Chapter 24: Are You Here to Fool Around

After Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel.’s words left his mouth, the crowd became silent, even the sound of Cao Toufei swallowing his saliva could be heard.

“What did you say?”

Feeling unbelievable, Cao Toufei fixed his gaze on Su Qiubai and asked.

“I said I’m going to race you. If I fail to outstrip you by two laps… I admit to my loss!”

Su Qiubai stared at Cao Toufei seriously, speaking straight to him.

Cao Toufei finally realized that the taxi driver was completely serious with him.

But as the leader of the Street Racers Gang, Cao Toufei actually felt that the stranger was playing a sick joke on him.

Su Qiubai began to feel nervous from Cao Toufei’s long silence.

Crap, is this kid not tricked? I’m least afraid of car racing now that I have this powerful navigation system.

Or was my challenge too harsh?

Having that thought, Su Qiubai declared, “If you think it’s unfair… how about this, five rounds! If I can’t outstrip you five rounds, I lose!”

Cao Toufei’s anger finally erupted. He now understood the meaning of the word unbearable. I’ve never seen such a stupid taxi driver before in my whole life.

“Get out of my sight quickly. If you continue to stay here, then don’t blame me for the consequences. Go back and tell Xia Rongrong30Xia RongrongPresident/CEO of the Xia Group, one of the few wealthy and powerful company/family at Qinghe City that if she doesn’t give me the money, then don’t think about rescuing Xia Xiaomu.”

Cao Toufei was worried that he would collapse if he continued to see Su Qiubai’s face so he angrily tried to chase him away .

“Yes, just leave. Don’t let my sister come here. He wouldn’t dare to hurt me…”

Xia Xiaomu was also shocked by Su Qiubai’s reckless move.

He didn’t know how his sister could know such a capricious taxi driver who would actually challenge Cao Toufei.

He was even unsatisfied with the earlier two laps challenge, and changed it to five laps instead… Even I’d snub him.

Surprisingly, Su Qiubai completely ignored Xia Xiaomu; instead he continued to stare straight at Cao Toufei, “You’re afraid, aren’t you…”

“Who says I’m afraid!” Cao Toufei couldn’t help but curse.

“Race with me then. Or else it just means… that you’re still scared.”

Su Qiubai leaned against his car hood, fearless.

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“Darn it, Brother Fei, just race with this rascal and teach him a lesson!”

“Yeah, I can’t stand it anymore. Let’s just trample on him!”

“Brother Fei, let me do it if it’s too embarrassing to compete against him! I can’t bare to listen to his nonsense anymore…”


The brothers standing behind Cao Toufei couldn’t hold their temper in any longer. They growled and glared at Su Qiubai.

The racket agitated Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter. and her friends.

They were especially disparaged to learn that their game’s suspension was due to the challenge the taxi driver threw at Cao Toufei’s feet.

“What an interesting place. I never expected to see such a super driver.”

The muscular boy next to Gu Chengya was the most talkative one in the group. He laughed as he buttered up to Gu Chengya.

“Cao Toufei is the leader of the Street Racers Gang. And yet, he’s actually denounced by a taxi driver…”

Another boy uttered his observation. He was Wang Yuan, the son of a wealthy businessman in Donghai City.

Gu Chengya grinned. She was definitely amused, especially seeing the driver remained relax on his car hood, while Cao Toufei and his gang looked at him red-faced.


“You’re right. Cao Toufei, you’re the leader of the Street Racers Gang, quickly get in your car and teach me some lessons!”

Su Qiubai was even more fascinated with what those kids said so he yelled.

That was the last straw. Cao Toufei’s face turned green after hearing his words.

“Okay, we were just about to race anyway, so you can just join in if you want… If you win, you can take Xia Xiaomu away. But if you lose, I want Xia Rongrong to accompany me for a drink.”

Cao Toufei stared at Su Qiubai and proclaimed each word clearly.

Xia Xiaomu tensed up as soon as he heard those words, “Who do you think you are? Why should my sister accompany you for a drink? I won’t agree to this even if I’m dead.”

“I can’t make decisions for Xia Rongrong… How about this, I’ll accompany you for a drink if I lose.”

Shrugging, Su Qiubai replied with a smile.

Cao Toufei, who had been preparing to get into his race car, almost collapsed to the ground.

Honestly, he really wanted to teach this driver a lesson, but he had to be patient; with the kids from Donghai City here, he couldn’t have them looking down on him.

He was too lazy to bother about what Su Qiubai said anymore, after all in his mind… It’s impossible for me to lose to such a person!

Looking back, he acknowledged Jun Xiaodao who had been waiting for some time.

Jun Xiaodao reluctantly agreed after a glance at Su Qiubai. He despised having this race. It’ll be so embarrassing if anyone finds out that I, a professional racer, actually race against a taxi driver…

“Okay, get ready to start.”

Cao Toufei directed at Su Qiubai, before getting into his Ferrari.

However, at that moment, he noticed Su Qiubai turning around and walking towards the taxi.

“What are you doing? You can’t seriously be thinking … of using that to race against  me, right?”

Cao Toufei had a terrible idea of his plan, so he couldn’t help but interrupted Su Qiubai once more.

“Yeah, which car do you think I would use otherwise?”

Su Qiubai looked at Cao Toufei queerly, rolling his eyes.

Cao Toufei was struck still in shock, he then only realized that Su Qiubai was serious about it. He wanted to slap himself, from how crazy the idea of competing with this madman was!

 “Someone lend him a car.”

Cao Toufei didn’t bother to speak to Su Qiubai; he instead asked his brothers.

No one spoke; Xia Xiaomu was struck dumb by Su Qiubai.

No matter what, this person is here to save me, although… he’s quite abnormal, I should help him.

“Use my car. It’s at the back. I’ll bring it over…”

Having said that, Xia Xiaomu was about to leave.

However, Su Qiubai immediately stopped him.

This group of youngsters are pretty strange. I only have this car. And yet, they actually thought that I’d use someone else’s car to race.

“Are you sure?” Seeing that Su Qiubai was adamant on using the taxi, Cao Toufei asked to reaffirm his decision.

With Su Qiubai’s final reassurance, Cao Toufei just kept quiet, he turned and got into his Ferrari.

On the other hand, Su Qiubai hopped into the taxi, and asked Wu Song if he wanted to get off first. Wu Song shook his head, so Su Qiubai started up the taxi and slowly drove to the starting line.

Once the three cars were lined up at the starting line, all the other cars began to roar in unison; each one trying to outdo the other. Only Su Qiubai didn’t join in, instead he lighted a cigarette and even handed one to Wu Song.

Everyone felt that the scene before them was a hallucination instead of reality.

A Ferrari, a Maserati and the last one… a taxi!

And yet, the taxi driver was still calmly smoking. There was even someone sitting in the passenger seat as well!

If the both of them weren’t insane, then it must be that the world had gone crazy.

Of course, no one actually thought that the taxi driver was really here to race. Even Xia Xiaomu believed that his sister’s friend was here to merely… fool around.

Cao Toufei only cared about defeating Jun Xiaodao. Jun Xiaodao also believed that Cao Toufei was his only opponent.

What neither of them knew was at that moment, Su Qiubai was actually considering whether or not he should make his win a dominating one. After all, the first column of the navigation system was to set the speed of the taxi!

As long as the navigation system remained activated, even its slowest speed was enough to zoom past those sports cars by a couple of streets.

Just as he was debating about the speed setting, the two sports cars on either side of him him accelerated and drove off at the same time, the taxi was the only one left at the starting line.

The crowd immediately burst into violent booing, Xia Xiaomu became even more red-faced.

Soon after, everyone noticed that Su Qiubai had slowly rolled down the window .

Is he scared? Is he quitting?

While everyone was having the same thought, a cigarette butt was thrown out of the window, after which the car suddenly started moving.

Darn it… He was actually throwing away the cigarette butt!

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Everyone had their eyes fixed on the taxi trying to catch up with the other two sports cars far ahead. No one knew how to describe their feelings, but to them, the result was… already decided a long time ago.


Besides, when Cao Toufei left the starting line, his attention was completely focused on the race.

This track had always been the place where the Street Racers Gang conducted their races, so he was very clear about where he had to slow down or where he could overtake. This was his biggest advantage in his match against Jun Xiaodao.

Although he said he could surely win but Jun Xiaodao was a professional racer after all, so he still felt a little nervous.

Fortunately, the two sports cars were still only a car’s distance away from each other as they neared the first corner.

Jun Xiaodao was in front and Cao Toufei was at the back!

The two of them had long forgotten about Su Qiubai’s taxi.

Finally, Cao Toufei spotted the cornering sign board; he took a deep breath. Next up would be my best chance to surpass Jun Xiaodao.

But just as he was about to take action, he noticed a blue-and-yellow taxi coming up from the car’s side view mirror.

It took nearly a second for him to react, Su Qiubai had actually caught up to him!

He felt an inexplicable panic rose up inside of him, it was unbelievable!

What kind of a joke is this? I’m driving a Ferrari, but the taxi still caught up with me!

But what happened next surprised him even more.

The taxi had the left turn signal on… He wants to overtake my car!

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