Chapter 533: The decision of Dark Pope

Snowflakes were fluttering in profusion, covering the heaven. Other than the weak radiance of bonfires glimmering in this cold campsite, the entire world was pitch-black. It was cold and bone-chilling.

In the big tent of this camp, Beitang Yu was watching this pitch-black night sky in a daze via the window. She who usually displayed cold and harsh outline looked a lot gentler at this moment. Her black hair was hanging down loosely to her waist, and there was a hint of gentleness and longing in her eyes that was contrary to her mighty name of Hell Angel. Only a few people knew that whenever she missed Long Yi, that ice-cold murderous spirit around her would change into a special feminine aura.

Ice Wind City was finally captured. From now on, Proud Moon Empire was removed from the face of Blue Waves Continent. All imperial kinsmen of Proud Moon Empire were killed without exception. And she also finally completed her mission to lay down a big foundation for Long Yi.

“Yu……, Yu’er didn’t let you down……” Beitang Yu muttered, seemingly recalling the scene of their first meeting and everything they experienced together.

Someone had once asked her if she regretted choosing this path. At that time, she had indifferently replied that after seeing Long Yi, the word ‘regret’ no longer existed in her world.

As a woman, she had made a made a name for herself. With her bloody and unfeeling means, she became world-famous and her title of Hell Angel was known to everybody. When other women were thinking of marriage, cosmetics and their appearance, her world however had only one kind of color, that was, the color of blood. When other women were harmoniously and happily assisting their husband and educating their children, she was facing incomplete corpses and field littered with corpses. People of her own side revered her greatly and the enemies feared her, but she didn’t care. All she wanted was to fight and achieve victory for her sweetheart. Even if she and more people died, she had to do it.

The sounds of footsteps came from outside this tent. This startled awake Beitang Yu from her thoughts.

“I am troubling you to report to General Beitang, we want to meet her.” A clear and melodious voice resounded.

“Wuhen, come in.” Beitang Yu said before that guard had any time to report.

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Ximen Wuhen, Long Ling’er and Linna opened the thick curtain and entered the tent. Ximen Wuhen was wearing snow-white priest robe, in addition, with a warm aura all around her, she appeared all the more holy and pure. As for Long Ling’er, compared to two years ago, now, she was a lot more mature and her fiery red magic robe made her shine all around, still, her facial features were exquisite as before. Merely, she was suppressing the negative emotion in her heart for a long time. As for Linna, there was no change. She still abhorred evil as her deadly foes and maintained her fiery temperament. They watched Beitang Yu with her hair hanging down loosely in fox-fur robe and were dumbfounded. They had stayed in the military camp for so long but they had never seen Beitang Yu looking so gentle and lovely like this moment.

“Let’s sit down and talk, do you have any matter to look for me so late at night?” Beitang Yu faced these three ladies and asked.

“Big sister Yu, now that the warfare has ended, we want to return to Soaring Dragon City early, so we decided to separate ourselves from the army and leave in advance.” Ximen Wuhen gently said.

Beitang Yu nodded and revealed a rare smile. If she was not the commanding general of this army, then she might also have become eager to return home like these three girls.

“How about this, tomorrow, I will summon the elite squad of Unparalleled Battalion lead by Nangong Nu to quickly return together with you all?”  Beitang Yu said.

“Thank you, big sister Yu.” A hint of excitement flashed through the eyes of Ximen Wuhen. She was so eager to return home because she wanted to see her second brother even a second faster. As for the rest of the family members, she basically didn’t care much.

However, at this moment, Long Ling’er seemed to be struggling. Although she had been evading this matter for a long time, and she didn’t want to hear the news of her father emperor and Ximen Clan struggling against each other, she still heard some news. She knew that the current situation of Soaring Dragon City was just like a brewing big volcano, and very soon, it would reach the point of big eruption. But, now, she basically had no way to evade, and after talking with Ximen Wuhen and Linna for a long time, she decided to go back to face everything. No matter what kind of pain she had to suffer, she would not retreat. The things that should come would come, everything was destined.

Early on the next morning, an elite squad of Unparalleled Battalion left the military camp and quickly disappeared in the midst of the snowstorm.


In the headquarter of Dark Church in Proud Moon Empire, Dark Pope sat on his armchair craved out of dark jade. In his lower right hand side, his several trusted subordinates sat. Among them, there was Hell Priest Lafaer.

“Now that Proud Moon Empire is destroyed and a mysterious organization has suddenly appeared, the influence of our Dark Church in this Blue Waves Continent is eroding rapidly, does anyone have a good way to deal with this?” Dark Pope said with a cloudy face. He looked somewhat exhausted too. With the destruction of Proud Moon Empire, all the future plans of Dark Church dispersed and disappeared like a pipe dream. And the sudden appearance of a mysterious organization exhausted him mentally and physically.

No one spoke, the days of Dark Church were getting worse and worse. In addition, after Blue Waves Continent was unified, if the unified nation suppressed the Dark Church, then Dark Church might be destroyed completely.

“Your Majesty Pope, since our Dark Church is in imminent danger, it would be better to support Long Zhan with all our strength. As long as Ximen Clan is defeated in this struggle, the entire continent will not be unified, and our Dark Church can still look for an opportunity to rise.” Hell Priest Lafaer stood up and said.

Dark Pope pondered for a long time and said: “Although there is a glimmer of hope in what Lafaer said, currently, Ximen Clan holds the superior position, in addition, that mysterious Mist Fairy seemed to stand on the side of Ximen Clan. The slightest bit of careless can make our Dark Church reach the point beyond redemption.”

“Your Majesty Pope, this subordinate think that it is better to express goodwill towards Ximen Clan. According to the rumor, Saintess has already succeeded in escaping the pursuit, so there is still a chance to mitigate our relation with Ximen Clan. Moreover, the heir of Ximen Clan, Ximen Yu similarly have dark magic, if we ask Saintess to put in some good words, then perhaps……” Another black robed old man stood up and said.

Dark Pope made a bitter smile. If they had originally adopted this means, then perhaps, Dark Church wouldn’t have reached this state. Feng Ling and Leng Youyou, both of them were Long Yi’s women, so Ximen Yu wouldn’t have made things difficult for Dark Church. Unfortunately, he however had made a wrong decision at that time by listening to his wife’s suggestion. Not only did they chased to kill Leng Youyou, he even thought to use his own daughter to lure Ximen Yu to swallow the bait. And the result was, they fell into this situation.

“No need to speak more, notify every branch, order them to secretly sneak into Violent Dragon Empire and wait for this Pope’s order. Also, everyone gathered here, set out in groups, Dark Church will fully support Long Zhan to oppose Ximen Clan.” Dark Pope stood up and said.

“We sincerely obey Pope’s order.” Seeing Dark Pope had already made up his mind, everyone stood up and said respectfully. Merely, everyone was endlessly nervous in their heart. A single mistake and their Dark Church would be annihilated along with the inheritance of dark magic.


In the midst of wind and snow, two figures wearing blue water magic robes flew over to the secret entrance of Dark Church’s headquarter. Their speed was so fast that they arrived before it in the blink of an eye.

“Grandma, is this the entrance of Dark Church’s headquarter? How come I can only see a forest?” Shui Ruoyan asked in confusion. At this moment, standing in the midst of snow, cold wind blew her long hair and clothing, making her look just like a female celestial from the paradise.

“This place has a spirit type illusionary barrier, follow grandmother, you don’t need to worry.” Shui Linglong said. It seemed that she was no stranger to this place.

This grandmother and granddaughter pair walked side by side into the forest. It was quiet all around and nothing living could be seen here. And after walking for several minutes, Shui Linglong suddenly stopped and solemnly said: “How come this place is strange today?”

Shui Ruoyan nervously looked all around and lifted the magic staff in her hand, preparing to defend anything.

“Don’t be nervous, there is no one around. In the past, there were many hidden lookouts in this place, but today, there is no one, so I feel that it is not quite right.” Shui Linglong said.

The two people walked further ahead, but there was no path ahead, there was just a long canyon and mist covered it, so they couldn’t see the bottom. They could only hear the vague sound of gurgling water.

“No path, should we fly over?” Shui Ruoyan asked.

“The entrance to Dark Church is below here, Ruoruo, let’s jump down.” Shui Linglong said.

“Grandmother, this canyon is so deep, wouldn’t we die if we jump down?” Shui Ruoyan asked.

“Now we are in the illusionary barrier, everything we are seeing is an illusion, not real.” Shui Linglong explained and then jumped down this canyon.

As for Shui Ruoyan, she looked down for a while, then jumped down closing her eyes. But, only after a second, she felt that she landed on something hard, and she staggered, nearly falling over. She opened her eyes and saw rows upon rows of houses and richly ornamented buildings. The atmosphere of this place was extraordinary too. On the opposite side, there was eight meters wide jet-black metal door with two sinister looking human skulls craved on it. And Shui Linglong was not far away from her.

At that time, Shui Ruoyan looked behind and discovered that the forest behind her had disappeared. It was replaced by an open and spacious square with dark and undead attributed totem pillars.

“So daring, actually daring to intrude our Dark Church’s headquarter.” At that time, a loud shouting voice resounded.

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