Chapter 535: Deceitful Military Adviser

Violent Dragon Empire, Soaring Dragon City.

The snowstorm had stopped, and the streets were filled with multicolored lights. But, at this moment, Soaring Dragon City that should be very bustling was as quiet as a ghost town. Every household had shut their door and all the stores had stopped doing business early.

Because of the sudden imperial decree of curfew, all common people of Soaring Dragon City were in the state of anxiety. The common people here in the imperial city were very sensitive to political changes. In addition, with those stern looking soldiers patrolling frequently, common people felt all the more that something was about to happen.

At this moment, that Military Adviser who was disguised as Long Zhan was sitting on the Dragon Throne, overlooking high-ranking military officers below. That cold atmosphere made everyone tremble with fear, and no one dared to even breathe heavily.

“Your Highness, it is already so late at night, why haven’t we make a move yet?” Among them, one senior general was no longer able to endure this oppressive atmosphere and asked.

“Don’t be impatient.” Long Zhan look up and said indifferently, then the hall fell into silence again.

Not long after, a shadow suddenly appeared beside Long Zhan, then disappeared quietly after whispering something in the ear of Long Zhan.

The complexion of Long Zhan changed and said: “The plan has changed, the operation of tonight is canceled.”

The high-ranking military officials sitting in the hall looked at each other in blank dismay. They were somewhat at a loss. All soldiers were already in their position, as long as the order was issued, they could launch the attack, annihilating the rebel Ximen Clan. But now, in the final moment, this operation was suddenly canceled, what was going on here?

Long Zhan stood up from the Dragon Chair and waved his hand to stop the commotion made by the high-ranking military officers, then said: “I know your doubts. There is a reason for the sudden cancellation of this plan we have been preparing for so long. Moreover, we have no certainty to win in this war. In the mountain just outside the city, a large number of soldiers are hidden, it is unknown how many are there, but according to scouts’ report, there are at least 100,000 soldiers. I truly didn’t expect Ximen Clan to secretly train such a large number of private soldiers.”

“Your Highness, then what should we do? Since Ximen Clan has such a huge army, won’t they take the initiative to attack?” One senior general asked.

“I have already drawn up a plan on what we should do next. As for Ximen Clan, they would not dare to take rash action.” Long Zhan said and his eyes flashed with sinister and ruthless radiance.

Long Zhan returned to his imperial study and watched the military map hung on the wall. At this moment, many thoughts were circulating in his mind. He already knew the matter of Ximen Clan having a private army, but he had not expected it to be so big. Now, if they fought, then even if he achieved a victory, he would also suffer heavy casualties. This moment, only the army inside the city was under his control and other troops were en route. He could guess that Ximen Clan was also in a similar situation. But, the fighting power of these soldiers stationed inside the city was mediocre, so they could only serve as cannon fodders.

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If the allied army led by Beitang Yu returned, then even if Ximen Clan was eradicated from Soaring Dragon City, it would be useless……

When he was thinking, crown prince Long Ying hastily pushed opened the door and entered, then said loudly: “Father emperor, why was the operation canceled?”

Long Zhan stared at Long Ying and snorted: “How can you accomplish big things being so impatient? You should also know the reason why I canceled this operation.”

“Father emperor, even if Ximen Clan have 100,000 private soldiers, what can they do? Don’t we also have dark warriors? In addition, there are also 150,000 soldiers. Ximen Clan is basically not our opponent. Furthermore, the two sons of Ximen Clan are already under Puppet Curse Magic. Once they are screwed, the morale of the other side will sharply decline. We don’t need to fear them.” Long Ying calmed down his impatient mental state and said.

“What do you know, losing 800 to kill 1000 enemies, even if we achieve victory like that, our vitality will be greatly damaged.” Long Zhan slowly said.

“Then, what should we do, father emperor?” Long Yi sat down and asked. He had thought that he would demonstrate his courage and power today, but to his surprise, he unexpectedly had to leave the matter unsettled.

Long Zhan turned sideways and looking at the military map, he said: “To achieve victory with minimal loss, this is the essence of the war. You don’t need to be impatient, just quietly wait for a few days to watch a good show.”


In the secret room below Heaven Forbidden Prison, Long Yi laid out a spirit restoring magic array. It was able to continuously restore the spirit power of the person within the array. Although the restoring speed was not fast, it was better than nothing. If this kind of spirit restoring magic array was used in warfare, then it would have an amazing effect. Because, although magician squad had terrifying attack power, their magic spells consumed a large amount of spirit power, thus, they couldn’t fight for a long time, but with the help of this spirit restoring magic array, they could last at least twice as long in battle. Don’t look down upon this addition time, normally, a magician squad of one thousand magicians could cause 30,000 to 50,000 casualties. And if they were able to last twice as long, then that would be equivalent to creating 30,000 to 50,000 more casualties among enemy soldiers.

After one entire day and night, the radiance of spirit restoring magic array gradually weakened and Long Yi moved his hands supporting the back of Mu Hanyan away as he exhaled a mouthful of chaotic air. Now, although she was still weak, she was no longer in a mortal danger. She would recover fully as long as she was nursed well.

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Long Yi hugged Mu Hanyan and affectionately caressed her beautiful hair. He nearly lost this mysterious woman forever.

Not long after, long eyelashes of Mu Hanyan moved and she opened her eyes. Then, seeing Long Yi who was warmly staring at her, she smiled and weakly said: “Damned heartless fellow, why were you so late to save me?”

“Little lascivious hussy, don’t you know that the hero always appears at the last moment to highlight his greatness?” Long Yi smirked and said.

“If I truly die, then will you cry for me? Will you remember me throughout your life?” Mu Hanyan asked in a low voice as she stared straight in the eyes of Long Yi without blinking.

“Of course…… not, I will be too vexed if you die just like this and I will also look down on you. In addition, you are clearly not soul-stirring enough, how can I remember you throughout my life? Naturally, I will also not cry, a man will shed blood but not shed tears.” Long Yi said with a bad smile, but in his heart, he knew that, if Mu Hanyan truly died, then he would feel incomparable pain and this pain would turn into a sorrow for his lifetime.

“Hateful demon, heartless fellow.” Mu Hanyan closed her eyes while pouting.

Long Yi couldn’t help laughing. It was very rare to see such a little girl side of Mu Hanyan.

“Yu, my entire body is sticky. It is so uncomfortable, I want to take a bath.” Mu Hanyan suddenly said.

“Take a bath? That is simple.” Long Yi said with a smile, then his big hand flashed with blue radiance and water magic elements began to gather in the sky, becoming a big pool of clear water in midair. Long Yi had used his spirit power to suspend this small-scale swimming pool in midair.

In addition, to be on the safe side, Long Yi created a barrier, then taking off his and Mu Hanyan’s clothing, he flew into the swimming pool suspended in midair with Mu Hanyan in his bosom.

Long Yi gently washed the entire body of Mu Hanyan. He didn’t leave behind even an inch of her skin. This beautiful ** was incomparably tempting like before, but the eyes of Long Yi didn’t have even a hint of lust. With the current state of Mu Hanyan, how could she endure his pounding?

“Come, be obedient and raise your hands.” Long Yi coaxed Mu Hanyan like he was coaxing a child while gently drying every inch of her body.

Mu Hanyan just leaned on the chest of Long Yi while staring at this gentle and warm Long Yi and she couldn’t help becoming sentimental. When did this man begin to occupy her heart? When was he engraved in her flesh and blood? Every time she saw him, her maiden heart would involuntarily throb for him, was it because of his overbearingness or because of his evilness or because of his gentleness?

After washing her body, Long Yi took out a big bed from his space ring and lied down on the bed hugging naked Mu Hanyan.

“We should stay here for the time being. I guess the defense inside and outside the imperial palace is very tight now. And I don’t have any fighting power now, moreover, I don’t want to startle the snake beating around the bush, in any case, if that bastard discovers that I am still alive, he will definitely be prepared to some extent. I will definitely repay him the favor of this time.” When Mu Hanyan mentioned that Military Adviser, her eye turned ice-cold.

“Hanyan, do you have the way to deal with those dark warriors?” Long Yi asked.

“I taught him how to refine dark warriors, of course, I know how to deal with them. You will know it in the future.” Mu Hanyan replied and snuggled up into the bosom of Long Yi as if she was drawing the warmth from his body.

Long Yi hugged Mu Hanyan and said: “You still haven’t recovered completely, close your eyes and sleep for a while.”

Mu Hanyan just purred like a cat, but her little hand suddenly slid down from the chest of Long Yi and grabbed his little brother that was half hard and half soft. Then, she whispered closing her eyes: “Yu, love me……”

Long Yi spanked the butt of Mu Hanyan and said: “Little **, don’t you know how weak you are at this moment?”

Mu Hanyan just opened her mouth and nibbled the chest of Long Yi. Then, with a hint of redness on her pale face, her little hand slid up and down on his little brother as she said: “Put it in, I want to feel you within my body.”

Long Yi took a deep breath and under the guide of Mu Hanyan’s little hand, his little brother entered that warm Peach Blossom Valley. But, not long after that, the breathing of Mu Hanyan became even as she had fallen into a deep sleep. Now, Long Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he had to bear his unbearable fire of lust.

At this moment, above the secret room, Sharman, Crystal and Murong Shuyu were still waiting for the arrival of Long Yi. Murong Shuyu had already moved all her items including big bed, sofa and so on to this special prison cell. Now, these women who originally were quarreling with each other had already become close. Murong Shuyu was very curious about the matters of Dragon Race and Sharman and Crystal also happened to be curious about the matters of human race, thus, they chimed in easily.

Suddenly, a gust of cold wind blew and the three women who were enthusiastically chatting with each other simultaneously looked over towards that head-sized hole.

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