Chapter 156: Mercenaries

“According to rumors, his eyes have the special ability to recognize a person’s abilities after seeing them once. Therefore, not a single person sent by the government was able to hide from his vision. The two female frontier police officers we’ve sent were also almost killed by him.”

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It was essential that she be aware of this information and it was a reality that could not be hidden from her. She had to be informed of this ahead of time in order for her to understand who the dangerous person she was about the face was.

Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine never expected that her first mission in collaboration with the army would be this tricky.

But… the corners of her mouth curved upwards, and her dark eyes seemed as if they had fire burning in them. “I now understand why a student is needed for this mission.”

“Correct, this is exactly why we need you.” Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon chuckled. He knew that such a courageous little lass would never back down. “Don’t be afraid. You are still a student and also an Olympiad participant. As vigilant as he may be, he wouldn’t expect a student to be his opponent.”

“You’ll arrive at Sydney at around 8:30 AM and arrive at the hotel at around 11:30 AM… The men in the photos will appear with the group of students from Vietnam, and the Chinese man will receive them.”

For this mission, Ye Jian only needed to report to Xia Jinyuan and the team periodically about the people whom the Vietnamese man came in contact with.

This was an illegal drug trafficking chain that exploited students. The drug dealers from Laos, the Vietnam-China border area and from Vietnam’s provinces and cities established a tightly-knit drug trafficking chain, from the purchase of drugs to transport and to bribes, to successfully transport their drugs.

The Chinese government got involved because they had caught two informants aware of the drug network. From the information provided by two informants, it appeared that the Chinese man responsible for the coordination was an important member of a drug syndicate active in China who worked with international drug traffickers.

The targets of Xia Jinyuan and the team were the Chinese man and the Vietnamese man.

Outside the restroom, a knock sounded and somebody said while yawning, “Excuse me.”

Ye Jian’s body immediately froze. Her clear pupils immediately stared at Xia Jinyuan, and she pointed at herself. “Now what do we do!!” A man and woman alone in the plane toilet was unheard of! What if they were detained!

“Oh, is the toilet broken? I apologize. We will quickly fix it for you, Sir,” a flight attendant on duty apologized. Ye Jian then walked back to her seat, expressionless.

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Because the toilet bowl was broken, a gentleman stepped up and attempted to help the little girl but to no avail before asking the flight attendant for help… Such a perfect explanation.

Ye Jian did not attempt to go back to the bathroom for the remainder of the flight, and they arrived at Sydney at 8:40 AM.

The time in Sydney was two hours ahead of that of China, so it was now 10:40 AM.

After an hour, twelve students followed the teacher from Australia and arrived at the hotel. At the entrance of the hotel front hung a shining banner, stating, “It is important to participate, not to win.”

The statement embodied the spirit of the Olympiad.

Wang Mo stood in front of the banner and stated to Ye Jian with a serious expression on his face, “Even though they stated that it is only important to participate, reality is not as forgiving.” The fact that twelve students were chosen from the whole nation implied that the country regarded this competition highly.


“Let’s not stress ourselves out. Since we are already here, we might as well just participate.” Ye Jian carried her luggage and smiled at the Wang Mo from Year 3. “It’s already lunch time, let’s not think about something that might ruin our appetite.”

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