Chapter 228: We Will Be Waiting For You, Assistant Ji

When Ji Chen hears Zhang Chao Wen, his tone becomes a little solemn as he speaks, “What happened?”

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“An employee did something wrong and now I have gotten into a little disagreement with Director Mi over how to handle her.  Can you come over and act as the mediator?” No matter how angry Zhang Chao Wen is, he still speaks respectfully towards Ji Chen, especially after hearing Ji Chen’s tone.  Would Assistant Ji find him troublesome for looking for the busy him over a small matter?

Ji Chen, who is in the top floor, wants to laugh.  Who does this Zhang Chao Wen think he is?

Why is he looking at him for such a small matter?

Just as Ji Chen is about to reject Zhang Chao Wen’s request, he suddenly remembers an important thing.  Isn’t the madam working under Zhang Chao Wen?

If so, then it is better for him to give Zhang Chao Wen face.  That way, he can ask Zhang Chao Wen to take care of the madam.

If the madam receives grievance in the company, Mr. Si will skin him alive.

Ji Chen laughs gently, “I understand that your department is working hard right now.  I will go over there later, but for now, I have something else to do.”

Zhang Chao Wen who is originally panicking because he has not spoken to Assistant Ji for a long time is surprised over how polite Assistant Ji is.

Zhang Chao Wen is suddenly excited again, “Yes, Assistant Ji.  We will be waiting for you here.”

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When Su Jin Hui hears that, whatever little hope he has left is gone.

He sighs before looking at Zhuang Nai Nai.  He pats her shoulders before whispering, “Later, tell them that it was me who asked you to turn your phone on.  Tell them I had something to say to you.”

Is he trying to put the blame on himself?

Zhuang Nai Nai looks at him in surprise; she did not think that Su Jin Hui would be willing to go that far for her.

When Su Jin Hui sees the look in her face, he laughs, “It is alright for Assistant Ji to fire a regular worker, but it is not in his authority to fire me.”

When she sees how worried he is for her, she sighs, “To tell the truth, Senior, there is no need for you to do this.  I…..”

She is about to tell him that she is very familiar with Assistant Ji, but he cuts her off, “It’s okay, no need to be worried.  After all, it is because of the text that I sent you that you are in this position right now.”

Zhuang Nai Nai: …………

Turns out that he is only protecting her because he thought that this happened because of his message….

If she tells him that this happened because of a phone call from someone else, how awkward would it be…

After considering everything, she decides to keep her mouth shut.  Besides, Ji Chen will not do anyting to them.

But……. She wonders if Si Zheng Ting will find her troublesome once he hear of this matter.

Mi Nuo, the one who managed to get them into this big fight just by uttering a few words is currently watching them as a spectator.  She is sitting on her seat, looking at her computer, acting as though the people in front of her does not exist.  The corners of her lips are curling up.

For someone to enter the company through the back door like that…..

She cannot wait for Assistant Ji’s arrival.  Will he defend Mr. Si’s action back then and fire Zhuang Nai Nai, or…..

Mi Nuo lowers her head, waiting for the incoming drama in anticipation.

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