Chapter 26: Place a Bet

Noticing that he was approaching the finish line, Su Qiubai23Su QiubaiProtagonist, a taxi driver with a powerful and mysterious navigation system. Sometimes written as the old driver in this novel. deliberately slowed down his speed. He assumed that the other two racers would need at least another five minutes before they could arrive.

The crowd should have been cheering as the first car finally passed the finish line, instead they were terribly quiet.

After simply stopping his car, Su Qiubai took out a bottle of mineral water from the trunk and handed it over to Wu Song. He then lit another cigarette for himself.

Everyone stared at him in confusion.

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What is he doing? The race isn’t over yet… What’s happening? Is this an intermission?

Yet, nobody uttered a word. Everyone had their eyes fixed on Su Qiubai: who was still smoking the cigarette while remaining seated in his taxi.

Xia Xiaomu was probably the only person in the crowd who was overwhelmed by what was happening in front of him!

This is a freaking miracle!

If someone told you that a taxi was capable of overtaking a Maserati and a Ferrari in a race, and that the taxi driver would even have the time in between to quench his thirst and have a smoke, you would think that the person was a lunatic!

However, it had become a reality right before everyone’s eyes!

But Xia Xiaomu was still nervous, especially after seeing Su Qiubai taking his own sweet time to smoke in the car.

Brother, the competition isn’t over yet, can you not act so cool?

Even so, he was hesitant to approach Su Qiubai, in the end, he could only nervously scratch his head.

By the time Su Qiubai finished smoking and had drunk a couple mouthfuls of water, the sound of a familiar sports car could be heard drawing nearer from the distant curved road behind them.

He’s here!

Everyone raised their heads, but the excitement and anticipation that simmered from beginning had long faded; in fact some of them even felt kind of dejected.

When the crowd first saw Su Qiubai arriving at the finish line, they thought that Jun Xiaodao’s and Cao Toufei’s cars might have had some malfunction. But listening to the sounds of the cars now, they realized that their assumptions were wrong.

The truth was that the two top race cars had fallen quite far behind the taxi.

Meanwhile, Su Qiubai also heard the sound of the approaching car. Knowing that it would be Jun Xiaodao catching up, he looked back at Wu Song.

Frankly, the reason he rested this long was due to Wu Song who could no longer stand the stand the speed any further. If not, Su Qiubai guessed that he would have finished the second lap by now.

Oh well, I feel like I’m going against children in this competition. There’s no pressure at all.

Once Wu Song had recovered enough, Su Qiubai restarted the taxi and resumed driving.

Behind him, Jun Xiaodao had just exited the curved road in his Maserati.

In fact, he was already feeling depressed. Speeding through the route, he was crestfallen by the fact that he could no longer spot Su Qiubai’s taxi in front of him at all, so he also felt embarrassed to return to the finish line.

But who knew that God would actually shine a light on him, suddenly he could once again seethe taxi far ahead of him!

He’s just ahead of me!

Yes!, there’s still hope! I’ll catch up to him soon!

Jun Xiaodao rekindled his fighting spirit as he continued to accelerate without a moment’s hesitation!

The Maserati sped pass the finish line like a black lightning bolt. However, the taxi had already disappeared from the end of the road.

Many people were left open-mouthed, taking quite some time to react.

Jun Xiaodao finally caught up with what was happening. Could it be… there’s still hope for me to win this game?

There were still some misgivings left in their hearts, a lot of people were firmly convinced that the two sports cars must have had some kind of malfunction. They would surely draw level to Su Qiubai in this lap.

But when Cao Toufei’s Ferrari arrived at the finish line, the little hope they had left completely disappeared.

“Darn it, that guy’s an animal. I’m not racing anymore…”

No one expected that the leader of the Street Racers Gang would actually park his car by roadside and give up!

“Brother Fei, what are you doing? Why are you back only now?”

A bald brother stared gloomily at the profusely sweating Cao Toufei.

“What do you mean I’m only back now? Don’t you know how read the time? I’ve always been roughly this fast!”

Cao Toufei was also sullen. He was the leader of the Street Racers Gang, and yet he was humiliated so badly today.

“But that taxi…”

Noticing Cao Toufei’s anger, the bald brother trailed off from his sentence.

Upon hearing this, Cao Toufei suddenly felt out of place; he scratched his head for a bit before yelling out loud, “Didn’t I just say it? That guy’s an animal… It’s impossible to compete with him!”

He murmured the last two sentences, too soft for the bald brother to hear clearly, but he dared not question further.

“Then, this competition…”

“I admit my defeat!”

It may be that Cao Toufei had already accepted the evitable, so he nonchalantly blurted out the truth, his expression then changed before whispering to the bald boy. “How about the Maserati? Which car returned first?”

The bald boy glanced at him and recounted the previous events one after the other, even the smallest details like how Su Qiubai flickered the cigarette ash was also mentioned. After that, the bald boy asked, “Was there no fault in the Maserati earlier?”

“What fault? Haha… I knew it! Jun Xiaodao must have thought that he could catch up to the taxi… haha…”

Halfway through, Cao Toufei quickly stopped laughing.

He guessed that many of the others must still think that the sports cars had faced some problems, so he instructed the bald brother to not let anyone know about the truth. He then gazed over at Gu Chengya29Gu ChengyaAlso written as Cheng Ya or Miss Gu. The mistress of the Gu family; Grandpa Gu's favourite granddaughter.’s direction and slowly walked over with a plan hatching in his mind.

“Hey… Is this the standard of the Street Racers Gang’s leader? You’re giving up just after a single lap?”

The muscular kid next to Gu Chengya noticed the slowly approaching Cao Toufei, so he immediately started mocking him.

However, Cao Toufei was quite relaxed, there was a saying: when the gap was so big that there isn’t any hope to be found, one would actually feel even freer.

He had just experienced this from the race right now.

“I may have lost, but Jun Xiaodao couldn’t possibly win as well! This is a three-man game after all.”

Glaring at the muscular boy, Cao Toufei laughed.

“Nonsense, do you think that Xiao Dao couldn’t win against a taxi driver? His car must’ve faced some snags on the track earlier!”

The muscle boy couldn’t stand Cao Toufei anymore after hearing his words.

“Alright, I’ll admit that he did encounter some minor setback on the track, that’s why he was overtaken by the taxi, but he also can’t possibly win now!”

Cao Toufei pulled out all of his talents in the performance arts to make his acting seem real enough.

The muscle boy affirmed his word, he suddenly felt more relaxed after hearing that.

So it’s true that the Maserati had experienced a problem earlier, and it wasn’t Xiao Dao’s fault. That’s to say, it’s impossible for the taxi to beat him in this race!

“If you don’t have the capability to overtake a taxi, then don’t compare others to you.”

The muscle boy’s derision became even wilder, his eyes jeered at him. Several other people next to him laughed.

Cao Toufei reddened with annoyance. “Place a bet with me if you dare then. If Jun Xiaodao loses, you’ll have to make me a license plate with four 6’s!

In fact, Cao Toufei had already made plans before he walked towards them. He was clear about the fact that there was a four 6’s license plate that had been made recently, and this muscle boy would surely fall into his trick. 

Sure enough, his words made the muscle boy’s mouth twitch. With the eyes of several of his companions on him, the muscle boy also became mad, “So what? I’ll take your bet. And if Xiao Dao wins?”

“If he wins, I’ll give you my Ferrari!”

 Cao Toufei instantly declared.

The muscle boy immediately felt excited. He had been eyeing the Ferrari from the beginning and didn’t expect that he would get the chance to win it so easily.

“Okay then, I accept!”

As soon as the muscle boy agreed, Cao Toufei began to laugh.

My luck… I didn’t expect to get a huge gain today!


His inexplicable laughter stunned the muscle boy and the surrounding people.

What’s wrong with this kid? Does he know that he will surely lose his Ferrari, that’s why he’s so happy?

“Hey, what are you laughing at?” The muscular boy had a bad feeling so he demanded an explanation.

“What am I laughing at? You’ll know that later…” With that said, Cao Toufei turned to leave.

“You were cheated by him. The Maserati didn’t have any problems.”

Fixing her gaze on Cao Toufei’s back, Gu Chengya suddenly spoke.

The upset muscular boy stared blankly at Gu Chengya, feeling even harder to accept the truth.

“You mean Xiao Dao won’t be able to win against the taxi driver?”

The muscle boy still felt that it was unbelievable even after blurting out that sentence.

Gu Chengya shook her head. She had no more words to say.

While everyone was waiting at the finish line… the sounds of a familiar car could be heard drawing closer to them once again.

Everyone had heard the same sound earlier, so they knew… the taxi was once more the first to return!

The muscle boy’s face was as pale as ash, while Cao Toufei on the other hand cheered happily, totally forgetting that he was also one of the contestants of the competition.

Su Qiubai parked his taxi as he intended to take another rest. He assumed that the Maserati would need some more time to finish the lap.

However, as soon as he looked up, he actually saw Cao Toufei sprinting joyfully towards him.

His mind couldn’t comprehend what he was seeing.

What is he doing? I thought he’s racing against me? Why did he get out of his car?

Just as he was scratching his head, Cao Toufei had already rested his arms on the taxi window.

“Big brother, I admit my lost.”

Having heard his words, the speechless Su Qiubai stared at him. He had planned to race for another two laps. But since Cao Toufei had admitted his defeat, there was no need to continue the competition.

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So, Su Qiubai opened the door and was about to get off the car.

That posture made Cao Toufei anxious.

“Big brother, why are you getting off?”

Su Qiubai bluntly replied, “You’ve admitted your defeat, so why do I have to continue the race? Do you really want me to surpass you for five laps?”

“Of course not! I’ve lost… but could you finish the race? You just have to beat the Maserati.”

Cao Toufei pleaded with both hands held together. His brothers next to him had all gone wide-eyed. Since when did our boss speak politely to other people?

“I’m not doing it.” Without hesitation, Su Qiubai refused and was about to get off the taxi.

Cao Toufei became terribly worried. I’ll lose my Ferrari if he doesn’t finish the race.

“Big brother, please stay in the taxi. As long as you finish the full course and beat Jun Xiaodao in the race, I’ll call you my true brother!”

With cold sweat profusely running down his forehead, Cao Toufei gazed sincerely at Su Qiubai.

Su Qiubai finally stopped trying to force the car door open. He took a peek at Cao Toufei, and then asked a serious question, “What’s the use of having you as my brother?”

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