Chapter 534: The domain of Shui Linglong

This pair of grandmother and granddaughter looked towards the origin of this voice and saw a magician standing on the wall. He was watching them with his green ghastly eyes.

“Ask your Pope to come and see me.” Shui Linglong coldly said.

“Truly preposterous, do you think our Pope would come to see you just because you say so? Since you two intrude our Dark Church’s headquarter, don’t think that you will leave this place alive.” That dark magician had some misgivings, after all, these two had the ability to find the entrance of their Dark Church’s headquarter, merely, the arrogant posture of Shui Linglong made him angry.

Shiu Linglong sneered in disdain and chanting an incantation, she waved her magic staff and a huge dragon formed from water magic elements in the air roared and rushed towards that dark magician.

That dark magician screamed as he was swept away by that magic dragon, then with the lashing of this dragon’s tail, this dark magician was slammed to the ground in front of Shui Linglong.

As a Water Master Archmage, it was as easy as crushing an ant to deal with this Advance Dark Magician.

At this time, several figures appeared on the wall, and seeing their companion was injured, they chanted strange incantations, then innumerable dark magic covered the sky as they rained down towards this pair of grandparent and granddaughter. Merely, when these magic reached near them, with the obstruction of a blue radiance, they dissipated.

Upon seeing this, these several figures felt that something was wrong, then they hastily retreated. Shui Ruoyan thought that they had gone to call the reinforcement, but the result was, even after a long time, there was no movement.

“Ruoruo, we are flying in. I think something is very wrong with Dark Church. Something must have happened.” Shui Linglong said. Even though she had bullied the people of Dark Church in front of their headquarter, there unexpectedly was no movement inside. If this was usual, then just after entering that illusory barrier, they should have already been under the attack.

This pair of grandmother and granddaughter flew over the tall wall and saw there was a big courtyard inside. All was lifeless black in color that would make people feel oppressed. What was even stranger was, they didn’t see any figure inside. Even those few people of just now, they didn’t know where they went to hide.

“Grandma, isn’t this the headquarter of Dark Church? How come it is empty as if no one resides here?” Shui Ruoyan asked in confusion.

Shui Linglong shook her head and said: “Be careful, I don’t know what Dark Church is playing.”

Just after she spoke, the change occurred. The entire courtyard was suddenly covered with a layer of dense black qi, in addition, an ill wind blew, specters wailed and all kind of terrifying resentment specters and zombies appeared.

Shui Ruoyan had just thought to make a move, but Shui Linglong stopped her. Then, although Shui Ruoyan didn’t see what Shui Linglong did, the surging black mist as well as those undead creatures of this courtyard suddenly stagnated. Next, a blue colored radiance rippled all around the sky. Not long after, the courtyard was reverted back to its original state. That black mist and those undead creatures disappeared under the illumination of this blue radiance. Only four dark magicians were collapsed in the courtyard. Now, they were watching Shui Linglong in fear.

Shu Linglong snorted, then space itself distorted and restored to the original state. Just a moment ago, she had used the water domain she had comprehended just some time ago.

“Now will you talk what happened? Where is Dark Pope?” With water magic elements floating around her, Shui Linglong asked. Now, she looked so noble that they didn’t dare to look straight at her.

“Venerable Master Archmage Shui Linglong, we can only reply that His Majesty the Pope is not here. The entire church is empty with only a few of us stationed here to guard.” A dark magician sat up and helplessly said. The opponent was Master Archmage, thus, now, they didn’t even have any thoughts of resistance.

“Where did he go?” Shui Linglong indifferently asked.

“We don’t know.” That magician replied.

Shui Linglong frowned and several blue light halos immediately bound these four people and began to shrink slowly. The four people screamed and begged for mercy repeatedly.

“Tell me where Dark Pope has gone and I will let you go?” Shui Linglong coldly said and her eyes flashed with ominous light. She had no time to waste here, that Cruse Blood Magic was slowly receding her bodily functions. Now, she even had many white hairs, but she had skillfully covered them up so as to not let Shui Ruoyan notice them.

That blue light halo became tighter and tighter. If they waste any time, those magicians would definitely die.

“We beg you, please let us go, we only know that His Majesty Pope has ordered everyone to secretly head to Violent Dragon Empire.” One of them couldn’t stand this torture and opened his mouth.

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Shui Linglong was startled. That blue light halo stopped tightening and she asked: “Why did they go to Violent Dragon Empire?”

“We truly don’t know that. We are just the lowest level people in the church, so we were left behind by His Majesty Pope to guard this place. As for what they intend to do, we truly don’t have any authority to know.” That dark magician trembled and said.

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Shui Linglong waved her magic staff and retracted her domain, then holding Shui Ruoyan, she flew away from this Dark Church.

And just when they were about to step out of the illusory barrier, Shui Linglong stopped and her complexion became pale as if a paper, in addition, blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

“Grandma, what happened?” Don’t frighten me.” Shui Ruoyan turned pale with fright and hastily supporting Shui Linglong, she made her sit on the snowland.

Shui Linglong looked at her beautiful granddaughter and said with affection: “Grandmother is fine, it’s just that I forcibly use domain just a moment ago, no need to worry.”

“Is that so? Grandma, are you hiding something from me?” Shui Ruoyan was not stupid. These days, she had often seen unusual behaviors of Shui Linglong and she instinctively felt uneasy, however, she hadn’t spoken that out.

“Silly girl, what will your grandmother hide from you? Don’t let your imagination run wild. Now the snowstorm is not that big, let’s quickly go to Violent Dragon Empire, then we can see your father and also that stinking kid of Ximen Clan.” Shui Linglong said with a smile and her expression reverted back to normal.

Shui Ruoyan still felt uneasy in her heart but since Shui Linglong doesn’t seem to want to let her know, she also pretended to be relieved from a burden.

Shui Linglong secretly sighed in her heart looking at this boundless snow. She was clearly feeling that her strength was not enough, but whatever happens, she had to hold on until they find Dark Pope, when all was said and done, he was her only son.

And at this moment, Dark Pope and his wife Ye’er along with their subordinates however had secretly slipped into Violent Dragon Empire pretending to be traveling merchants.

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