure and powerful dark aura. Only the king of Undead World had such aura.

Long Two took a step forward and the red radiance in his eyesockets suddenly flickered violently, then a kind of strange roar came from his abdominal cavity. Immediately after that, those bloody resentment specters as well as undead creatures trembled and didn’t dare to move.

Perfect opportunity, Long Yi rejoiced inwardly, then he circulated dark power within his body and chanted an obscure undead magic. Suddenly, thousands of black light shot out from his fingers and branded his mark on these undead creatures.


“Big sister Sharman, it seems this barrier will not last long.” Seeing the barrier was fluctuating violently, Crystal worriedly said.

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“It doesn’t matter, I have more.” Sharman showed a milky white barrier pearl.

“Big sister Sharman, I think we should withdraw from this prison cell first. In this prison cell, I cannot use douqi and magic, I cannot help you at all.” Murong Shuyu said. Sharman and Crystal had their powerful dragon power, but she didn’t have any.

Sharman hesitated. These bloody resentment specters were somewhat hard to deal with. With her dark dragon power, she would be unable to exterminate these over a hundred bloody resentment specters.

At that time, those bloody resentment specters who were violently attacking barrier suddenly screamed in panic and scattered in succession, opening an open space around that head-sized hole. And Long Yi had already appeared there at an unknown time and there was a strange skeleton standing beside him.

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