Chapter 532: Saving Mu Hanyan

“How was it? Is my mother fine?” Seeing Long Yi, Yu Feng hastily asked.

“With me making a move in person, how can there be any problem?” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Thank you, Long Yi, I will go and take a look at my mother.” Yu Feng warmly looked at Long Yi, then wanted to go to the bedroom, but Long Yi stopped her.

“Wait a minute, I have something to say now.” Long Yi said.

Having heard what was said, everyone looked at Long Yi, and seeing his serious expression, they understood that this was s serious matter.

Long Yi sat on the soft sofa, then opened his mouth: “I have something to tell, after that, I will immediately return to Soaring Dragon City.”

“You want to return, but you still want to say something, in any case, if you return then we will also return with you.” Feng Ling said and everyone nodded their head in succession.

“No, you all must stay in Light City. And Li Qing, you will disguise as me and stroll around the city every day. In any case, I want the people to think that I am still in Light City. Long Zhan has numerous informers, so in order to attract their attention, you all must stay here.” Long Yi seriously said.

“What exactly happened?” Yu Feng asked.

“It cannot be explained in a short time, just do what I said. The current situation is very volatile, we must not make any errors.” Long Yi said.

Seeing the expression of Long Yi, everyone knew that he had already made the decision, so all of them nodded their head in succession.


Soaring Dragon City, imperial palace.

That Military Advisor was trembling above one of the imperial concubines of Long Zhan in satisfaction. He was feeling comfortable and refreshed. The feeling of being an emperor was different. Every day, he could enjoy different bewitchingly charming women and no one dared to defy whatever he said.

“Your Majesty, you are so full of valor and vigor, you nearly ** me to death.” That coquettish imperial concubine caressed the sturdy chest of Military Advisor and said emitting a fragrance.

“Little b*tch, do you still want me to ** you?” Military Advisor fondled the plump ** of this imperial concubine. And all of a sudden, he put forth his strength in his grip and laughed.

This imperial concubine hissed in pain and tears gushed out from her eyes.

“Say, b*tch, do you still want me to ** you?” Military Advisor tyrannically grabbed the neck of this imperial concubine with red eyes.

“Yes…… yes, please ** me, Your Majesty.” This imperial concubine was so frightened that she stuttered.

“Really is a b*tch.” Military Advisor stuck out his tongue and licked the corner of his mouth, then with a strange smile, he slowly tightened his hand like an iron hoop.

That imperial concubine suddenly found it difficult to breath and desperately struggled to free herself, but how could have the strength to resist this Military Advisor? Not long after, her complexion became paler and paler, and her legs began to lose strength. Eventually, her entire body softened and no longer moved. Only her eyes that were opened wide voicelessly accused the atrocity of Military Advisor.

The insane expression of Military Advisor simmered down and he used the quilt to wipe his hand. Then, putting on his clothing, he walked out as if nothing had happened.

“Your Majesty, the situation is bad, we just received the report that Ice Wind City is captured. The allied force of two empires will return within the next few days.” In the imperial study, the trusted subordinate of Military Advisor hurriedly ran in and reported.

The eyes of Military Advisor flashed. It seemed that it was time for him to make a move against Ximen Clan. As long as Ximen Clan was eradicated, this entire Blue waves Continent will be at his fingertips. He will be the supreme monarch of Blue Waves Continent. All the people will have to crawl under his feet and look up to him, what a wonderful feeling that would be!

Military Advisor knew that the power of Ximen Clan was very powerful, but that’s all right, he had the expertise to deal with them. These few years, he had been secretly refining tens of thousands of dark warriors, and only Mu Hanyan knew the technique to deal with those dark warriors. But, now, Mu Hanyan might have already become a pile of bones. It was truly pitiful, he always had presumptuous thoughts to have this coquettish woman.

“Guard, call crown prince over.” Military Advisor suddenly recalled something and ordered the imperial bodyguard outside.

Not long after, crown prince Long Ying entered the imperial study and bowed: “This son greets emperor father, I wonder why emperor father is looking for this son.”

Military Advisor stood up and sighed softly: “Ice Wind City is already captured, and the army will return within the next few days.”

“Ah, then what should we do? Now the allied force is under the command of Beitang Yu. Once they return, Ximen Clan will attack us.” Long Ying said with alarm.

“You are right, what do you think we should do, Ying’er?” Military Advisor faintly asked.

“We must attack first, he who strikes first gains the advantage, we have hundred thousand imperial soldiers, dark warriors, and 50,000 soldiers of Divine Eagle Legion and Fierce Tiger Legion stationed outside the city. What’s more, Ximen Yu and Ximen Tian are already under our Curse Puppet Magic. If they died, then even if that old man Ximen Nu didn’t die out of shock, we will have dealt a big blow to Ximen Clan.” Long Ying said confidentially.

“Ying’er said it well, we will start tomorrow evening, now, you go and prepare well, we absolutely cannot make any mistake.” Military Advisor nodded his head and said.

“This son obey your command.” Long Ying bowed and retreated. He never noticed that the good ‘emperor father’ behind him was looking at his back view with a sinister smile.

And at this moment, in Ximen Residence, Ximen Nu was walking back and forth in the study room. He had also gotten the news of the capture of Ice Wind City, thus, he guessed that Long Zhan will certainly make a move against Ximen Clan soon.

Knock, knock, knock, a strange rhythm knocking sounds came from the door of the study.

“Come in.” Ximen Nu calmly sat behind the desk and shouted.

“Number 18 pays respect to Patriarch.” A person whose entire body was covered with a black robe walked in and greeted respectfully. His voice was very erratic and was somewhat creepy to hear.

“Is that matter settled?” Ximen Nu asked seriously.

“Reporting to Patriarch, that matter is already settled, hundred thousand hidden soldiers are awaiting orders at the mountain located at the outskirts of the city.” This black robed person replied.

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“Good, very good, then, are the people on the namelist already dealt with?” Ximen Nu asked.

“They are already dealt with according to the instruction of Patriarch. Eldest young master and eldest lady are already bound and placed in the iron prison.” This black robed person replied.

“That’s good, you can leave and make preparations, at that time, act according to the plan.” Ximen Nu said.

After black robed person retreated, the excitement he had been suppressing for a long time surfaced on his face. Ximen Nu had been waiting for this day for a long time. Now, Ximen Clan held the advantage, win or lose, it all ends here. The aspiration of Ximen Clan for more than 500 years might be realized in his hands.

Ximen Nu left the study and entered the next door room. Then, sitting on the edge of the bed, he watched his father who was still lying like a corpse and muttered: “Father, do you know? The aspiration of our Ximen Clan is about to be realized. When you wake up, you will definitely be very happy.”

“You have always been a great hero in my heart. I admire you and think that you are omnipotent. I desperately obtained achievements because I wanted to prove myself to you, but you always look down upon me. I have never obtained even a half sentence of praise from you. In your heart, you only had dead big brother. You consider him better than me in all aspects, because big brother was elegant and unrestrained just like you. He was lenient everywhere and was a heavenly genius who learned everything faster than me. If it was not for the case that he died, it would not be my turn to sit on the position of Patriarch.”

“But, Ximen Clan will reach the peak of power in my hands. You will definitely be greatly surprised when you wake up because your that inferior second son has obtained this kind of achievement. Not only that, I furthermore have a genius son. He is even more elegant, unrestraint and romantic than you. Moreover, his ability is also bigger than you. The second son you were never proud of is the one that gave birth to such a son. If you wake up, you will absolutely love him like you loved big brother.”

Ximen Nu muttered to his father lying on the bed with glistening tears in his eyes. Who would have thought that this majestic Patriarch of Ximen Clan had this kind of side? Currently, he resembled a child who was flaunting in front of his father.

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After staying in the room for a long time, Ximen Nu calmed down his state of mind and reverted back to his usual dignified appearance and went out. But he didn’t notice the slight movement of his father’s eyes under his eyelid which disappeared in an instant.


In the secret room below Heaven Forbidden Prison, that forbidden magic array was still operating continuously, and in the midst of purple radiance, some mysterious runes were glimmering.

Mu Hanyan was lying listlessly on the ground. Now, her face was pale like a paper, if it was not for those slightly quivering eyelashes, anyone who saw her would think that she had already died.

It had already been a week and she had almost exhausted her spirit power. Now, just relying on that strange black mist, she was hanging onto her life, otherwise, with her spirit power already exhausted, her entire body would have quickly eroded, leaving behind only dead bones.

In a trance, Mu Hanyan was having one dream after another. In the dream, she returned to her childhood. Ever since she was sensible, she faced tedious meditation and various kinds of training, so much so that even her dream was imposed by other people. Because of that, she basically had no chance to have her own dream.

“My dream is very simple, I just want to live a quiet life and travel around every corner of this world with my wives.” In the dream, a man said looking at her with a faint smile.

“If possible, I want your dream to be mine as well.” The woman in the dream replied with a trace of sadness and some hope. Because she had no dream, the dream of her beloved was her dream.

The beautiful face of the woman in the dream gradually became clear, and Mu Hanyan suddenly discovered that this woman had exactly the same appearance as herself.

No, not, at that time, I didn’t reply like that. Mu Hanyan thought, but she seemed to have thought like that.

“Mu Hanyan, you cannot fall in love with him, don’t forget your identity.” A voice suddenly appeared in her dream, then that beautiful scene instantly vanished into thin air. The misty rain and hazy scene became pitch-black, leaving behind only that ear-piercing voice reverberating throughout the sky.

“No, no, I love him.” The woman in the dream covered her ears in panic and shouted.

“You don’t love him, he is just a tool in your hand, you are just using him?” That ear-piercing voice coldly said.

“No, no……” She cried weakly.

“You are just using him, after you have finished using him, you will kill him.” That ear-piercing voice appeared bewitching.

“No…… no……”

Mu Hanyan who was in a coma in the midst of forbidden magic array suddenly trembled in pain. Her beautiful face was twisted and tears of blood flowed out from the corner of her eyes. In addition, blood flowed out from her dried lips.

At this time, outside Heaven Forbidden Prison, three shadows quickly avoided the patrolling guards and quickly activating the mechanism, they entered Forbidden Heaven Prison. Among them, one was Long Yi and other two were Sharman and Crystal of Demonic Dragon Clan.

Originally, Long Yi didn’t want to bring them along with him, but Crystal insisted on coming with him, saying Light City was not bustling enough and she wanted to see Soaring Dragon City. As for Sharman, she was not at ease to send Crystal alone, so she also followed.

When they just arrived in that special prison cell, Murong Shuyu came out from inside. Long Yi was not surprised, but Sharman, Crystal and Murong Shuyu were so surprised that they jumped, nearly attacking each other.

“Ximen Yu, when did you come back? Who are they?” Murong Shuyu was happy to see Long Yi, but immediately afterward, she turned fierce and asked.

“We are his good friend, who are you?” Crystal held the arm of Long Yi and said, desiring to see the world plunged into chaos.

“He is my husband, now you say, who am I?” Murong Shuyu was unwilling to be outdone.

“Don’t make trouble, I am in a hurry.” Long Yi pushed Crystal away and pinched the cheeks of Murong Shuyu, then rushed out of the prison cell.

The three women quickly followed after him, but they discovered that Long Yi had already disappeared without a trace.

“Eh, where is he?” Crystal exclaimed in surprise. Sharman also questioningly looked at Murong Shuyu.

“He went down.” Murong Shuyu calmly pointed at that head-sized hole on the ground.

“You mean to say he went down from this hole.” Crystal asked in surprise. Even a child couldn’t pass through this hole.

“Correct, if you have the ability, then you can go in.” Murong Shuyu said with a smile.

Sharman and Crystal looked at each other and saw surprise in each other’s eyes. This human being truly gave them many surprises. Could it be that he could change his physical form at will? This was something even people who were far stronger than them couldn’t do.

Long Yi however didn’t care about what they were thinking. He could sense that Bai Yu was already on the point of death, this means, Mu Hanyan was on the verge of death. He used his spirit power to sense the secret room, and even in the periphery of this forbidden magic array, his spirit power had an intense response.

In the midst of this forbidden magic array, Long Yi vaguely saw the figure of Mu Hanyan. She was completely motionless, lying on the ground. She was already on the verge of death. This scene made Long Yi feel pain from the bottom of his heart.

Long Yi suppressed the impatience in his heart and carefully looked at the periphery, then used his finger covered with internal force to press on the ground and from a groove at the edge of this array, a yellow colored crystal that supplied energy to this formation jumped out and the entire forbidden magic array immediately shook slightly.

It was naturally not enough to just take off one energy crystal, one needed to use large numbers of energy crystals. This was one of the small-scale forbidden magic arrays, but it required a thousand magic cores. If one wished to thoroughly destroy it, then one needed to take out dozens of magic crystal from several important places, and then erase a number of magic lines drawn on the ground. This took a lot of effort and time.

Long Yi carefully used internal force to take out one magic crystal after another. Although it appeared simple, it was absolutely not an easy matter to inject his internal force into this forbidden magic array. He had to use a large amount of internal force to take out one magic crystal. Even if he had a large reserve of internal force, he was unable to bear such consumption. So, while talking out magic crystals form this forbidden magic array, his face was streaming with sweat and he became paler.

At this moment, the radiance of this forbidden magic array had become much dimmer. Now, Long Yi could clearly see the appearance of Mu Hanyan. Seeing blood was flowing out of her eyes and mouth, he felt as if a knife was stabbed through his heart. Although they two fought and schemed against each other, he couldn’t deceive his heart. She had a very important position in his heart.

“Hanyan, you lascivious hussy, you must hold on, you cannot die without my permission.” Long Yi muttered, then taking a deep breath, he concentrated to use his spirit power to erase some magic lines.

In this world, perhaps, only Long Yi could undo this forbidden magic array. One needed to inject powerful internal force to take out magic crystals and erasing the magic lines of this forbidden magic array needed a large amount of spirit power. This was also the reason why Military Advisor didn’t send anyone to guard this forbidden magic array. He was confident that no one in this world could crack this forbidden magic array. But, because of this arrogance, he would pay a heavy price in near future. If someone was guarding, then how could Long Yi have enough time to go and crack this forbidden magic array. Perhaps, Mu Hanyan would have already died before he had time to crack this forbidden magic array.

Finally, after an hour, the purple light and magic runes of this forbidden magic array fluctuated violently and instantly disappeared.

“Hanyan, wake up.” Long Yi injected true qi to protect the heart meridian of Mu Hanyan and called out anxiously.

Mu Hanyan slowly opened her eyes and seeing Long Yi, her eyes shone, then used her inaudible voice to say: “It is truly nice to see you in the dream.” She thought that she was seeing a dream again. And just after speaking, she again fell unconsciousness with a smile.

Noticing the pulse of Mu Hanyan was getting slower, the heart of Long Yi tightened. The injuries of Mu Hanyan was very serious, and her spirit power was practically exhausted, in addition, her soul essence was damaged greatly. This made her circumstance very bad.

Since Mu Hanyan couldn’t use bone shrinking technique, they would be unable to return from that hole of Heaven Forbidden Prison. They had to go out using the path of the imperial palace. But at this moment, both internal force and spirit power of Long Yi was exhausted, in addition, Mu Hanyan was seriously injured, it was unsafe to take that route. It seemed he had to stay here and help her heal for the time being, moreover, take this opportunity to restore his energy.

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