Chapter 23: A Crazy Taxi Driver is Really A Frightening Thing

When Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. arrived at Yanggu County, Wu Song was surprised to see him. Wu Song had become the county’s chief , he had just finished some work and was planning to go home for the day.

Upon hearing that Su Qiubai needed his help, he instantly jumped into the car.

Wu Song was already familiar with the taxi, so his movements were swift.

After Wu Song settled in the taxi, Su Qiubai fastened his seat belt and stepped on the gas pedal as they sped through the space-time tunnel.


The sound of engines roaring echoed across Kangzhuang Avenue28Kangzhuang AvenueThe place where Su Qiubai first met the Street Racers Gang, Cheng Ya, Xiao Dao, Gu Zhanchuan and others. It was also where he first raced with Cao Toufei and Xiao Dao..

Today was the Street Racers Gang’s monthly racing competition so there were various luxury cars scattered everywhere.

The venue was the suburbs that were usually left vacant of people. Furthermore, the roads were dangerous, so it naturally became the place where the youngsters race every time.

In fact, today was a special day. Some of the rich kids from Donghai City had intentionally brought over several famous racers to compete in the competition.

Standing at the forefront of the crowd was a sullen young man. His yellow hair deeply contrasting with the red Ferrari behind him. He was the boss of the Street Racers Gang; nicknamed as Cao Toufei!

At the moment, his eyes were focused on a nearby group of boys and girls.

They clearly weren’t from Cao Toufei’s gang. Three boys and two girls stood together out in the open.

Behind them were five or six other people; two of whom wore very professional racing suits. Parked next to them were two Hummers and a black Maserati.

However, the most conspicuous among those people weren’t the racers, but a girl in denim who was in front of them. She was like a little pony in the wind, with her tall figure, long hair and exquisite facial features. Not only the boys from Cao Toufei’s gang, but also the boys next to her couldn’t help but glance at her frequently.

“Brother Fei, are you sure you want to compete with them? I heard that those kids weren’t even easy to deal with in Donghai City.” A bald boy behind Cao Toufei took two steps forward and whispered. 

“Of course. We can’t have them look down on the Street Racers Gang.” Cao Toufei replied with a smirk. He then walked towards the girl.

With that, the dozens of cars behind him all honked at once. Since these outsiders were on their territory, they wouldn’t allow themselves to be spurned at.

However, who knew that their actions had only make the girl and her entourage laugh.

“I’ve never seen such a group of wild and naive boys before. Do you think that will scare us?”

A muscular kid next to the girl in denim laughed at Cao Toufei, then turned to look at her once again.

“Cheng Ya, I think we should just go back. It’s really no fun to compete with them.”

The name of the denim girl was Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.; the one behind her were her friends. They were all there mainly to accompany her.

[TLN: Cheng Ya and Gu Chengya are the same people.]

“I purposely came here because I heard that Cao Toufei was a good racer. I hoped that this could be somewhat interesting.” Gu Chengya revealed a cute and innocent smile.

“And how do you want to compete, beautiful? Just state your game. We’ll let you have a taste of the Street Racers Gang’s skill.” The yellow-haired Cao Toufei had already walked over as he spoke with a smile.

“Hahaha, this is interesting. Cheng Ya… I’ll compete with him!” The muscular kid chuckled loudly and immediately declared.

“No… let Xiao Dao do it. I’m more relax that way.”

Having said that, Gu Chengya glanced at the kid in a racing suit at the back. His name was Jun Xiaodao, a professional car racer.

[TLN: Xiao Dao and Jun Xiaodao are the same person.]

Hearing that Gu Chengya had specifically requested for him to join the game, Jun Xiaodao got a little excited. This is an opportunity for me to perform well, maybe then Gu Chengya will fall for me…

So he made up his mind. No matter what, I must perform excellently and leave a perfect impression for Gu Chengya!

“Okay, let’s get started. If you lose… You have to accompany me for a drink.” Cao Toufei stared at Gu Chengya and betted. He even laughed at his last few words.

He didn’t notice the gaze of a middle-aged man, who had been silently standing behind Gu Chengya, suddenly became cold after hearing his words. The man slowly calmed down after Gu Chengya’s gesture.

“No problem. If you lose… All of you have to treat me as your big sister!” Gu Chengya laughed with pride, staring excitedly at Cao Toufei.

After a moment of shock, Cao Toufei heard the brothers behind him agreed unanimously so he too nodded.

The mood of both parties had reached its peak by now. After the deal was done, Cao Toufei strode towards his red Ferrari while Jun Xiaodao put on his helmet and got into his black Maserati.

Although Cao Toufei was aggressive, to Jun Xiaodao, he was just a feral racer without any professional training, achieving a win was just too easy.

The two race cars slowly moved towards the starting line. Car engines roared around them, as the other kids shouted and cheered. Everyone was in excitement for the race to begin. Just as the referee raised the flag, everyone was taken aback in bewilderment.

A car had appeared on the opposite side of the track. It was… a taxi!

Darn it, it really was a taxi. In fact… the driver was even honking as if to urge the crowd and the cars to move aside.

The group of fearless youngsters became silent. They wondered if they were in a dream.

There was other choice but to suspend the competition. Cao Toufei slammed open his car door, hopped off his seat and glared furiously at the approaching taxi.

On the other hand, Gu Chengya was quite ecstatic. She hadn’t experienced such an exciting scene in a long time!

Yes, the driver was Su Qiubai, who had just popped out of the space-time channel.

Seeing that it was impossible to move the taxi forward anymore, he rolled down the window, popped his head out and yelled.

He couldn’t be blamed for not recognizing the place. The navigation system hadn’t told him that he had arrived at Kangzhuang Avenue, and he had never been here before, it was because of this that he had ended out in this kind of situation.

“Are you all deaf? Can’t you hear me honking? Would it kill you to let me pass? Oh right… is this Kangzhuang Avenue?”

Cao Toufei was already trying to conceal the anger rising in his chest. However, having heard Su Qiubai words, he felt like spurting blood.

Are you trying to be funny? You actually dare to scold us?

“I’ll give you one minute. Hurry and get out of here. Or else you’ll pay for the consequences!”

Cao Toufei strongly suppressed the urge to punch the driver as he sharply delivered his warning.

Su Qiubai didn’t react to this, but Wu Song sitting next to him was unhappy. His hands balled into fists ashe prepared to get off the car, frightening Su Qiubai in the process.

The reason he brought Wu Song over was just to intimidate others. If Wu Song actually left the car, a lot of people would end up dead only after a few words.

“Brother, stay calm, I’ll handle it. Only raise your fists when I ask you to. You must remember… that in the end, you mustn’t hurt anyone, just making them suffer a little is enough.”

Along the way, Su Qiubai had repeatedly reminded Wu Song. He even didn’t know how many times he had nagged Wu Song. Thus, Wu Song just sat still and quietly glanced at him.

Although he hadn’t made a move, he still complained that Su Qiubai was acting like a coward instead of being his usual bold self.

After reassuring Wu Song again, Su Qiubai opened the door and stepped out of the car.

“This is Kangzhuang Avenue, right? Which one of you is Cao Toufei?”

Su Qiubai asked the yellow-haired boy standing in front, before having a quick look around.

Only allowed on

Originally, Cao Toufei felt like he was about to erupt from anger, but his eyes widened in surprise after hearing that.

“Who are you?”

“Why do you care who I am? Which one of you is Cao Toufei?”

Honestly, Su Qiubai wasn’t really afraid, in the worst case scenario, he could just fight all of them!

You want a fight? Hehe… I have Wu Song.

You have bodyguards? Hehe… I have Wu Song.

You have a lot of people? Hehe… I have Wu Song… 

“I’m Cao Toufei, who are you?”

After ascertained that the driver really came in search of him, Cao Toufei helplessly trod to Gu Chengya and Jun Xiaodao, explained the situation to them, and then approached Su Qiubai with his fellow brothers following closely behind him.

“You’re Cao Toufei? Where’s Xia Xiaomu? I’m here to pick him up.”

Su Qiubai gazed at him and spoke calmly.

His nonchalant attitude stunned Cao Toufei, he finally came to the conclusion that this driver was here to rescue Xia Xiaomu!

“You…you said you want to take him back?” Cao Toufei still felt that this was somewhat unbelievable. Even my parents don’t talk to me so confidently, who is this guy?!

“Yeah, or do you think I’m here to see you?! Hurry up and hand over Xia Xiaomu. You can compete or do whatever you like with the other group after that.” 

Recalling Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City’s words from earlier, Su Qiubai tried to calm down his anger before replying.

Cao Toufei suddenly burst out laughing.

“Where’s my money?” Cao Toufei stretched his hand out and demanded.

“What money?” Su Qiubai blankly looked at him.

“Don’t you know that he owes me five million dollars? Give me the money; then I’ll let you take him away.”

Having said that, Cao Toufei said something to the brothers behind him, they then they quickly brought over a young boy.

“Xia Xiaomu, seems like your sister had ordered someone to save you, but it looks like he didn’t bring any money.”

Cao Toufei snickered at the young boy.

Xia Xiaomu took a glimpse at Su Qiubai and felt a little strange, “Who are you? Tell my sister that there’s no reason for her to interfere. I’d like to see how these rascals try to deal with me!”

Su Qiubai initially thought that Xia Rongrong’s younger brother was just a troublemaker. He didn’t expect him to be so arrogant as well, despite his words being a bit idiotic.

You’re already in their clutches. What’s the use of you saying this!

But now wasn’t the time for that. Su Qiubai fixed his gaze on Cao Toufei as he asked, “What was his bet with you?”

Startled, Cao Toufei answered, “Racing! What else?”

“Screw you, you’re the one who provoked me, that’s why I accepted your challenge.”

Xia Xiaomu was a little angry so he immediately cussed and denied.

“Hehe… So what? Anyway, you’ve already accepted the bet so you should admit your loss, understand? Don’t tell me that the Xia Group is so inadequate?”

Cao Toufei mocked.

Noticing that Xia Xiaomu was geared for another round of protests, Su Qiubai quickly stopped him.

He stared at Cao Toufei once again, and spoke in a calm tone.

“Race, huh? I’ll bet ten rounds with you. If I can’t surpass you for two rounds… then I’ll admit my loss!”

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