Chapter 157: Fight For The Country

When they were chatting, another bus drove over, rounded around the fountain, and gradually stopped at the main entrance of the hotel.

It was similar to the bus that the Chinese students sat in. When the front and back doors slowly opened, the Chinese students, who were walking towards the hotel, heard the commotion, and they all turned their heads to the back to see which of their competitors had arrived.

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For this competition, the students each had their countries’ emblem pinned on their sleeves to let the others know which country they were from in a single glance.

This time, there were six teams from Asian countries participating in the tournament. When the doors opened, they saw the same Asian faces. Only, their skin was slightly darker, and they alighted the bus wearing the same types of clothes.

Everyone’s gaze landed on their opponents’ arms, and people saw the red background and a yellow star in the middle, two red ribbons wrapped around the circular part with golden crops located near the base of the emblem. The Chinese students immediately knew which country these students were from.

The Vietnamese students, who had gotten off the bus, did not expect to meet their rivals before entering the hotel. The students from both countries locked eyes briefly as if sparks were flying between them.

The competition had not even begun and a rivalry had already been sparked.

Ye Jian, who was few steps behind, smiled at one of the student leaders who seemed to be leading the group, before teasing Wang Mo. “You are staring so intently at them. Those who know why would understand that you’re looking at the beautiful ladies, while those who don’t know the reason would think that you are about to kill someone.”

“They glared at me, so I must glare back.” Wang Mo laughed. He followed Ye Jian’s actions and smiled lightly towards the Vietnamese boy who was glaring at him. “However, I still think that being friendly is better. ”

Ye Jian then started laughing. Although the laugh was light, there was an indescribable sweetness in it. “Let’s go, Student Wang. We still need to get lunch.”

From behind them came the sounds of the Vietnamese students talking. No one paid attention to what they said because… they couldn’t understand!

The first students to go in had already begun queuing up to obtain their room keys. Before they checked into the hotel, all the students’ information had been arranged beforehand, so they only needed to get their room cards to get into their rooms.

When Ye Jian’s turn came, the wise-looking attendant smiled and said in a friendly manner, “If there’s anything you need, you can contact me anytime.”

What he said was “me” instead of “us”.

At the same time, while he passedn her room card to her, his finger tapped Ye Jian’s very gently. “The contact info is all on the card. Thank you.”

“Alright, thank you.” Ye Jian accepted the room card without batting an eyelid. Her hand, which was placed on the front desk made of black marble, moved gently, conveying the message, “Understood.”

The smile in the man’s light gray pupils deepened. “It was a pleasure meeting you, I am…” he then pointed at his badge, “…Bell, the front desk attendant. Very pleased to serve you anytime.”

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Someone from the Interpol… was protecting her from the shadows?

Why did this occasion feel so grand and important?

Ye Jian’s pupils dimmed slightly. When she turned around, she bumped into a Vietnamese guy who was also heading to check-in. His hands held the check-in list of his country’s candidates’. When the papers accidentally scraped Ye Jian’s arm, he raised his previously lowered head and promptly apologized, “Sorry.”

His gaze had a viciousness in it, and the muscles in his arms were quite firm. Ye Jian gently nodded, and she carried her luggage and left without saying anything.

She did not turn back, even if the person whom she had just bumped into was the number one Vietnamese target with the code name “Red Scorpion” because she already knew it, so there was no need to turn back.

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