Chapter 531: Pawns, treatment

At the time when Long Yi and Yin Jian hurriedly rushed over to the tightly surrounded courtyard of Phoenix Clan, they could still hear the sounds of fighting. But, very soon, everything quieted down, presumably, one party inside Phoenix Clan was completely wiped out.

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“Young Master, Phoenix Clan has always been staying away from politic. This time, it is definitely Long Zhan instigating some people inside.” Yin Jian whispered to Long Yi, but he didn’t dare to look straight at Long Yi whose eyes were shining with pallid light. Clearly, this Young Master had truly gotten angry.

Long Yi coldly snorted and he suddenly flew up. Then, as if the heaven and earth of this place had condensed, everyone felt such a powerful pressure that they didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.

Suddenly, a ball of seven colored magic douqi appeared in the sky. It instantly changed into a conical shape and flew towards the tall wall.

Crackle, the entire sky above this courtyard of Phoenix Clan suddenly flashed with a yellow colored radiance, and it began to ripple under the seven colored magic douqi attack of Long Yi. Suddenly, at the place where Long Yi’s seven colored magic douqi had hit, a crack appeared, followed by the disintegration of this barrier.

“Attack.” Long Yi returned to his original position and coldly ordered.

Along with the heaven shaking battle cries, the armed force rushed into the courtyard of Phoenix Clan like tidewater. But, they unexpectedly didn’t encounter any decent resistance in the periphery. Just a moment ago, when Long Yi had gotten rid of that barrier, crossbow shooters on the tall walls were also jolted to unconsciousness.

“Young Master, it seems the people inside Phoenix Clan have revolted, Yu Feng girl might be in danger.” Yin Jian said to Long Yi.

“It’s fine, with Li Qing beside her, no one can hurt her.” Long Yi indifferently said.

“Young Master, there is something I don’t understand. Why did these traitors of Phoenix Clan choose this time to rise in rebellion? Did they think that just they and those four hundred and so rebelling soldiers could succeed?” Yin Jian spoke out the doubt in his heart.

Long Yi paused, just now, he was also in the process of thinking this problem. Perhaps, those traitors of Phoenix Clan wanted to take advantage of the time when Matriarch Phoenix had yet to return to seize power, merely, why did they decide to make a move so late? Perhaps…… Long Yi suddenly thought of a possibility and a hint of ominous radiance flashed through his black pupils.

“I think these people are just disposable pawns.” Long Yi sneered.

“Pawns?” Yin Jian didn’t understand.

“Don’t you think it’s too strange? Just four hundred or so soldiers suddenly rebelled to seize the power, was their brain damaged? Although the power of Phoenix Clan is spread all over Light City, unless the army stationed outside the city is already under their control, although they would be able to cause chaos within Light City, it is inevitable that they would be suppressed bloodily by this armed force. So I guess that they were just disposable pawns tossed out by Long Zhan to confuse us.” Long Yi looked at the chaotic residence of Phoenix Clan and said slowly.

“Young Master, you mean that Light City will still not be peaceful. The real rebels are still hidden in the depth. With this move, they want us to think that we have already eradicated the rebels, and when we relax our guard, they will take advantage of the time when we are unprepared to land an unexpected blow.” With the intelligence of Yin Jian, he immediately understood the key points.

“Yes, as long as I am in Light City, those people have certain misgivings.” Long Yi said with a smirk. He was absolutely not exaggerating, with his current strength, he could walk unhindered throughout Blue Waves Continent. In addition, the women around him were also not ordinary people. That Military Adviser might have a restraining fear of his strength.

“Hehe, then, everything is fine. As long as Young Master is here, Light City will not be lost.” Yin Jian said with a smile.

“Don’t fart, within a week, you must uncover the identities of those rebels and report it to me, otherwise, you will be staying in Hengduan Mountains forever, no need to return.” Long Yi said and his eyes dangerously narrowed. He basically couldn’t stay in Light City for a long time. Mu Hanyan must not die, and the only person in this world who could get rid of that forbidden magic array was him. But, looking at the condition of Bai Yu, the circumstance of Mu Hanyan was not optimistic. He had to go back to Soaring Dragon City today, otherwise, he feared that he would be too late.

“Yes, Young Master.” Yin Jian said with a bitter face.

At this time, the resistance of Phoenix Clan was getting stronger and stronger. Dense magic elements were violently fluctuating in the air, and with several master magicians attacking, the casualties among the army was not few. Because the rank of magicians who were stationed in the military barrack of Light City was not too high, they were having a hard time to cope with this situation.

“Go and help.” Long Yi ordered and flew towards the battlefield. Then, he sent out his seven colored magic douqi to cut Swords Masters guarding several magicians into two.

At that moment, an explosion sound came from underground of the backyard, then three figures shot out. Afterwards, glimmering Phoenix Douqi and condensed cold qi severed the air, instantly giving rise to countless screams.

Originally, all the people of Phoenix Clan was forced to this backyard, so this place was very crowded. So, such sudden and powerful attack at that place took the life of many people. Instantly, over half of the people there fell. And those three figures that shot out from underground were Li Qing, Yu Feng and pale-faced Matriarch Phoenix.

The following battle held no suspense, just death and surrender.

Now, there were corpses everywhere and the pungent smell of blood spread all over the Light City. This day would be remembered by the people of Light City forever.


In Phoenix Inn, Matriarch Phoenix was lying on the bed, asleep. She was clearly injured severely. As for Long Yi and others, they were in the drawing room listening to the explanation of Yu Feng about the sequence of events.

As it turned out, when Yu Feng had returned to Phoenix Clan yesterday, she encountered a surprise attack. Relying on the might of her Rank 3 Phoenix Douqi, she would have easily fled from there, but when she saw Matriarch Phoenix was already captured, she was unable to find a way out, she could only allow herself to be seized without putting up a fight. Later, Li Qing who was sent by Long Yi to check found that something was wrong with the residence of Phoenix Clan, so he captured a person and forced an answer out of him. Then, he learned the whereabouts of Yu Feng and quietly sneaked into the dungeon to save her. Afterward, the matter of Light City happened.

“Wow, such an interesting matter had happened but you didn’t call us, truly hateful.” At that time, Liuxu along with Sharman and Crystal walked in, and energetic and optimistic Crystal made a big fuss.

Long Yi looked at the complexion of Sharman and seeing her ruddy complexion and vigorous eyes, he knew that Liuxu had already healed her injuries.

“Crystal, don’t be rude.” Sharman softly scolded.

Everyone already knew the matter of Sharman and Crystal being the people of Demonic Dragon Clan. Merely, they had yet to introduce each other, so everyone made self-introduction.

“Long Yi, those despicable elders injected Profound Yin Qi into my mother’s body. I cannot resolve it, can you resolve Profound Yin Qi within the body of my mother?” At that time, Yu Feng worriedly said.

Long Yi looked at the sky. He could feel that Bai Yu in his dark space dimension was already getting weaker and weaker. This showed that Mu Hanyan would not be able to last long. He must return to Soaring Dragon City as quickly as possible to save her. But, he couldn’t ignore Matriarch Phoenix too. Fortunately, it wouldn’t take a long time to resolve Profound Yin Qi.

“Don’t worry, I will resolve that Profound Yin Qi of your mother. Roughly two hours is enough.” Long Yi said and then entered the bedroom and set up a barrier in order to avoid getting disturbed.

Long Yi sat on the edge of the bed, then looking at pale Matriarch Phoenix, he suddenly lifted the brocade quilt and extended his big hand towards her towering bosom.

Suddenly, Matriarch Phoenix opened her eyes and her ice-cold jade hand grabbed his big hand and said angrily: “What are you doing?”

“I am resolving the Profound Yin Qi within your body. Your physique is fire attributed, the longer you suppress the yin qi, the more vitality you will lose. I will force out that Profound Yin Qi from the pores of your body. So, without taking off your clothes, how can Profound Yin Qi be forced out?” Long Yi explained without batting his eyelid. As a matter of a fact, it was not necessary to take off one’s clothes, one could force out Profound Yin Qi from the top of the head, merely, it would take twice as long, and he had no time to waste, so he naturally wanted to use the most efficient and easiest way.

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Matriarch Phoenix let go of Long Yi’s big hand and she looked towards the other direction as her heartbeat unexpectedly began to accelerate.

Seeing Matriarch Phoenix had let go of his hand, he skillfully took off her clothing. Not talking about anything else, taking off the clothing of women was the specialty of Long Yi. He took off all her clothing taking no time, leaving behind only a panty covering her final **.

Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva and couldn’t help staring fixedly at her towering **. Her ** was plump and big, not any inferior to her daughter Yu Feng. In addition, the cherries on the top were unexpectedly still red, despite not being rosy like young girl’s, they displayed mature charm. Moreover, recalling this beautiful lady was Yu Feng’s mother, a vague and somewhat unusual excitement appeared in the bottom of his heart. This made him look down upon himself. The heart of people truly possessed darkness unknown to anyone else.

“You haven’t seen enough.” Feeling the scorching hot gaze of Long Yi, Matriarch Phoenix couldn’t endure anymore and shouted. Now, there was a hint of redness on her pale face.

Long Yi laughed hollowly. Compared to last time when he vaguely saw this mature body, it was even more soul-stirring. He somewhat lost his self-control.

No longer hesitating, Long Yi supported Matriarch Phoenix and sat cross-legged opposite to her, placing his hands on her **. Then, he used his internal force of AoTianJue to force out Profound Yin Qi within her body.

Along with this move of Long Yi, cyan colored cold qi leaked out from all the pores of Matriarch Phoenix, circulating around these two people on the bed.

After two hours, Long Yi completely forced out all Profound Yin Qi from within the body of Matriarch Phoenix.

“Stinking kid, it’s fine this time, but if you are rude next time, then see how I will put you in order.” Matriarch Phoenix pulled up the brocade quilt and covered herself up, then hatefully said staring at Long Yi.

“The situation was pressing, so I had to do that, besides, it is not the first time I saw.” Long Yi smirked and jumping out of the bed, he rushed out.

Matriarch Phoenix gritted her teeth but a hint of complicated emotion flashed through her phoenix eyes. Only after a long time, she sighed softly and buried that peculiar feeling in the deepest part of her heart.

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