Chapter 94: A Guilty Heart

Zhen does not need you to teach zhen,” glares Jun Qian Che. Never once had he ever considered these women as his.

Mo Qi Qi purses her lips: An unteachable child!

“You are back, Your Majesty,” the concubines begin surrounding Jun Qian Che. 

“You must be tired, Your Majesty. You have lost weight.”

“How was the journey, Your Majesty? Chenqie hope it was fine.”

“Your Majesty—–“

Jun Qian Che finds them noisy.

Yang Guifei stands quietly on the sideline, smiling beautifully.

Jun Qian Che looks at her before walking towards her.

When the rest of the concubines see him walking towards her, their hearts are filled with jealousy but none of them dares to complain.

When Mo Qi Qi sees that, she mutters under her breath, “He said he did not miss Yang Shi Han. There are so many women in front of him, but he wouldn’t look at any of them and would only look at Yang Shi Han. His mouth says one thing, but his heart says another.” Even she fails to notice the sourness in her voice.

Yang Shi Han looks delighted to see him as she hugs his arm, “Your Majesty, chenqie missed you to death!”

Mo Qi Qi cannot help but shudder when she hears Yang Shi Han’s exceptionally sweet voice: Ew, Jun Qian Che actually likes this type of woman? She cannot stand them.

Zhen feels a little tired, return to Gui Ning Palace,” says Jun Qian Che calmly.

Yang Shi Han curtsies happily, “Yes, Your Majesty! Chenqie has already asked the kitchen to prepare all your favourite dishes!” She hugs Jun Qian Che’s arm as they leave, not forgetting to raise her eyebrows proudly at the gaping concubines.

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The concubines are angry beyond words to see that. They all begin surrounding Mo Qi Qi now, “Your Ladyship, see that Yang Guifei? His Majesty has only returned and she already seduced him away!”

“Your relationship with His Majesty has only gotten better, you must not allow her to ruin it again!” 

“Correct! You must not accommodate Yang Guifei too much, Your Ladyship! You have just returned to the palace with His Majesty, by right, he should have gone to your palace!”

Mo Qi Qi laughs when she hears that, “Don’t be angry, sisters. If His Majesty did not want to go to Gui Ning Palace on the first place, Yang Guifei would not have been able to seduce him into going no matter how hard she tries. Bengong believe everyone saw it yourself; it was His Majesty who went to Yang Guifei and talked to her, not the other way around.” Seems like Jun Qian Che really likes Yang Shi Han.

“Yang Shi Han must have used black magic to seduce him! Did you know what Yang Guifei told us, Your Ladyship? She said the Emperor only took you with him because she didn’t want to go with him. She also said that His Majesty only took you with him so that Duke Zhen would manage the court properly.”

“Yang Guifei really said all that?” says Mo Qi Qi, pretending to be angry.

Seeing Mo Qi Qi upset, the rest of the concubines agree with the first one, “True! We heard it ourselves!” 

“Yang Guifei is too much! She has always been arrogant, but this time, she actually dared to say all that about bengong? Does she think that bengong is that easy to bully? Sisters, let us all return to Feng Yang Palace first to update bengong on the back palace’s current affairs!” Mo Qi Qi is not really angry, she is only doing this for show. If she does not play along, they will never be appeased. They will alienate her, and that will only lead to them conspiring against her. As for Jun Qian Che taking her to the trip to keep Duke Zhen in check, the truth is even she has long suspected that, so she is not really surprised to hear that.

As for Yang Shi Han, Mo Qi Qi is really angry with her, but for completely different reason. She still cannot get over how Yang Shi Han had tried to harm her brother last time. She will definitely teach Yang Shi Han a lesson once she gets the chance.

However, things are not as Mo Qi Qi think they are.

Mo Cheng Xuan is not an idiot; how could he not see through Yang Shi Han’s plan? The truth is he followed Yang Shi Han to Gui Ning Palace to purposely fall for Yang Shi Han’s plan and create a misunderstanding between her and the Emperor. Even if the misunderstanding could be cleared, it would still create a drift between the Emperor and Yang Guifei. Yang Guifei actually allowed a male official to enter her resting palace, it ought to make the Emperor unhappy. Once they drift away, Qi Qi would have the chance to obtain the Emperor’s affection. He wanted to see the Emperor looking at Yang Shi Han in distaste.

But later, the Emperor came and completely suppressed the matter. He abandoned his attempt to sow discord between the Emperor and Yang Guifei because he suddenly found himself pathetic for resorting to such a lowly method. How embarrassing. It is better for Qi Qi and the Emperor to figure out their own feelings. Outside interference would only work temporarily. If they really have no feelings for each other, their lives together will be full of trials.

That was why he felt really guilty when he saw Yang Guifei earlier. Lucky the Emperor did not mind what happened back then. If things between her and the Emperor really became troubled because of him, he would feel very despicable.

After arriving in Gui Ning Palace, Jun Qian Che orders all servants to leave and then tells Yang Shi Han to close the door.

The servants exchanges smiles when they see that. The Emperor really loves their Mistress. Their Mistress is so lucky to be favoured so much by the Emperor.

After closing the door, Yang Shi Han turns towards him and buries her face on his chest while giggling, “Your Majesty, people will laugh at you for being so eager despite having just returned. The Empress will throw another temper tantrum.”

Jun Qian Che quietly pushes her away, “Stop fooling around.” He touches his chest before sitting on the main seat. His face is pale and his forehead is full of sweat.

Yang Shi Han walks to him in concern, “What happened?”

“Shi Han, I got poisoned. Shi Gu Poison. It has been spreading since the journey back,” Jun Qian Che’s voice is weak.

Yang Shi Han sits next to him and checks his pulse with a grave look on her face, as though a completely different person from the one in front of the concubines just now.

After checking his pulse, she turns to him solemnly, “Why did you let the poison spread so fast, Cousin? I already told you about Shi Gu Poison before; one cannot use their inner power or yungong if they accidentally ingest the poison. Did you use yours?”

Jun Qian Che nods, “Yes, but what has passed has passed. Will you be able to neutralize the poison?”

Yang Shi Han sighs before proudly saying, “The poison inside your body is really powerful. If you are looking at any other healer, they wouldn’t be able to protect your life. But since you are looking at your clever and highly-skilled cousin who has a really good understanding about the said poison, your life will be spared.”

“How long will it take?” asks Jun Qian Che calmly.

“If you have not used up your internal power, it would only take 3 days. But, since you did, the poison has spread far too seriously, you will have to take both the cure and a series of medicated bath. It will take half a month to completely rid your body off the toxin.”

Zhen understands. Only you can know about this matter, do not tell anyone else,” orders Jun Qian Che.

“Alright. I will give you a pill to control the poison from spreading.” Yang Shi Han heads to her bedroom and walks out with a small jar. There are black pills inside the jar. She picks one up and hands it to Jun Qian Che.

After taking that pill, Jun Qian Che’s body is no longer pained.

“How do you feel?” asks Yang Shi Han.

“It’s alright now,” says Jun Qian Che calmly.

“Take this bottle with you. Eat one pill everytime the poison acts up. It will temporarily subdue the poison. As for curing the poison, I will do my best to help you!”

Jun Qian Che nods.

Yang Shi Han sits next to him and looks at him curiously, “Your Majesty, did something happen with the Empress on that trip?”

“What do you mean?” Jun Qian Che does not know what she is trying to imply.

Yang Shi Han purses her lips, “Do you really not know or are you only pretending to, Your Majesty? I am talking about that thing that happened between men and women! The Empress has always been eyeing you like a hawk, don’t tell me she didn’t seize that chance to climb unto your bed?”

Jun Qian Che looks at her, his eyes flashing in displeasure. Does she think that this Mo Qi Qi is the same as the old Mo Qi Qi? The current Mo Qi Qi wants to have nothing to do with him.

Upon receiving Jun Qian Che’s threatening glare, Yang Shi Han obediently changes the topic, “The trip must have been hard on you. Why don’t chenqie call for the maids to serve lunch? You can rest after eating.”

Jun Qian Che gets up, “Zhen wants to visit the Grand Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager first.”

Chenqie will come with you!” Yang Shi Han stands up as well.

Jun Qian Che hesitates for a moment before nodding.

In Feng Yang Palace, Mo Qi Qi finally manages to send the concubines away after such a long arduous effort. She leans against the phoenix seat tiredly before sighing, “Aiya, mommy! People says that three women gathered together is enough to perform a stage play; I on the other hand, have a bunch of them, all singing at the same time! I cannot take this anymore! Jun Qian Che, that trash! Why did he take in so many women, on the first place, creating so much trouble for me?  Did I owe him in the past life?”

Ban Xiang, who is walking in while clutching a tray of tea, smiles at her warmly, “Drink some tea, Your Ladyship.”

Mo Qi Qi takes the cup while sighing, “I spoke for too long, I am so thirsty. It is only you who cares for me, Ban Xiang.”

“Your Ladyship, this servant knows that things are hard for you, but it has always been like this for Empresses. Don’t be upset,” comforts Ban Xiang.

Mo Qi Qi sighs benevolently, “Although things are hard for bengong, it is harder for the other concubines, so bengong does not blame them. I am tired, I want to sleep for now!”

“You cannot sleep yet, Your Ladyship. You have been away for so long, you must meet the Grand Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager first to let them know that everything is alright,” reminds Ban Xiang.

Three black lines appear on top of Mo Qi Qi’s head, “What? I had to endure such a tiring journey with Jun Qian Che. Now that I am back, I have to reassure them instead of them reassuring me? Where is the logic in that?”

“Ssh, lower your voice, Your Ladyship. Even walls have ears. It has always been like that for Empresses. Being able to go with His Majesty was a blessing, you must not call it a hardship in front of the Grand Empress Dowager,” says Ban Xiang earnestly.

Mo Qi Qi wants to cry, “Based on what you said, you want me to thank them instead, because their good son/grandson took me out of the palace?”

Ban Xiang nods, “Yes.”

Mo Qi Qi looks at her with a bitter face, “Who made such a rule? The imperial family is too unreasonable! The womenfolk out there are trying so hard to enter the palace, I wonder if they know how hard it is to live inside the harem. It is better to live as a normal daughter-in-law in a common family. At least someone will care for you. Inside the palace, everything that awaits you is rules. Wuwuwu, why is my life so hard?”

“Are you going or not, Your Ladyship?” asks Ban Xiang.

Mo Qi Qi sighs, “Go of course! Even to the last of my breath, I will face the Jun Family with fire inside my soul! Let’s go!”

Ban Xiang secretly laughs: the Empress has blade for a mouth, but tofu for a heart.

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