Chapter 154: Ye Jian, You Are Good!

“Let’s drop it and allow Teacher Zhu to handle it from here. Let’s go and have breakfast instead.” Although the female student wanted to continue the argument, under the influence of Teacher Zhu, she did not make any indignant remarks. Instead, she tugged on Ye Jian’s arm and consoled her, “Don’t take it to heart. These people are only jealous of you.”

She stated it just loud enough for everyone to hear.

Ye Ying’s expression immediately turned sour, and she retaliated, “Why would I be jealous of her! What part of her is worth my jealousy! You…”

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to speak to a person like you who has flaws in her character.. Whatever I say does not concern you!” True to the direct character of women from the Northern region, she continued coldly, “As a reminder, don’t take my comments personally, or else it might ruin your mood!”

Ye Ying’s dignity shrank further the instant the students started to silently chuckle and jeer at her deplorable manner.

Initially it had only been suspicion, but it turned out to be true… Ye Ying’s morals were indeed questionable.

Gao Yiyang remained silent and only tightly clenched his fists as he watched the situation unfold before him.

Ye Ying… I never knew that her other side is actually so …undignified.

Was everything I saw really fake?

His line of sight shifted from Ye Ying, and it landed lightly on the girl whom he had always believed had appalling morals. He noticed that the girl responded to Ye Ying’s wicked harassments with stride and maintained a tranquil expression as natural as the blooming and falling of a flower.

She didn’t attempt to explain anything. Rather, she let Ye Ying be the director of this dramatic show and eventually cause her own downfall. Simply by remaining silent, she had already won Ye Ying by a few times.

He watched Ye Jian walk towards Ye Ying’s side, and then looked on as she mildly reminded, “Ye Ying, I hope you remember that in public, you don’t only represent yourself; you also represent Fu Jun Town Middle School. I pray you sheath your sword a little and avoid tarnishing the school’s reputation further.”

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Ye Jian’s response only won her more respect from others.

Gao Yiyang walked toward Ye Jian’s side with heavy footsteps. He bowed his once icy, arrogant head and spoke each word clearly, “Ye Jian, I apologize for all the my rudeness before. I am truly sorry! I always believed I was right; however, the truth has slapped me hard in the face and made me realize that what I have seen may not always be the truth.”

“Ye Jian, I’m very sorry.”

He didn’t even ask for Ye Jian to forgive him. Instead, he bowed deeply before standing straight up, ignoring the hopeful Ye Ying who peeked at him as he turned away.

He didn’t turn even whilst Ye Ying screeched, “Gao Yiyang, you come back here!”.

You didn’t know her then, and you still don’t know her now!

Ye Ying slipped into a terrified state as she watched the boy’s silhouette moving farther away, and although she was able to act calm just a while ago, she proceeded to wail unreservedly. People couldn’t ascertain whether she was despairing because Gao Yiyang had just left, or because of the teacher’s inquiry.

No matter the reason, Ye Jian was unconcerned because she knew that from today onwards, Ye Ying’s easy-going life would never be the same as it had been in her previous life.

Xia Jinyuan, who witnessed the debacle in the dark through the slit of tree leaves, raised the edges of his lips into a smirk. The little vixen was spectacular. Without taking any direct action, she was able to turn the tables and utilize the situation to her favor, earning her classmates’ and teachers’ respect.

This was the lass that he recognized.

The sounds of crying continued, but Xia Jinyuan’s line of sight did not shift. He waited for Ye Jian’s departure before silently leaving from his spot.

Tonight, he would be on the same flight as Ye Jian to Australia.

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