Chapter 31: The Ragnarok

From the groups, 11 people stepped forward: one sturdy, middle-aged man; one little elemental fairy of earth, she looked like a little girl but her eyes shone with life experience; one lion beast-man, he had a calm face even though his looks were ferocious; one huge dragoon with the horns cut. His face looked like he gone through a lot, he was aged but there was still light in his eyes; one female demon, she had a torn wing while the other one was full of holes, her horns were still intact but had a lot of cracks, her face was that of a beauty while her eyes shone with determination and courage; from the elves, the one who I saved first stepped forward; from the spirit-fox tribe, a woman with 5 tails stepped forward. She was a beauty rarely seen but her face had some scars and it seems there should’ve been 4 more tails.


They were cut; from the dog tribe a middle-aged man with a plain look but deep eyes stepped forward; from the mouse’s tribe an old man who needed help to stand; from the pig tribe, a skinny young man full of spirit and from the harpies tribe, a woman with her feathers torn from the right wing, same as the demoness, she was a true beauty with determination on her faces. What every chosen leader had in common was the intelligent or wise glint in their eyes.


“Very well. Thank you for bothering in coming here. Now I’ll have to ask you lot some questions. First: The ones from the Eihwaz continent, please get back while the ones from the Freia and Nostrung make a step forward.” → Shen


He said to the leaders and they did just that. The demon, elf and the other beast-men stepped back while the ones from the 4 races stepped forward.


“The ones from the Freia continent, make another step forward.” → Shen


Shen said again and the little fairy with the Dragoon stepped forward.


“You all. I have no wish to offend you lot but saying your names to me would amount to nothing, knowing that soon we might part ways. Not because I won’t put you in my eyes, but because I can’t remember names that fast. So rather than making weird mistakes, I’ll call you after your races. Are you’re alright with this?” → Shen


The 11 leaders nodded without minding it. They were slaves before, complying with such a request was nothing.


“Good. Now, let me ask you two a question. Answer immediately. Has Freia legalized slavery?” → Shen



Both the fairy and the dragoon answered at the same time.


“…  The ones from the Nostrung! Had Nostrung legalized slavery?!” → Shen


Shen shouted for the ones in the back.




The human and the lion shouted back.


Then why the hell do you lot have such bindings on?! → Shen


Shen’s fury showed signs of reappearing but Sylvia hastily calmed him down through the heart’s connection.


Hah~… All right. First of all, the ones from the two continents, I want you to ask around and see who is able to go back home. Or better said, who still has a home to go back to. We will try to sort out the ones who wish to return home from the ones who have no place to return to.”  → Shen


The 4 leaders turned around and started talking with their respective groups.


“The 7 leaders from Eihwaz! A step forward!” → Shen



The 7 stepped forward and looked down. The slave wasn’t supposed to look in the eyes of his master, except for the elf, he already talked to Shen so he knew what kind of person he is, more or less.


“You lot, do you have any magic to make contact with the ones from your homes or the ones who got kidnapped but were sent to other places?” → Shen


After his question, the 6 of them looked at Shen with hope. They knew what he meant by those words. Still not daring to look into his eyes they said.


“I-I think there must be someone from my group who can use connection magic.”


The young man from the pig tribe talked.


Connection magic was a similar magic with telepathy but of a lower rank. Connection magic would connect with the other person through an item. It can be anything, from a golden tooth to a ring or a shirt. As long as it had a magic circle to form a connection together with the other party who had the same item, it could be anything.


“Very well. Go and find me that person, he’ll have a lot of work from now on.” → Shen


Shen said with a serious but somehow red face. His was tired and he felt hot all over.


“I already told you about our connection.” → Elf

“Yes. We’ll have to use that connection to the max, we’ll need to search all over the city for now.” → Shen

“I know how to use detection magic.” → Demon Leader

“Perfect.” → Shen

“We can use it, too.” → Fox Leader

“Good. The more detection magic, the better. Are you able to use it on other races, too?” → Shen

“Yes. But we need to have some kind of relationship with the one we want to detect so we can form an energetic connection, something like a family member or something close to that. Otherwise is impossible.” → Fox Leader


It seems that this kind of magic uses the bonds connected between the living, made during their lifetime.


“I see. Then what if I connect your consciousness with a mouse beast-man and try to search through his memories for the ones kidnaped then use the magic to find them. Would that work?” → Shen

“T-that might work!” → Demon Leader


The spirit-fox woman and the demoness were both dumbfounded. They never would’ve thought of such a way. ‘Who is this human?’ All the 6 races looked at each other with surprised faces. Everyone wondered from where such a weird human appeared.


“Hm? Is there something on my face?” → Shen


Shen looked up and saw everyone staring at him with weird faces.


“W-we don’t wish to be impolite but… Is this young master irritated for some reason?”


The mouse old man asked carefully. He did not wish to annoy their savior.


“Huh? Why would you ask that? Well, I was pretty angry at those slave traders-idiots who don’t know with what they’re playing, but now I’m fine, no?”


Shen asked surprised, he was confused about this question. But suddenly a wave of dizziness struck his head.




He wobbled on his legs from the dizziness but he made a powerful step to retake his balance.


…is this a backlash from the accumulated fatigue? → Shen


“Young master seems sick. Why doesn’t young master go and take a rest first? After that, we can continue the discussion.” The dog beast-man asked with somehow worried eyes.


“Hah! Don’t look at me with those eyes, dog beast-man. You don’t have to worry about getting back home. I’ll get you there, no problem. I won’t die till I finish my work so don’t look at me with worry when you have selfishness in your heart. That’s for all of you.” → Shen


Shen said coldly while gazing at everyone present. They all froze when they felt the strong distrust and enmity from his eyes. Shen detested when he was looked with such worrying eyes from people he didn’t know.


What. Are you worried about me dying halfway and then you lot getting captured again? Oh please, I’m not doing this for you. I would’ve saved only the elves if I knew there are no other seals protected by other races. I only do this so I can have a peaceful time while researching. The last thing I need right now is to fight against a huge number of demonic beasts and participate in a godly war… → Shen


While thinking this way, he suddenly felt someone grab his hand.


“You know it’s not like that.” → Sylvia


Sylvia whispered in his ear, calming his revolted heart.


“However much you try to lie to yourself, you would have saved them even if they had no seal to defend…Shen, your heart and spirit were in too much of a disarray these days. Your body is revolting and it’s asking for some time to rest. If you don’t, your mind will get even more cloudy. You had not enough sleep for more than 15 days and had emotional breakdowns one after another. Take some rest or you’ll really fall sick.” → Sylvia


What Sylvia said was right. With such an unstable energy, is a wonder how he didn’t enter in the ‘mana deviation’ state and then explode from a bad circulation.


“…I’ll do what you say then…” → Shen


Shen walked into his room together with Sylvia and Ryu.


“Ryu, can I depend on you for taking care of everything else? I’ll tell you two why I’m in such a hurry now.” → Shen


Shen gave both of them some strings of memories and showed them what I discovered and at the conclusion I got.


“R-Ragnarok?! I-isn’t that the Norse mythology from Earth? Why is in Sario?” → Ryu

“The World Tree…it said that it can go through different worlds and dimensions, being a Tree that sustains not only one but multiple universes and connects with them through its branches.” → Sylvia

“Exactly. It seems that, after the Ragnarok started in our world in the age of Mythology, the World Tree Yggdrasil transported in another world to heal itself.” → Shen


He said while looking into space with unfocused eyes.


“S-Shen? How come you know about this?” → Ryu


You mean the legends about Ragnarok are real? Is there really an Odin and Thor? Even the Fenrir with his sons, Skoll and Hati?! Even that serpent, Nidhoddur? Isn’t this like, really bad? → Ryu


Ryu’s head was spinning. The information he got was way too huge for himself, but he was still curious about why Shen knew what happened after the Ragnarok.


“…I-Ugh!” → Shen


He collapsed on his bed while grabbing his head. He felt like his brain would explode while his heart started to hurt horribly. It wasn’t a physical pain, but more of a spiritual one.


“Shen!” → Sylvia


Sylvia was able to feel the pain inside his heart. She never felt something like this before. It was like the world she knew suddenly ended and everything turned to dust, leaving nothing behind.


At that time, I got some ridiculous memories from the age of Mythology on Earth. I started remembering how the Earth was engulfed in darkness. Two huge wolves devoured the light from the moon and the sun while an even bigger one devoured mountains and seas. He looked like he would devour the entire planet while cutting everything with his sharp claws. There was even a huge dragon-like snake which inspired life in the dead and made them his own soldiers to kill and destroy everything. The snake was fighting a huge golden bird and a man with a hammer that summoned lightning. There were a lot of humans with weird armors and runes drawn on them.


Everyone had Godly powers and an imposing aura which made the ground crack and the air vibrate. They controlled the thunder, the light, they could summon the earth and the sky with only a word. The power of their bodies alone was ridiculous enough to blow a mountain with a simple punch. The men were flying while the women were riding war-carriages on winged horses. The ones they were fighting against were undead, giants, Titans, Cyclops, and blue, icy huge trolls. The undeads were of all kinds, from humans, to beast-men to orcs or demons. Any downed warrior would revive and fight again, as if they were immortals.

W-what is this?!’


My mind was in disarray. I felt my heart burst from despair and rage until I saw my reflection in a golden shield.


What am I…?


“Damn brat! What are you doing, dazing like that?! Didn’t Pan told us to clean the South wing?! Don’t you think just because you’re royalty you can laze around! Move, move, move!”


I was suddenly rushed by another beast-man that looked exactly like me. Afterwards, memories of what and who I am rushed inside my head. I was a King of a now ruined kingdom under God Pan and at the moment, I was allied with other kings, commanding a 500.000 man-army on my own. An army that was made of Satyrs and I was one of them!


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My legs were like those of a goat, full of fur. On my forehead I had 2 horns stabbing the heavens and they were surrounded by a ring of golden aura which was turning with high speed after every spell I activated, giving me power and energy from space tens of times purer than that of mana from Earth. I was wearing a golden, shining armor while on my head there was a silver diadem as a crown. The terrifying parts were the deep and bloody injuries I had on myself together with the tattered armor. One hand was cut, I missed one eye and one horn was crushed at the middle, I had cuts of claw’s and bites so deep, my organs and bones were visible, making one wonder why I’m still alive.

“I’ll use this.”


I took the armored arm from a downed comrade and attached it to my missing arm. A golden energy enveloped the armor and moved just like a normal arm, trying to use it as a substitute. At that moment, I looked as if I had a mechanical arm.

My legs were still healthy. I tore off the armor which looked now like tattered clothes and I ran toward South while commanding one hundred thousand other satyrs under me, the rest were already commanded by the other kings. It seems that, from the total of 10 kings, only 5 were still alive. Every step I made crossed hundreds of kilometers. After I got in South, I had to fight more undead, Hydras, Manticores, Cyclops and huge elemental golems made by corrupted wizards and witches. We fought for months already and every fight was deadly. However, we weren’t alone. Minotaurs, Centaurs, elves, dwarves, spirits of nature and more other mythological and magical entities were fighting beside us, even Ents with the dryads.


In the end, I remained alone on the battlefield while hugging the body of a dying Nymph in my only arm, the other fake one was already shattered. She was a spirit of the moon reflected on the lake but the lake she came from was slowly drying and the moonlight was slowly and surely getting swallowed by the wolves. I tried to imbue celestial energy in her but it was useless, she was disappearing slowly with no cure. It seems she was my lover and the only family I still had. I felt devastated while looking at her spiritual body turn transparent and disappear slowly. I tried to do anything but all I did was in vain.


“Stop this useless struggle…without my lake and the light from the moon, you know I can’t recover…”


The Nymph touched my cheek and smiled bitterly then she continued.


“…May our fates connect and find each other through the Abyss of Nether… Farewell… My one and only love… Dear Satyr…”


The Nymph then turned completely in little bubbles of silvery light, while I stood there spiritless, looking at the bubbles disappear in the air. Just as I got up, I saw a huge green light in the North. The World Tree fled to another world to recover.


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”All hope… Is lost. Our world… will be no more…”


I got up with a heavy face and looked with bloodshot eyes and a cold gaze at the army of beasts in front of me.


I looked in the North-West, the sky opened and waves of angels with white wings appeared, killing the corrupted humans who allied with the demonic beasts and the fallen angels. Then I saw in Est, a golden white ghostly spirit which tried to stop another dark and nightmarish spirit from corrupting more humans. In the N-E, a human used his pagoda to capture demons then kill them inside it.


There was also a humanoid monkey which used his growing staff to crush the enemies and even a mad Deva, fully covered in blood, was fighting the destruction of the world, blaming it all on the corrupted humans and gods. While he was someone the gods tried to subdue, this time however, he was right, he had a reason to be angry. The blue and green dragon brothers made up and fought together with the divine white tiger against the fallen godly humans and monsters. The humans from a faraway continent started a summoning spell. The magic was so strong, the space tore apart while the continent started to quake. Feeling the mana fluctuations, a huge merman with a trident appeared around the island and roared at them.


“YOU FOOLISH HUMANS! Look what you’ve done! Summoning destruction upon this world for a little more power. You listened to ‘them’ while ignoring us! Now support the consequences!”


The merman then closed his palm and a sound like glass-shattering resounded. Not even a hour passed and a huge tsunami engulfed the entire continent. It seems that the merman blocked the tsunami they created, but his magic was still too weak to resist it, letting it engulf the entire continent and kill almost every resident. From the unstable spell the humans tried to use, an interdimensional crack opened and hundreds of millions of lesser spirits entered this dimension, together with them, something that wasn’t supposed to appear into this world.


“AAHAHAHAHA!! I’m finally here! BROTHER! Where are you!?”


A demonic laugh like those from the depths of the abyss suddenly boomed from under the waters. A huge explosion completely shattered the engulfed continent and a dark aura leaked to the outside. In the middle of the aura was another Satyr but this one had the head of a goat, unlike the others who had it like that of a human.


“You monster! What are you doing here?! Get back down in Inferno! You’ve been placed there to defend that door together with Cerberus, Baal!”


Another Satyr appeared with a majestic and powerful golden aura. He was the one I was worshiping in that life, Pan. They started a fight which turned the seas and broke the sky, bumping heads and exchanging fists till, in the end, Pan cut Baal’s his head in one slash.


”Just because I didn’t choose to be a War God, that doesn’t mean I’m weak.”


The head then smiled and laughed maniacally:


“Kekekeke…I know you’re the strongest, brother. that’s why you’re one of the few who can actually defeat me. And you’d say I’m the only one who evaded from there? How do you think all of these Titans and demons appeared~?”

“Y-you don’t mean-“

MAIA has been shattered, brother! Nothing will help this world now. NOTHING! Boahahaha!”


His broken voice resounded all over the globe, making any living being feel dread and sorrow. However, they still continued to fight with everything they got.


Another thundering boom resounded. Space started distorting and a gate appeared from a tear through it. The gate flung open and a huge dog with 3 heads shot out like a wild, hungry beast. Without the slightest warning,  It started killing everything, be it gods or demons, humans or monsters, and after him, a beardy man with black hair and red eyes emerged, his body emanating a scorching and evil aura. Thunder suddenly appeared in the sky and a voice boomed.


“Brother…what’s the meaning of this? Are you revolting against me?!”


The voice boomed like thunder. The man looked at the sky with an indifferent face but then his eyes sharpened.


“Stop screaming, you’re annoying… Father broke out from his prison… I’m here to give chase”



Space itself started to tear apart again and from inside it, a humanoid form of galaxies and stars appeared. His body was made from stars, ether and galaxies, while his eyes were like 2 suns, seeing all and everything.


[You tried to end me… but failed! So you imprisoned me forever in Tartarus. But now I’m out! Now to be sure I’ll end you this time, I won’t let her get you out from me again!]


After he uttered those words, space started to crack and everything around broke down. The sea swirled, the earth cracked and the sky fell with huge meteorites.


“I’m the king now! Your time was long done, old man!”

“Cronos. Your judgment darkened!”

“Shut it shiny eyes. Get back in your rat-hole until I make you.”


[Foolish brats. Let father show you how to behave!]


The three Godly entities from the sky, sea and inferno suddenly flew towards Cronos and started fighting him to death. All four of them were giants among giants, beings even bigger than mountains. Space deformed, making them disappear and reappear on earth, in the sky, and in the seas, numerous times.


In the far West, on another continent, there was another fight between huge animal-spirits and demons. A huge eagle tried to command the same humans to fight the demonic beings and fallen spirits but they were too preoccupied with defending against more marine demons with fish for heads and huge serpents which spit poison. More humans who lost all sanity tried to backstab their breeten while everyone started to doubt even their own families. The spirits had a hard time on pacifying the humans, trying to help them on trusting each others again.


On the far East, the human who cultivated the arts of the sun and at the same time the most beautiful woman at that time, together with a huge army of godly beings, started fighting against all kind of ‘Oni’, beasts with fur like needles and claws like daggers, demonized animal spirits and other fallen gods. She burned them all by summoning the sun behind her while commanding the others to use all they had against the waves of demonic entities.


”The seals were destroyed? Who did that?!”


The woman was clearly shocked. The demonic seals which divided the world of the living from the world of the dead were destroyed, letting all kinds of demons and low spirits free to roam the world.

The culprit was a demonic fox, tricking a human in destroying the seal, the only ones who were able to do so.


On the central parts right at the heart of the Earth, from the mountainous chains, huge waves of toxic energies evaded from huge holes in the mountains, together with them, some kind of huge flies which sucked the blood of the living till they died. From these holes, all kind of ugly and nightmarish demons tried to crawl to the surface. Above them stood a white army of humans with golden helmets that summoned the powers of nature like lighting or hurricanes and stabbed down with their huge silver or golden spears to push the demons back to where they came from. The ‘Wolf tribe’ stopped any kind of demon from corroding the world any further. On top of the biggest mountain, a man in white robes with a green stone in his hands stood tall.


“I told you all to not open the Golden Gates…but you didn’t listen… now because of your greed for riches, you can only say farewell to our wolf-pack… The ones who wish to continue to defend and fight till their death, you can stay here. The ones who wish to continue their studies, come with me. This world has only a future now, but with no present… Old Time will stay here, waiting for the next ‘true wolf’ to guide the pack on the right patch… Maybe he’ll do a better job than I did.”


After sighing in sorrow, he entered a cave in which he opened a portal to a place nobody knows about while the green stone flew and hid under a mountain, waiting for his next master. In South, different beings with the head of birds, a black dog, crocodile, cat and so on, fought against a semi-human with the head of a greyhound.



The greyhound-headed being roared while he was riding atop a wave of darkened miasma. Inside it, monstrous and nightmarish monsters looked with inanity and blood-lust, restless to be freed and bring destruction upon the world.


“… Because of the artificial Merkaba, the miasma became hundreds of times stronger… Toth, Horus, I need you two to keep our knowledge alive. After the storm calms down, we won’t be able to teach the children about our technology.”


A being with a head of a hawk and a huge golden sun above his head commanded with a deep voice.

“Yes sire.”


Another godly being with the head of an ibis kneeled with one knee. While the other one looked revolted at the one who seemed to be the king.


“S-Sire! Haven’t I been born a guardian for your kingdom? How can I run now!? I will stay and fight!”


A young man with the head of an hawk shouted out, his eyes filled with pain.


“Horus. Exactly because I want you to protect this kingdom, I need you alive. After everything is done with, I need you and Toth to continue protecting and teaching the young spirits. Now GO! There is not much time.”


The king shouted and levitated in the sky with an imposing spirit. Now the only thing that separated the two armies, the one of light and the one of darkness, was just a huge and clean river.

“Nun, make way. Is time to put an end to this endless fight.”


The king commanded and the river parted in two huge walls of water. Seeing how the king had nothing more to say, Toth and Horus left, together with them taking 12 emerald boards. When they left, the war began. I looked back in my place… At all the dead around me.


“What’s with that face?! Do you think we have time to mourn now?! Get up! Even if the entire world is crumbling! Stand up and FIGHT!”


Suddenly the an voice of an old minotaur boomed from my right. He looked at me with fire in his eyes. He was stabbed through his heart and he was a bloody mess but even so; he stood up to fight with sheer spirit and will.


“Don’t you command me! Minos!… I know what I have to do.”


I turned around and looked at the army of demonic beasts which was pushed from behind by a huge Earth Titan. My eyes were bloodshot. I had nothing to lose, everything I loved perished. Now there was nothing to stop me from going all-out.


“Hmph! A Titan? Try to resist more than 10 seconds, will ya?”


He said with a mocking smile then turned around. The minotaur left for the more Southern parts where the marine demons appeared ruled by another huge Kraken-type Titan, while I stood where I was, to kill the enemy from the front of me. I took a deep breath, then my eyes shone with a green light.




I used the aura ring above my head to strengthen the shockwave made by my shout, hitting the enemy like a tsunami. The shockwave created a huge spider web-like crack on the ground and even space dented from the sonic wave. I flew in the air and materialized a sword in my hand and started using Nordic symbols to control the mana around. [TYR!] I roared a name of a Nordic rune and on the materialized sword, a rune that looked like an arrow pointing at the sky, appeared.


Brat, use everything I give to give me more blood!


An elderly and blood-thirsty voice resounded in my head and a huge wave of power circulated through my body.

The aura around me reddened while creating shockwaves then I shouted another Power word:


[Yoda’s aura!]


I attacked and massacred all that was in front of me.




I roared a combination of runes and my dantian started to spin like crazy, with lightning sparks appearing from inside. Other forms of connections with different spirits offered me their powers.

Huge lightning appeared from the sky, striking the beasts around me.




From nowhere, fire suddenly appeared, burning everything and all for a 2km radius around. I fought like a mad-man, stabbing, smashing, slicing and ripping apart everything around me until I reached the back of the wave of demonic monsters..



In front of me was a Titan made of earth and magma. To fight Titans one needs a God-level entity…but there is nobody but me here.


“Hahahaha! How was that saying? ‘If you can’t find the right person, then be the right person’!”


At that point, I changed the mana circulation and –




I roared with all my power another power-word. My aura and chi surged outside of my body for 10m around me.


[Materialization! Connect with upper spirit!  My own DEVA!]


The golden ring above my head spun so fast, the space around it was distorting. From the sky, a golden light that came from a much more huger soul in the space, attached to the ring then entered my heart.


The accumulated energy materialized in a huge blue giant spirit that took my form with my own wrecked body in the middle. I appeared like a blue giant with golden eyes, with the same height as the Titan who was like a walking mountain. I was in the solar plexus of the giant and controlled everything from there:




From my hands, huge ice-storms emerged and struck heavily the Titan. Even though it dealt close to no damage, it was enough to freeze it in place.




From the spine of the giant, 2 incandescent red lines started growing from the lowest part to the top of my head while intersecting in a spiral like that of a DNA. It made 7 such intersections and between them, 7 shiny wheels appeared and started spinning. Afterwards, more such red lines split from the main two and covered the entire blue giant blue body, looking like blood veins pulsating golden energy.


I punched out and the frozen shoulder of the Titan got shattered. But it wasn’t enough because it started regenerating itself.




The Titan stopped moving completely, even his regeneration stopped. I started absorbing the celestial energies which were made from numerous primordial ones and released it in a fury of punches. Each punch had a different element imbued in it. Fire, lightning, darkness, vibration, light, wind, ice, earth etc and one punch was enough to shatter 4 huge mountains one in front of the other. I punched the Titan with more than 10 such punches.




The Titan was furious. It felt the pain and started punching back. One punch from him was like 5 of mine, shattering parts of my body.




The wheel from the heart spun like crazy, summoning golden energy from the sky which looked like honey. It was Prana, a primordial energy which repaired all and everything that had some kind of life-essence. This energy enveloped me and restored the damaged parts. We continued to fight like this, smashing and regenerating again and again, until I finally smashed his head with a thunderbolt.




I released another fury of fists, transforming the Titan in a pile of mud and lava. The me as a giant, looked down at the pile of mud, then I absorbed every form of energy from around




A multicolored Sun formed in the palm of the blue giant, then,




No sound was heard but a dark ray shot out from the huge hands, turning the already dark sky even darker for a moment and turn the mountain of unmoving dirt and lava into nothingness, there remained only a deep and huge hole inside the earth, looking like an Abyss. After that last attack:




The giant began to crack and disintegrate, turning into blue dust that flew with the wind. After it disappeared completely, I who was inside it, fell toward the earth. My landing formed a crater while my body was completely useless. I couldn’t move and I felt how my consciousness was leaving me. I looked at the blackened sky with pained eyes. From the sky I saw an angel with dark wings who fell like a meteorite from the sky, screaming at the heavens.


“You evil! How can you do such a thing to your own children?!”


And from the sky, an answer appeared.


[My children were beyond saving now, corrupted by the power you showed them and starting to kill themselves and the ones who wished to save them. I said ‘don’t interfere with the humans’ but nobody listened to me… now resetting everything is the only thing I can do to let this beautiful yet young race still live and flourish.]


The voice was sorrowful and pained. It had so much pain that everyone who heard it felt like crying for the poor soul that talked.


”Lies! You could’ve saved them! You hypocrite!”


The angel screamed in rage until he crashed on the earth, being sent in the depth of it. The voice then continued.


[…There are some rules that even I can’t break. The most I can do to you, is to keep you inside the abyss until you repent for your mistakes, my most favored Son. Haah…and from now own, I’ll create another law for this world: THE ONES WITH RANK OF GOD AND HIGHER, CAN’T INTERACT WITH THE LIVINGS FROM THIS WORLD ON FREE WILL ANY LONGER! They can at most help them through indirect ways but never directly with the exception of the chosen and knowledgeable ones! … Next times there shall be reset through water… the fire shows too much sorrow…]


The voice then retreated while the sound of a mighty battle horn resounded all over the globe.


“Hahaha…so all of this is because of the humans…? Such corrupted beings and still favored by the All-Father…from now on…I wish to be reborn as a human…being able to do everything and anything like them. Haha~…haah… So much… for nothing…”


Then everything turned black and I wasn’t able to hear or see anything anymore.

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