Chapter 153: A Slap Has To Sound As Such

Teacher Zhu’s question and the students’ discontent caused Ye Ying’s face to drain.

In school, the teachers would often look after Ye Ying due to her relationship with Ye Zhifan. They were also very tolerant of her behaviour because of her excellent results.

Even if they were to criticize Ye Ying, they would explain their actions in advance, allowing Ye Ying to understand why they were doing so, such that she knew they still favoured her.

As time passed, Ye Ying had a vague idea of the position at which she should view her teachers.

She was used to her teachers standing up for her, so when she suddenly heard Teacher Zhu questioning her instead of criticizing others first, having never experienced such a moment, her first thought was to protect her own dignity.

With a stubborn look on her face, she pretended to be calm whilst raising her chin. Her voice trembled as she insisted irrationally, “Teacher Zhu, what do I have to explain? My only mistake was not notifying anyone before I left the group!”

“This is my only explanation! It’s your choice whether to believe it or not.” Having said that, tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at Teacher Zhu as if she had been wronged. She was hoping that the teacher would side with her, like how the other teachers did in her town’s middle school.

Her reaction instantly disgusted the students who were at the scene. How can she be like that! Not only does she not admit her mistakes, but she also makes it seem like she has been wronged.

Some students looked sympathetically at Ye Jian… Her days must have been very difficult to have to fend off such a classmate.

“How can she act this way! She’s too shameless!”

“Hah, she is so thick-skinned.”

“I really pity Ye Jian for having such a classmate. I don’t even know who built the door to allow such evil to enter!”

Since there was a teacher at that moment, the obedient students only whispered among themselves even though they were dissatisfied. Even so, Ye Jian could still hear them.

Having heard that, her blank expression revealed a small smile that no one could see.

Ye Jian was familiar to the sight of others doubting her character. So, she had an urge to laugh loudly when she watched the teacher and students doubting Ye Ying’s character.

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Karma will get back at you. She was in the same situation as Ye Ying in the past.

The difference being at that time, she was wronged, while Ye Ying now suffered the consequences of her own actions.

Teacher Zhu was so furious that even her heart hurt. Is this how a student should be? She’s acting like an ancestor whom the teachers have to make offerings to!

However, being a teacher with professional morals, she didn’t embarrass Ye Ying in front of all the other students.

On the other hand, she spoke to Ye Jian, “All of you haven’t had breakfast yet because you were all searching for Ye Ying. It’s only seven o’clock now, so all of you, quickly return to have breakfast. Let the teachers handle this situation.” Teacher Zhu noticed the difference in the students’ looks in their eyes, so she sighed softly and said, “Everybody makes mistakes, nobody’s perfect. All of you, please leave.”

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Not only did teachers have to impart knowledge to the students, but they also had to instill virtues in them.

Although Teacher Zhu was equally skeptical about Ye Ying’s character, she knew when she had to defend a student who had made a mistake.

Being a teacher was not just about passing on knowledge but also teaching the students how to behave like a civilized person.

That was the difference between Teacher Zhu and Teacher Ke.

Being able to meet Teacher Zhu was one of the luckiest things Ye Ying had experienced in her entire life.

Ye Jian’s misfortune was having met Teacher Ke in her past life!

The two girls who had stayed in the same room as Ye Jian the previous night glared unpleasantly at Ye Ying. They walked away from the group of students and said to Ye Jian, “Don’t care about her, that villain!”

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