Chapter 29 – Never Marry a Man with Two Tintins

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Chapter 29

Cheng Nuo shouted twice but there was no reaction from the motionless Liu Guang. The most worrying thing right now was that Cheng Nuo could feel that Liu Guang’s body temperature was too high. Cheng Nuo was worried to death because he could feel the burning heat even through their clothes. He didn’t know how long it took but, eventually, Cheng Nuo was able to move. He quickly sat up with Liu Guang in his arms.

He hadn’t been able to clearly see Liu Guang’s body until now. Seeing Liu Guang’s pale and bloody face, his eyes felt hot and he almost couldn’t hold back the tears. He took a few deep breaths to force himself to calm down.

Li Yue was lying not far away from them, ribs fractured, shoulders dislocated, and his arms and legs cut by Liu Guang. His eyes were closed and he seemed half-dead.

Cheng Nuo carefully put Liu Guang down flat on the ground. Then, remembering the Ge family’s medicine that he had in his luggage, he looked around quickly. Fearing that Li Yue try something again, he picked up the short sword and moved forward.

When Li Yue heard the sound of footsteps, his eyes slowly opened and he whispered: “Are you here to kill me?”

Blood had splashed over his pale face. His curly black hair was spread over the ground and his empty purple eyes held no trace of fear.

Cheng Nuo hands trembled as he held the short sword. In the end, he simply didn’t have the nerve to kill someone.

Li Yue looked up at the sky, unblinking. The corners of his mouth that were stained with blood turned up slightly: “Dying like this isn’t bad.”

His face was childish and his voice was soft and gentle, exactly like the child he was.

Cheng Nuo breathed quickly as the tried to remember the creepy dolls made of human skin and eyes as well as Liu Guang’s terrible wounds…

However, in the end, all he could do was grit his teeth and sheath the sword. He pinned Li Yue down by placing a few large stones on top of him. Finally, he took the storage bag from Li Yue’s waistband where he kept his human skin dolls and threw it far away.

Li Yue moaned as the weight pressed down on his injured ribs and internal organs. He coughed up blood and said haltingly: “Why… do you… not kill… me?”

“Death is too good for you!” Cheng Nuo said coldly. “I’ll find you later!”

Once Cheng Nuo had finished dealing with Li Yue, he hastened to take their baggage to dress Liu Guang’s wounds.

Liu Guang’s clothes had been shredded. The front of his body was covered with cuts from the silk threads, especially his wrists and ankles which even more badly mangled. Cheng Nuo trembled as he undressed Liu Guang. When he saw all of the wounds on Liu Guang’s body, Cheng Nuo could imagine how this kid had obstinately moved forward, unafraid of death. His eyes felt hot again.

The canteen had fallen to the ground but it hadn’t broken. Cheng Nuo tore strips from a clean piece of clothing and wetted them. He used these to carefully wipe Liu Guang’s wounds clean and apply the medicine.

Something was strange, though. Liu Guang’s wounds had all stopped bleeding. Perhaps it was related to his transformation earlier? Cheng Nuo pinched Liu Guang’s soft ears and couldn’t help but wonder if he had imagined that strange sight.

The thing he was most worried about right now was Liu Guang’s abnormally high body temperature which was at least fifty or sixty degrees and rising. Cheng Nuo carefully raised the canteen to Liu Guang’s dry, cracked lips but he wouldn’t swallow the water. The air Liu Guang exhaled was also scarily hot.

All this time, Li Yue kept watching them with thoughtful eyes, his thoughts unknown.

Cheng Nuo noticed his Li Yue’s gaze and sneered: “What are you looking at? Worry about your own life.”

Li Yue smiled slightly and the expression on his face didn’t change. He said, “Whatever.”

Cheng Nuo stared at Li Yue with hate in his eyes. He couldn’t use the short sword on Li Yue but when he left he must tie this vicious perverted kid to a tree. There must be wild beasts around, right?

This youth doesn’t value other people’s lives, nor does he care about what happens to himself. Cheng Nuo really didn’t know how he could have turned into such a pervert at such a young age.

However, a short time later, Liu Guang’s face turned red and his body temperature kept on climbing higher and higher. The sweat on his forehead dried and Cheng Nuo wanted to wipe his forehead but couldn’t because his hands got burned when he tried.

Perplexed, he knelt beside Liu Guang, staring at his face and calling his name out softly, but Liu Guang remained motionless.

Li Yue suddenly smiled: “He’s dying.”

Cheng Nuo was shocked and raised his head. He said, “What are you talking about?”

Li Yue gave a disjointed explanation: “He’s a descendant of the ancient race. The history books have recorded that ancients can transform when they are fifteen. He looks like he’s twelve at most. His present body simply cannot bear the burden of transformation.”

Naturally, Cheng Nuo didn’t want to believe him. He said doubtfully: “You think I’d to believe you? What do you mean?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. I was just thinking that I might be able to save him.” Li Yue’s eyes were no longer as dull and empty as they had been before. He seemed to have regained some of his spirit.

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Cheng Nuo looked at him warily and sneered, “Do you want me to save you?”

Li Yue sighed, “If you don’t believe me, then forget it. It looks like he has the blood of a sacred fire beast in his body. In half an hour, all that remains of his body will be ashes.”

Cheng Nuo was annoyed and walked over to kick Li Yue’s arm: “Shut your mouth!”

Li Yue frowned slightly with pain but the corners of his mouth turned up: “Then wait and watch him burn up.”

Sure enough, in just a little while, Liu Guang’s clothes began to burn and the grass around them turned yellow. Horrified, Cheng Nuo looked hesitantly at Li Yue then back at Liu Guang. Cheng Nuo gritted his teeth then moved away all the stones that were pinning down Li Yue. He placed the short sword on Li Yue’s neck where the big artery was and said: “How can I save him? Tell me quickly!”

Li Yue wasn’t scared of him at all. He laughed and said: “Is this the right attitude for someone who is asking for help?’

Cheng Nuo hardened his heart and ruthlessly stabbed Li Yue on the shoulder: “You’re going to listen to me now.”

The feeling of the short sword piercing flesh made him feel scared. He wanted to keep his hands steady and not tremble but failed.

Li Yue was so tough that he didn’t even scream. Instead, he just smiled innocently: “Having someone accompany me on the road to death just means I won’t be lonely. Anyway, have you ever killed anyone?”

Cheng Nuo looked anxiously at Liu Guang. Gnashing his teeth, he stabbed the short sword down again. He seemed to hear the sound of the knife hitting the bone. Cheng Nuo fought down a feeling of nausea and said: “What did you say? If you don’t believe it, then try me!”

Li Yue grunted and closed his eyes as if he didn’t want to talk anymore and was ready to take whatever punishment the other wanted to dish out.

Cheng Nuo was very angry and anxious. His body trembled all over as he gritted his teeth and slapped Li Yue twice. He was so angry that he used a lot of force. The side of Li Yue’s face became quite swollen but he still acted like someone prepared to endure any hardship.

Cheng Nuo was becoming really impatient so he stood up and began taking off Li Yue’s clothes.

The formerly smug-looking Li Yue suddenly opened his eyes and said in a panicked tone of voice: “What are you doing?”

Cheng Nuo sneered: “So you’re not afraid of pain? Even if you’re female, I, your daddy, will castrate you!” All men are scared of this so Cheng Nuo doesn’t believe that Li Yue wouldn’t be afraid of it.

Li Yue’s arms were dislocated and his ribs were broken so he hadn’t resisted before, but now he kicked his legs like crazy, spit out a few mouthfuls of blood and shouted: “Take your hands off me!”

Cheng Nuo thought Li Yue was frightened and was overjoyed. He quickly pulled down Li Yue’s underwear from under his skirt and restrained his two flailing legs. He threatened: “Speak quickly or I’ll castrate you!”

Li Yue tried to toss his body from side to side for a while before lying as though paralyzed on the ground. His face was as gray as ashes and his eyes stared blankly at nothing.

Cheng Nuo suddenly felt that something was wrong. When he looked at Li Yue’s lower body, he suddenly stiffened. There were scars and that thing seemed to be … not quite right.

He looked up in astonishment and saw Li Yue’s expression. The youth’s lips were trembling and his face was pale. Tears were falling down the corners of his eyes unceasingly. He looked broken.

Cheng Nuo’s mouth twitched. This damned pervert child who did so much evil had been castrated? He used to have more than one? ****! I, your daddy, was born like this!

He looked at Liu Guang and said cruelly: “Speak or I will cut off the only one you have left!”

“Kill me!” Li Yue yelled. “KIll me! I’m not a female! I’m male!”

He trashed around wildly as he said it as though he wanted to impale himself on Cheng Nuo’s short sword.

Cheng Nuo took two steps back in shock. Was this was Li Yue looked like this? This was probably the effect of the sex-change surgery that turned him into a female. This was… the type of eunuch they had in this world? No wonder he was so perverted….

Damn it. Whatever, he still has one left, right?

It was impossible to look at it again so Cheng Nuo quickly pulled down Li Yue’s skirt to cover his bare legs and said in a soft voice: “So long as you save Liu Guang, I will let you leave. I’ll swear to god I won’t tell anyone your secret.”

He remembered Bai Rui forcing Bai Zhi to write the blood curse and added: “If you don’t believe me, I can write out a blood curse to as a guarantee.”

Li Yue seemed to collapse on the ground and his breathing became labored. His thin white legs curled up. He was the very picture of a pitiful person who had just been ravaged.

Cheng Nuo looked at Liu Guang. Seeing that his clothes had turned black and grey from the heat, he jumped up and pulled on Li Yue’s shirt collar: “I’m sorry about what I did to you just now, okay? Please, save Liu Guang!”

Li Yue’s tears had stopped falling. He looked at Cheng Nuo coldly. “I want your life for his life, are you willing?”

What? Is this damned pervert child still determined to harm him? Cheng Nuo took Li Yue’s chin between his thumb and forefinger and swore: “If you don’t save him, I’ll kill you first, strip you naked, then hang you on a wall for three days and three nights for everyone to get a good look! Learning evil at such a young age, do you want to test which one of us is more vicious?!”

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He narrowed his eyes. This perverted child still hasn’t figured out who is in charge here?

The color in Li Yue’s face changed from white to red then green. Finally, he said: “Set up the blood curse first. There is pen and paper in my storage bag.”

Cheng Nuo quickly took out the pen and paper and wrote down the terms. Li Yue glanced at it, then asked Cheng Nuo to use his blood to sign it and draw a charm on the paper to make it valid.

When everything was finished, Li Yue said: “Take me to him.”

Cheng Nuo was very anxious so he quickly rushed over to pick up Li Yue. Li Yue had been in the company of his dolls for a long time. They were all cold. When he was suddenly surrounded by a warm temperature, his whole body turned stiff.

Cheng Nuo carried him to Liu Guang. Li Yue said: “Let him drink my blood.”

Cheng Nuo looked at him suspiciously. Li Yue said impatiently: “That’s it, believe it or not.”

Whether Cheng Nuo believed it or not, there was no other choice but to try. He took Li Yue’s hand and made a small cut on it. He squeezed out a few drops of blood. Sure enough, when the blood touched Liu Guang skin, his temperature went down. Cheng Nuo was overjoyed. He made the cut larger and caught his blood on a large leaf. Then he tried to pry open Liu Guang’s mouth with his fingers but his fingers got burned so badly that blisters immediately formed. He was afraid that it wouldn’t be enough so he used his short sword to make another cut on Li Yue’s hand, making an X-shaped wound.

Li Yue said impatiently: “Don’t you know how precious my blood is? This is like casting pearls before swine.”


Reika’s Notes:

  • Sacred fire beast – 火系圣兽 (huǒ xì shèng shòu) I tried to search for this but all I got was the legendary Pokemon Entei, lol. I can just imagine Liu Guang was a fire attribute Pokemon, hahaha!
  • “…he still acted like someone prepared to endure any hardship.” – 死猪不怕开水烫 (sǐ zhū bù pà kāi shuǐ tàng) Literally “a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water.” Apparently, there is a French proverb saying “a dead mouse feels no cold” and both idioms mean “to have an indifferent attitude towards seemingly difficult things.”
  • “This is like casting pearls before swine.” – 牛嚼牡丹 (niú jiáo mǔ dān) The original said “cow chewing peony” meaning “not able to appreciate something and not following proper etiquette.”
  • Please let me know if there are any errors.
  • Thank you for reading. Special shoutout to those who donated via Ko-fi and those who signed up for my Patreon.
  • Wow, so the puppet boy had one cut off??? Ouch!

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