Chapter 538: Mouth-to-mouth discussion of the private affair

“Naturally the fragrant wind of Cui Niang’s body blew me here.” Long Yi rubbed his nose and hugged the slender waist of Cui Niang.

Cui Niang’s eyes wandered about in happiness, then said acting spoiled as she rolled her eyes: “Second Young Master is bad, you didn’t come for such a long time and when you come, you take cheap advantage of this girl.”

The three women felt disgusted seeing these two people fooling around and bantering in flirtation. Fortunately, Cui Niang timely reacted and familiarly pulled the hands of these three women while exchanging pleasantries, as if they were a long-time old friend. In the aspect of worldly wisdom, the current Cui Niang who had gone through special training was clearly far beyond the past Cui Niang.

Cui Niang with a bewitching smile led Long Yi and his group into an isolated room of the second floor, then closing the door, she retracted her smile and sized up these three women and again looked at Long Yi for a while. Only after Long Yi nodded his head, her expression became respectful and she knelt down to greet: “This subordinate greets Young Master.”

“No need to be over-courteous, how is the current situation?” Long Yi waved his hand and asked sitting on the soft sofa.

“Replying to Young Master, in the past few days, Long Zhan has begun to amass his troops. This subordinate learned that he originally planned to make a move yesterday, but for an unknown reason, he changed the plan. Now, it looks as if all is quiet, but this subordinate guess that he must have other schemes.” Cui Niang replied. Listening to her words, one could see that she had done a lot of intelligence gathering works and she was also very talented in this line of work.

Having heard what was said, Long Yi frowned and began pondering while rubbing his beard stubble. He knew that Long Zhan would make a move in near future, but, because he was in a haste to save Mu Hanyan for these last few days, he had not learned the matter of Long Zhan intending to make a move last night. Fortunately, it was canceled, otherwise, being in the underground secret room, he wouldn’t have known anything happening on the surface.

But, that Military Adviser was definitely not a mediocre person. Since he had decided to make a move, he must have some level of certainty to win. However, he suddenly retracted this move, could he have other schemes like Cui Niang had guessed? As for what other schemes, Long Yi was unable to find that out. It seems, he has to return and discuss with his father. Although Ximen Clan held a great advantage at this moment, this advantage was truly not absolute because he had yet to figure out the final trump card of this Military Adviser. As long as that final trump card was unknown, it was still hard to tell who would be the one to emerge the victor.

Murong Shuyu was able to understand this matter listening to the discussion between these two people, but both Sharman and Crystal were completely clueless because they knew nothing about the current situation of Blue Waves Continent. They only felt that something major had happened seeing the current serious appearance of Long Yi and Cui Niang.

“Young Master, this subordinate will inform the spy in the imperial palace to closely watch Long Zhan. Your Master doesn’t need to worry about it.” Cui Niang said seeing Long Yi was frowning.

“No need, inform the spy in the imperial palace that there is no need to watch each and every move of Long Zhan. Just do as usual.” Long Yi looked up and said. At this moment, he was already in high spirits.

“This subordinate obeys.” Seeing the change in the expression of Long Yi, Cui Niang knew that Long Yi must have come up with a solution. In her heart, there was nothing in this world that could stump Long Yi.

“Well, since the official matters are over, you don’t need to follow that set of Skynet’s rules. Now, let’s chat about private affairs.” Long Yi smirked and said.

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Cui Niang blushed. She also didn’t know whether this was her misconception or not but every time Long Yi laughed, she felt that he was especially bad, bad to the bones.

“Hey, you brought us here and completely ignored us. I am bored to death.” Crystal interrupted. Seeing Long Yi and Cui Niang was beginning to get ambiguous again, she couldn’t help shouting.

“Bored? Then, how about you also join us to discuss private affairs? Of course, I have to point out that this private affair is the most intimate matter.” Long Yi looked at Crystal with sparkling eyes. At this moment, his pitch-black eyes seemed to be burning with fire that could burn the heart of other people.

The heart of Crystal jumped quickly and she appeared somewhat unnatural, but she daringly met the eyes of Long Yi head on. Bring it on! She, a person from the grand Demonic Dragon Clan, neither feared Heaven nor Earth.

Long Yi smirked and suddenly hugged Cui Niang, then kissed her.

Cui Niang was shocked. Her entire body became stiff and then her limbs became weak. At this moment, her mind was blank and she basically was unable to think about anything. Then, along with that ** numb feeling, she closed her eyes and let big tongue of Long Yi drive straight into her mouth. And that teasing made her feel as if she was riding the clouds and flying on the mist. She felt like she would fly just like this till the end of this world.

Only after a long time, Long Yi separated his lips. Then, Cui Niang who had tasted this for the first time collapsed in the chest of Long Yi with a blurred mind. Now, her beautiful face was flushed with redness, her eyes were watery, and her red lips were rosy and beautiful as if a flower that burst into bloom. She looked very tempting at this moment.

Sharman and Crystal at one side were stunned. These two had never tasted the flavor of love, say nothing of getting so intimate like this. Now, seeing Long Yi unscrupulously getting affectionate like this in front of them, their heartbeat accelerated, but under curiosity, they continued to look. And seeing the current expression of Cui Niang, they couldn’t help thinking, can kiss truly make people feel so comfortable?

As for Murong Shuyu, she knew this from experience. She was jealous and envious in her heart while blaming Long Yi for being unfaithful and also for favoring one and being prejudiced against the other.

“Crystal, now, should we discuss the private affair?” Long Yi said with a bad smile.

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“Bad fellow, you are the greatest pervert in this world. Is this also called a discussion?” Crystal felt somewhat hot and dry, so she conveniently opened the window. But this window was directly facing the hall of Vermillion Jade Cuddling House and the noise entered the room. At this moment, men and women were getting even more intense under the stimulation of alcohol, so compared to the scene below, the kiss of Long Yi and Cui Niang appeared child’s play.

 “Why cannot it be called a discussion? Two people using mouth to interchange is called discussion. Take a look below, compared to us, they are even more living to the fullest.” Long Yi pointed at those men and women below and said.

At this moment, Sharman had already understood what kind of place this was. This **den was the place where men sought pleasure and made merry. This fellow clearly had evil intentions, he actually brought them to this kind of place. But, just when she was thinking to leave this place with Crystal, she saw Long Yi was watching the boisterous hall in a daze. His pitch-black eyes showed a hint of sad emotion.

The world is so ruthless, the weak are the prey of the strong. Under this imminent situation, these people who are leading a befuddled life are just deliberately trying to forget this current situation, who knows whether they can see the sun of tomorrow or not.

Suddenly, a strange sound wave came from the window. Long Yi raised his eyebrows and turned around. Then, he saw Sharman and Crystal also had strange expression. As for Murong Shuyu and Cui Niang, they had no reaction.

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