Chapter 179: Explode with Power and Attack

There are people who are afraid of death.


The moment the death god waves its scythe, they struggle and try to escape. They are terrified, yet are powerless to change a thing. When in the face of death, anyone would be fearful.


Gu Cang was that type.


In the dark ocean, while he tried to kill Qin Tian, he was the first to run when Yao Kong appeared. Facing the Rebirth realm Yao Kong, the first thing which came to his mind was to escape. He did not even take a moment to judge.


It was only after he escaped thousands of kilometres away did he realized that he was played.


Played by a rank eight spirit refining realm cultivator.


If this news were to travel out, his position within Violent Sky faction would pummel. He would no longer have the face to meet others.


As he was a peak ascension realm expert, Gu Cang viewed his life to be more important than anything else. However, he was truly enraged this time, which made him swear that he shall send Qin Tian to meet his ancestors and wipe off his humiliation.


Still, he did not want to personally take action and allowed Feng Yun Lei Dian to do their combined attack.


Hence, the moment Qin Tian, Meng Fanyi and Hei Yan exited Evil Demon city, he vanished.


Feng Yun Lei Dian maintained their distance from the trio as if awaiting the right moment.


Qin Tian sank into deep thought, “Just what is Gu Cang planning?”


A situation one was unable to predict was extremely dangerous.


Qin Tian hated times when he could not grasp the situation, so he decided to launch an attack first. No matter where Gu Cang was hiding and considering how both groups would need to kill each other in the end, they should first eliminate Feng Yun Lei Dian. Rather than to be incited, why not take the initiative?


“Brother Hei, Fanyi, stay alert.” Qin Tian said before disappearing.


“He’s here.”


“Get ready……”


“Cage of powerlessness!”




In the sky, Qin Tian frowned and mumbled, “Damn.”


As Feng Yun Lei Dian left the city, they were already secretly preparing. Whether it was their speed or position, they were maintained.


Qin Tian was stunned at the fact that he had not noticed.


The moment Qin Tian moved, Feng revealed a sinister smile. “Indeed, as expected from an elder. His planning was on point.


In a few breaths of time, Qin Tian was restricted.


Four sets of web-like Qi interweave, forming an extremely firm cage. Wanting to escape from that would not be easy.


After the cage was formed, the four immediately gathered their energy to form a combined attack.


Lightning flashed across the cage. The feeling of having one’s surprise was terrible.


“Qin Tian, prepare to die.”




Feng laughed arrogantly in delight. Within the cage of powerlessness, even a Rebirth realm expert would not be able to run. And, Qin Tian was only a rank three ascension realm cultivator.


When Feng Yun Lei Dian took action, never had they failed. This time was no exception too.


Qin Tian shook his head and smiled. Seeing their confident appearance, he sneered, “Was this your strategy? Too weak.”


“Law of aura, Song of Disorder.”

[TLN: 歌= song, in case any of you are wondering why I used song:) ]


Qin Tian snorted and his aura underwent a change. Aura surged out and entered the four of them.


Immediately, the faces of the four turned pale. Chaotic aura had entered them, disrupting their mind and making them unable to be calm.


The cage of powerlessness started to weaken.


Qin Tian’s law of aura level upping was unexpected. It was actually able to attack another’s mind and make them feel restless.


Unless one’s spiritual sense was much greater, Qin Tian’s Song of Disorder would be able to make another restless.


This was the power of the law of aura.


A simple move had disrupted Feng Yun Lei Dian’s combined attack. This was a result of 2 months of training.


When his law of aura level upped, he immediately thought of countering Feng Yun Lei Dian’s combined attack. Song of Disorder was simply a lucky star.


Since physical attacks cannot be done, what about spiritual ones?


Qin Tian did not believe that the four would not be in an invincible state when doing their combined attack.


The Song of Disorder rampaged within their bodies, causing their aura to be in chaos. Under such a situation, no matter how strong the combined attack was, they could not release it.


“Guard your minds and control yourselves!”


“Yo! Gu Cang, you’re finally willing to speak.”


Qin Tian laughed with cross arms.


The originally weakening cage had become tougher.


“Looks like you’ve got quite an understanding of spiritual attacks.” Qin Tian swept his eyes across the other four and smiled coldly, “Rank one berserk!”




A white halo shot out.


The Song of Disorder became 4 times more deadly as it rampaged within the body of Feng Yun Lei Dian.


There was like a battlefield within their bodies, where thousands fought and returned to earth. Blood flowed like rivers.


“Not bad, still able to withstand huh.”


“Gu Cang, still not appearing?”


“Haha……” Qin Tian laughed and snorted, “Rank two berserk……”




His body shone with a white radiance as his strength increased.


8 times attributes increase.


The faces of Feng Yun Lei Dian went from red to white. It was extremely unbearable.


However, Qin Tian had no intention of stopping.


“Rank three berserk!”




Like a torchlight, Qin Tian shined with white light which shot out and came into contact with the cage.


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16 times attributes increase.


The Song of Disorder rampaged even more wildly, and with their aura wanting to explode, they were in an extremely tortuous situation. Now, Feng Yun Lei Dian seemed to have entered hell


“Elder, we can’t hang on any longer.”




The four cried out like pigs to be slaughtered and flew hundreds of feet away, landing heavily on the ground. Their faces were pale and clothes were drenched.


“How could this be?” Feng stared at Qin Tian with an indescribable feeling. To think that in a short few months, Qin Tian had reached such great heights.




“To think that not only have you comprehended a divine ability, but also a law!” Gu Cang descended at a distance a few hundred feet away from Qin Tian. He was in a daze, “A 20-year-old comprehending a divine ability is already a unique existence, but to have also comprehended a law……. truly inconceivable.”


Even Violent Sky young master, known as the no. 1 since the ancient times (younger generation), had not comprehended a divine ability.


“You have a sharp eye, to be able to see through.” Qin Tian smiled coldly, “You’ve finally come out, it was tiring waiting for you.”


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“I’ll give you another chance. Join my Violent Sky faction and we will forget our past grievances.” Gu Cang said seriously.


“Well, it is actually possible, but under one condition. Have Yang Han killed first.”


Want him to join now? Even if the entire Violent Sky faction were to be given, he would have to reconsider.


“Qin Tian, don’t ask for a foot when I give you an inch. Do you really think you’re of my level? Do you really think you can go against my Violent Sky faction? Overconfident. I advise you to have a clearer view of the situation.” Gu Cang snorted and let out his aura. The Song of Disorder was of no effect to him. “As long as you are willing, there will naturally be someone sent to plead to Yang Han for you.”


“Plead? What did you just say?” Qin Tian laughed, “All I want is his death!”




Killing intent surged out. He leaped and an eagle claw-like weapon appeared in his hands which flashed with green light.


“I’ve given you a chance yet you don’t know how to cherish. Let me open your eyes today.”


The aura formed from his peak ascension force pressured Qin Tian.


Qin Tian could not help but take a step back. He raised his head and stared at Gu Cang. “Peak ascension realm? Let me show you my big move then.”


“Rank four berserk!”




Rank four berserk raised one’s attributes by 32 times.


White light gushed out from his body, forming a pillar of light.


Clouds in the sky dissipate. Meanwhile, the dragon elephant force cried out.


The azure dragon of ancient times rushed out, and heavy footsteps could be heard at the same time. The earth trembles with every step, the sky shatters with every cry.


“Emperor’s Descend, suppress the heaven and earth!”


Heavenly Dragon Form Scriptures Third layer, extremely mind-blowing.


Qin Tian gave a death god-like smile and suddenly gave out a sinister laugh, “Haha……”


Cold sweat emerged on Gu Cang’s forehead……

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