Chapter 151: A Moment of Difficulty

“I can go there on my own, Captain Xia. You do not need to worry.” Ye Jian refused Xia Jinyuan’s offer to follow her once again. She only hoped to deal with Ye Ying alone!

Since she was determined, Xia Jinyuan did not insist any further.

After silently watching her for a while, he smiled and said, “Well then, come to my room if you need me.” As Ye Jian turned to leave, Xia Jinyuan looked at her slender back as he quietly said, “Take good care of yourself. Don’t forget, you also have your own task now.”

Without looking back, Ye Jian only stopped shortly in her footsteps before nodding in understanding.

Along the hike up the hill road, there was a small hut for climbers to rest, and further to the left of that was a temple that only the locals knew about.

Having seen the freshly broken twigs on the road and the traces of footsteps on both sides of the grass, Ye Jian smiled contemptuously and walked towards the temple.

The shadow of a figure in army green clothes stayed hidden behind the branches and leaves. The person did not leave immediately; instead her eyebrows furrowed slightly, and her deep eyes were full of confusion.

That silly little girl from before didn’t look quite well… Xia Jinyuan did not hesitate any longer after hearing the voices of the students coming from a distance. He turned and ran swiftly towards the sound.

The temple in the mountains was only said to be a temple. However, it was actually a small natural cave for only three people.

After many years of history, the walls of the cave were completely covered with cigarette smoke.

Ye Jian didn’t show up at the temple immediately; she climbed slowly for 20 minutes. She stared at Ye Ying who was occasionally peeping at the road from the side of the temple. The cold gaze in her black eyes was like a small fragmented lightsaber.

The morning birds chirped cheerfully as they flew through the trees in the forest. The surroundings were quiet, and there was no one else except her and Ye Ying.

Ye Jian smiled silently. Wouldn’t it be better if she got rid of Ye Ying there for once and for all?

A murderous look was already revealing slowly in her clear, bright eyes… How many people would even know if I actually get rid of her?

Her right hand gently held the silver wire wrapped around her left wrist like a bracelet. Ye Jian, who was hiding behind some leaves, was only one step away from becoming a vicious murder when a warm and powerful hand grabbed her arm.

“Don’t rush, wait a little longer.” Xia Jinyuan, who appeared all of a sudden, grabbed hold of Ye Jian. With a confused expression concealed within his black eyes, he prevented Ye Jian from rushing out.

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The strength in his hand was well-controlled, as if he really just wanted to hold her lightly and let her wait.

Killing intentions… Xia Jinyuan noticed a strong, thick killing intent channeling from Ye Jian.

He totally could not understand the reason for a 14-year-old girl to have such a strong killing intention towards her peers. Before this happened, he had not been able to notice it at all!

Xia Jinyuan became anxious when he saw Ye Jian gently grasp the silver wire around her wrist. Even though the rustling sound that came from her body brushing through the branches didn’t wake Ye Ying up, he had no choice but to stop her in the end.

Ye Jian closed her eyes lightly in that moment when Xia Jinyuan held her arm. In just a few seconds, she smothered her murderous intent.

There was too much physical and human evidence, so it was certainly impossible to kill Ye Ying then and there… She would ultimately only ruin herself if she really killed Ye Ying.

Turning her head to look slyly at the hidden handsome and dignified man with her clear, black eyes, Ye Jian sneered, “What? Do you think I’d really do something disadvantageous to myself? How is that possible? It was just a moment where I found it difficult to calm down.”

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