Chapter 152: A Really Bad Karma

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Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon was a soldier with a keen eye and intuition. He must have seen something unusual, causing him to stop her.

Therefore, hiding the truth was not necessary. In fact, being honest was more likely to ameliorate his doubts.

“It’s also common sense for people to be unable to control themselves at some point. I believe you’re smart enough to not disappoint Grandpa Gen and Uncle Chen just because of someone who’s unworthy of even mentioning.” Seeing her thin eyebrows and expression did not have any sign of distress or gloom, Xia Jinyuan let out a breath of relief.

So he let go of her slender arm and said with a faint smile, “One who made a mistake must accept one’s punishment in the end. Although it’s just a painless punishment, it’s enough to let everyone know what Ye Ying’s character is like. It’s also a good thing for you.”

Isn’t Ye Ying the one who wants to compete with Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine? If so, I’ll let her experience how it feels to be embarrassed till she loses her image and experiences a large fall… and no one would be willing to be her friend.

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Xia Jinyuan’s words were like a siren’s that shattered Ye Jian’s dark intentions. As her irises constricted slightly, Ye Jian let out a sigh. She had almost lost herself earlier.

“I’m fine. You should evade me for a while, Captain Xia. I don’t want to explain too much once more. After all, she once made Liao Jian keep an eye on us.” With that being said, Ye Jian did not take any cares to listen to his reply as she walked towards the mountain temple through the forest.

The rustling sound of leaves made Ye Ying, who was hiding behind the trees, take a quick glance behind her before creeping out of sight behind the temple.

“You deliberately fell down and purposely disappeared. Ye Ying, how many little tricks do you still want to play?”

The voice that suddenly resounded from behind Ye Ying caused her to stiffen; her eyes revealed her fear and surprise.

Ye Jian smiled as she stared at Ye Ying, who was panic-stricken due to her appearance. Her black eyes became cold, and she grinned and said, “You put in so much effort just to frame me up and even deliberately left the water bottle I drank from at the creek. Yet, you hid so close by. It really wasn’t a challenge for me to find you.”

Cluttered footsteps and occasional voices of the teachers, who were advising the students to be careful as they climbed up the hill, were heard coming from the bottom of the mountain.

Obviously, they were all headed for the mountain temple.

Fear flashed across her pupils, and Ye Ying suddenly raised her gaze. Her eyes were tinted red as she glared at Ye Jian with hatred, “You think I did all of this on purpose? Oh, you’re so blind!”

She was no longer retreating; instead, she walked directly towards Ye Jian’s side and proudly raised her chin. “Why should I do this on purpose? I was the one who fell and burned myself! Disappeared? Ha, when did you see me disappear? Am I not standing right here?”

Ye Ying noticed the teachers’ and students’ figures looming behind the lush green leaves at the corner of her eye. Her eyes flashed and her heartbeat quickened while she exclaimed in a tone full of fear, “Ye Jian, what’s your motive behind sneakily following me?! Was making me burn myself last night not enough? What are you trying to do now?!”

“Ye Ying, you better explain why you lied about meeting Ye Jian last night first.” Teacher Zhu came out of the forest and glared at Ye Ying, a serious expression on his face “As a teacher, I can certainly explain a thing or two to you as to why Ye Jian is here!”

Initially there was only a student, then two… Eventually, dozens of students stood behind Teacher Zhu. Not a single person was not frowning at the girl who had lied continuously. Their gazes obviously told that they were suspicious of Ye Ying’s character.

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