Chapter 32: Another Life’s Sins

“GAH! Haah…haah…haah…..” → Shen


I woke up inside a bed with Sylvia looking at me agitated. I saw her eyes red while tears were still falling.


“Shen! Oh my God…What in the world were you dreaming about? It was so painful, my heart wasn’t able to take it…” → Sylvia


And, because of the heart connection, Sylvia was able to feel all the despair, sorrow, rage, hopelessness and other negative but strong feelings I experienced inside the dream. While she was still crying I caressed her cheeks and cleaned her tears. I found out that I was tearing myself.


What a horrible war, not just Ragnarok, there was Apocalypse, End Time, Armageddon, every legend of the end of the world was at the same time, meaning all these are the same thing? And it had so many mythological entities and legendary figures! Only remembering makes my head dizzy… If another Ragnarok starts in this world then would it be similar but with other beings? I’m pretty sure the ones like Lucifer won’t appear again in another world when he’s still stuck in the depth of the Earth, and neither the other Gods who fought there… I think the only exceptions are the ones who have close connections with the Yggdrasill like Hraesvelgr and Nidhoggur…even so, I think that’s enough to spawn other kinds of godly beings of similar levels. We need to prevent this at all cost. Sylvia


“Sylvia… Please look at me.” → Shen


While I was thinking of this, I remembered the beautiful spirit of the moon. She resembled Sylvia a lot, making the feelings from this life and the ones from the past life to overlap and grow.


“Hmm?” → Sylvia


While crying, she felt the difference in my heart. She was surprised by the growth in feelings and looked at me with big eyes.


“Ugh….” → Shen


When I saw her beautiful and sparkling eyes looking at me with such surprise I suddenly got red in the face.


It seems she really is the same soul. Can I say this is a transcendental love? Is this even possible? I lived lives in which I had no one besides me…I died alone multiple times…was it because I was searching for her…? Have I met her before after that one life?… I think I did…but it seems not in every one of them I was able to find her…who would have thought I’ll meet her thanks to a game? → Shen


I smiled at the weird play of destiny.


“Shen? Why are you suddenly smiling like this?” → Sylvia


Knowing my heart full of feelings for her, Sylvia blushed and got surprised by my smile which looked different from the ones I had before, showing a composed temper.


What in the world did he dream about? Was it about me…? Sylvia


After thinking about this, Sylvia reddened even more. I grabbed her hand and pulled her in my arms.


“Yes. I did dream about you but from another life. Thanks to this dream I learned how precious and important you are to me.” → Sylvia


While saying so I embraced Sylvia firmly and rested my head on her shoulder.


“Are you curious about what I dreamed? I can give you some memories if you want.” → Shen


I said while smiling bitterly. It wasn’t something I wished to show her but if she wanted to, I could give her the memories of the dream.


“I…I don’t know…” → Sylvia


At first, she was surprised but then she looked resolutely at me.


“Yes. Please let me see what your dream was about.” → Sylvia


After I gave her some of the memories, she was stunned at the information she received.


Th-this is The End?! B-but why can Shen see all of these? It’s not an oracle because he appears in them but…is so incredible…and so sad. We can’t let such a thing happen…Hm? Was that… me?! B-but how? Have I participated in The End in another life? And…I see now why his feelings grew so suddenly~. Sylvia


Sylvia was at first shocked, then scared, then happy, then serious and sad again. While I was looking at her face, being so expressive, I left out a laugh then got closer. Seeing her so up-close I wasn’t able to stop myself and stole a kiss from her lips. Without knowing, I activated a spell and the used mana was so low, I barely felt anything.


Hm? Was it my imagination? → Shen


“?-?! W-wait! I wasn’t prepared!” → Sylvia


Sylvia was surprised and covered her mouth after I retreated. Her face even redder than before.


“Ahahaha~ if you were prepared it wouldn’t have been this fun, you know?” → Shen


I laughed while hugging her again.


“Uuuhh~…Then!” → Sylvia


As payback, she pushed me back down on the bed, locked my hands down and kissed me deeply using her tongue.


“Mm!?” → Shen


I was so surprised, I almost felt my heart explode.


What the hell? All I did was give a light kiss and here I find myself assaulted! This girl! When did she become so fierce?! Shen


I started to feel dizzy and erotic thoughts appeared in my mind.


Nope! No good! If this continues then I won’t be able to stop myself anymore… Wha-when did this little girl become so powerful?! Is it because I can’t control my chi that well? I can’t get away from her! Nooo~!Shen


And, because my chi was still in turmoil, I was unable to put much force in my hands to get out from her grabs. After 1 good minute, she finally stopped but didn’t let go of my hands. Her face was pink and I could see some kind of fire in her silvery eyes. I felt hot all over the place and my energies were slowly starting circulating, I was finally able to get some strength in my hands but still not enough to get out from her lock.


“Fuah~ oh? It seems you suddenly feel better, don’t you?” → Sylvia


Sylvia looked at me like a tiger at a rabbit when she saw my circulation getting more and more stable.


“Then shall we continue~?” → Sylvia


I was dumbfounded. Even though my mind was mostly blank, I could tell something wasn’t right with Sylvia.


Is this…evil fire? From where? Why!? → Shen


I tried to feel around but I couldn’t understand from where such a strong evil fire was affecting Sylvia, then I started feeling some kind of fire burning in my heart. I visualized inside me while Sylvia was preparing something.


This is the cause!  → Shen


I saw inside my heart a little dark fire, burning and dancing as if it was alive. That fire was passed to Sylvia through the cordon that connected our hearts for some reason.


… So I’m the reason…I had a hunch but…yep, never mind, my bad completely. Sylvia


Evil fire is the purest form of lust and carnal desires inside a living being. The stronger the fire, the less control one has over him or herself when it comes to carnal desires. When I came back to reality I saw Sylvia getting off her shoes then sitting atop me in bed while breathing roughly.


… Even under the control of the evil fire, she must be a lady. This is really amusing and scary at the same time.  → Sylvia


“S-Shen…I think we are rushing a little bit here but…I can’t think straight anymore~ my mind is blank. Shen, what should I do…?”  → Sylvia


She then closed up and kissed me again harder than before. I felt her little and soft body on top of me and at the same time, her heartbeat going fast and strong in her chest. Her fragrant scent of peaches made my mental power almost collapse while her little yet plump chest pressing on my chest made my blood pressure suddenly skyrocket.


Wawawa~! It’s my fault but I don’t know how to stop it! If this continues I won’t even be able to stop myself and then I’ll do something that would be a problem later, seeing how we still have a lot of work to do. God damn it! If it weren’t for the Ragnarok and the 2 stupid Empires I would’ve already let go to these primal instincts! …Instincts? That’s it! Shen


The kissing became more arousing and sensual, making erotic sounds. While I was kissing Sylvia, I started to create a barrier around my mind with what little energy I was able to control. It was pretty ironic because, the more I had such ‘erotic activities’ with Sylvia, the stronger my control over the energies became. It seems this kind of connection was accelerating the circulation of energies and blood.


Well duh~ whoever is excited will have his heart, beat like crazy and his blood rush.  → Shen


I thought about it while rolling my eyes. After I was able to cool down my head and stop the evil fire to touch my mind I started to accumulate energy to create another barrier around Sylvia’s mind when-.


“Hm?!”  → Shen


I suddenly felt how she locked both my arms in one of hers and started to strip my top.


Thank God it’s just the shirt! → Shen


I thought while I calmed my heart. But being able to read my mind, Sylvia suddenly changed from my top to my pants.


Well, there it goes! → Shen


“Don’t forget I can read your heart and mind~. Why don’t you put aside the idea of forming a barrier around my mind and let me have my fun, hm~?” → Sylvia


Sylvia smiled at my face while reaching lower and lower. But just when she was about to touch my…masculinity…I got out from her grab and pushed her down then placed myself on top of her.


“Damn that was a close call … Good thing you tried to lock both my hands with only one of yours. Don’t forget that your little hand can’t lock down the two of mine.” → Shen


I said with some satisfaction.


I feel like we’re being tested or something… How come the fire from inside my heart didn’t affect me but Sylvia…? Seriously, what’s wrong with this cordon between our hearts? → Shen


While I was thinking about this, Sylvia rose her hand and touched my chest, right beside my heart. She looked a little bit better but she was still breathing roughly.


“Shen, this fire in your heart, is one of your sins…” → Sylvia


Sylvia said with a bitter smile.


“Sin? What sin?” → Shen


I was dumbfounded.


Haah…haah…you…do you know for what are Satyrs known in legends?” → Sylvia


While trying to control her desires she asked me with fire in her eyes. Unconsciously, she was touching my chest more firmly.


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“Huh? Well… in not many legends are they fighting but they are known for being party-animals, lovers of the flute and-….for real…?” → Sylvia


I then remembered. The Satyrs were well known for their desire for romance, they would resort to anything for it. Lying, drinking, charming through sound or even through a kiss.


“…I think I woke up some kind of spell the moment I kissed you. Initially, I was supposed to be affected by this evil fire but, you got affected instead.” → Shen


I smiled bitterly.


Now I really screwed up good. I woke up one of the seven sins inside me and Sylvia, the one I love the most, got affected. This is truly a test of hearts. → Shen


After I found out everything, I accumulated soul-energy inside my heart and tried to lower the fire. This essence of lust was incredible. It tried to grab itself by my heart like it had its own conscience. I then inserted some frost element to slow its movement and tried again. This time I took it out and placed it somewhere inside the solar plexus.


“If I take it out, someone might get affected, if I put it back in the heart I might become the victim. I’ll try to put it here and use it’s burning energy for some fire-magic of the sort, having one of the Seven Deadly Sins inside me might prove to be useful one day.” → Shen


A true researcher would never look at things as ‘good’ or ‘evil’. He would try and find a way to use everything and anything in his own favor. After taking out the evil fire from my heart, Sylvia calmed down and felt suddenly very tired. She looked at me through her eyelashes and said.


“How come everything related to you turns out to be incredible and completely out of this world? I believe the next time you kiss me I won’t have to endure the idea of controlling my desires. Yes~?” → Sylvia


Even though she wasn’t affected by the evil fire any-longer, anyone would still feel aroused after such an experience.


“W-well… I told you I’m more of a weirdo than anyone you know, didn’t I? And I promise you, next time there won’t be any reason to stop like this.” → Shen


I said while giving a kiss to her lips. But right at that moment.

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“Hey, Sylvia. How is Shen-…?” → Ryu


Ryu and Bonny entered the room with worried faces but right when they saw us one on top of the other, they froze like statues. After 10 seconds of awkward silence, Bonny opened her mouth.


“…It seems Shen is all right. We shall not get in their way. Let’s go, Ryu.” → Bonny


Bonny was red like a tomato but kept her composure until the end.


“Oh my~? Our little Shen has finally become a true man? Sigh~ I’m so proud of you, man. Finally becoming an adult~. I salute you!” → Ryu


Seeing me like this, Ryu started some opera play until I finally threw a pillow at his face.


“Goddamnit, just get out already!” → Shen


I was extremely embarrassed after being teased by Ryu. Sylvia was laughing at me after finally saying.


“Stay here and sleep some more if you need. After that let’s go on the deck. Everyone is waiting.” → Sylvia


After that, she left the room. When she opened the door for a moment I was able to hear Ryu’s voice screaming around


“Shen is a man now! Every one! party till we drop!” → Ryu

“W-what the-?! Sylvia! I’ll come now! Damn Ryu!” → Shen


I jumped out of the bed and ran outside.

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