Chapter 33: Promise for the Future

“Sir Shen…” → Gregor

On my way to the decks, Gregor appears before me.

“I have to say something to you…” → Gregor

He looked down with a complicated feeling, I could read guild in his eyes. I wanted to let him talk but time wasn’t on our side so I patted his shoulder and walked past him while saying.

“I know what you want to say and don’t mind it. It was mostly my fault for not explaining in more detail. Now let’s go on decks, everyone is waiting.” → Shen

“Huh? Uh, all right.” → Gregor

After looking at my back dumbfounded, he woke up from his daze and walked beside me. On the decks, there were more than 200 people. Gregor stood beside Lissa while I stepped in front of everyone present.

“So? how was it? Has he snapped again?” → Lissa

Lissa whispered to Gregor after he walked beside her.

“Actually, he might be more mature than we thought. Everything is fine now, no need to worry.” → Gregor

Gregor slightly smiled and together with the others waited for me to start talking.

“The leaders of the 4 races, come forward!” → Shen


“Bring those who still have a place to return to right here while the ones who have nothing, to stay behind!” → Shen


After answering, the 4 leaders chose around 80 people. It was a small number knowing how there were more than 120 people only from the 4 races.


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I expected there to be at least more than half… It’s still damn painful to look at them. → Shen

After seeing the little kids together with the young men and women sobbing and hugging each other because they had no place to return to, it made me feel really sorrowful.

Haah…that’s why I prefer seclusion. → Shen

“All right. Now the ones from Nostrung go to my left while the one from Vestria to my right!” → Shen

This time it was a difference of 20 people from Nostrung and 60 from Vestria.

“Expected that much.” → Shen

However much of an idiot you must be, getting your own people as slaves while you have the spoils of war right under your nose would be a huge loss. You would rather get the people of the other empire than from your own.

“Listen up! The ones who wish to return home will get clothes and money for transport. This is the only chance I can offer! If you dare get enslaved again then good luck for another savior!” → Shen

The ones who had a home to return to were given clothes and some money then set free to go their own way. If someone would see them, they wouldn’t be able to tell they were slaves a few moments ago. The other slaves, when they saw this, we’re left with bitter feelings. There were 40 people, with no place to return to and the leaders were also part of them.

“Do you lot have no place to return to?” → Shen

I asked a little bit surprised.

“My family was killed and the killer was eliminated. I have no goal so I might as well follow you.”

The middle-aged man with a sturdy body said in a plain voice. His face showed indifference and with no care for the world.

“I have no wish to return. I’d rather stay here and work for you.”

The lion beast-man said with some disgust in his voice after remembering his home. It seems that was the reason he became a slave in the first place.

“I’m a former general from the Vestria’s army but before I enrolled, everything I had was lost. Because of a wrong order from one of my superiors, I got captured by the Nostrung. When they sent a message about how much they needed to pay for me, the empire didn’t even want to talk about my redemption, leaving me to die in the enemies hands. I have no wish to return to a country which leaves it’s faithful men behind.”

The Dragoon said with a grave tone and sad eyes.

“The forest in which I was living in got burned down by bandits, my place now is dust so I wish to serve under young master till I find another place.”

The fairy said with a calm and composed voice.

“I understand. I’ll let you do as you see fit. But you all will have to follow my orders without commenting on my judgment, am I clear?” → Shen

I said with a stern voice.


The 4 of them said at the same time.

“Now the leaders from the Eihwaz continent! Come to me!” → Shen


“Listen up. Right now, in this huge village, there might be more of your people being kept as slaves. We will create multiple searching-parties and send them to find the location of the places where they’re being kept, the ones behind this and the reason why they’re not arrested by the Kingdom.” → Shen

We started planning everything and created groups of 10 people. I’ve sent Ryu to sell a huge sword which seemed pretty expensive, then bring back 1000 cheap rings, nice clothes for everyone, 500 energy stones, and 200 mana potions, the rest I told him to keep for later.

I never knew that after selling the sword, Ryu did not need to sell anything else for another 5 months, being able to buy whatever I asked for him and still have more to spare… I need to know just how much I can get from Gabriel and Shu’s stuff.

I gave the pig-tribe people the rings to imbue them with connection magic. After I learned how to do it from them, I helped. The mouse-clan and the fox-spirit clan’s had some weird magic which lets you change appearance. I wasn’t that interested in it so I didn’t learn it but I thought that it might be useful for the searching parties, I also thought it might be a better idea to set this skill inside the ring so I asked the fox-spirits to do it for me because I wasn’t that familiar with magic circles.

Theodore and Melinda were really amazed by this spell. They learned how to transform into some random people or other races and even in myself, playing little pranks on me by hitting on the slave women around the ship. After I gave to both of them a smack in the head and a good scolding, they stopped taking my appearance. The demons knew a magic of shadowing. They would enter the shadows and be able to make sneak attacks or even sneak around the ship as they wished, making Ronald and Marina excited to learn it. They said they couldn’t escape from the slave traders because the handcuffs were anti-magic. Seeing me how I wanted to get them back and how I left the residents of the 2 continents to leave with money and clothes, they trusted me and stood inside the ship.

The same was with the harpies, they have not fled but stood and the ones with both wings healthy were sent to determinate the strategic structure of the village and the Lord’s caste, all of this at night so they won’t be discovered by anyone. The dog-tribe were sent to the kitchen to cook for everyone. Even though they had no combat powers or some kind of magic to use for the searching parties, they had a good nose which was used in making good food for everyone to eat. With the clothes, of course, I gave everyone to wear some. The rags they wore before looked disturbing and sometimes it was hard for other males to look at the female slaves.

I made the parties but I couldn’t send them out when most of them were mutilated, too weakened by hunger or age, or simply had no energy. In the first week, I let them eat as much as they wanted and sleep for however much they wished. In the meantime I flew one kilometer offshore from the ship and froze the sea, making myself a little ice island. There I started taking control of the energy-stones and summoned Isa to feed him some.

“Why in the world do you need 10 energy stones when you only stood inside my inventory?!” → Shen

I asked flabbergasted.

[After the fight with the imperial guards, I had to waste most of my energy. If I won’t get more energy stones, I will shut down because of the low energy.]

Isa said with judgmental eyes.

Ah, damn it… I forgot to feed him energy stones after that fight. → Shen

In the end, I gave him the stones then left him outside to help the others with whatever was needed. For one week I was under strong shockwaves and every day I would return to Sylvia to form numerous barriers around me… I wasn’t able to tell her that the barriers would resist only 4 shockwaves, but I had a feeling she already knew, closing her eyes at the bruises and little cuts stacking up on my body every day. I was able to heal them but the speed of healing was a little bit slower than the damage I took. Isa would get dragged by Ryu, being questioned about how true dragons fight, sleep, eat and so on, making Isa show some rare emotions of blaming when looking at me.

“… Is it alright to let him do something like this?” → Bonny

Bonny looked at me from one kilometer away being blown by another strong explosion. Her eyes were filled with worry and bitterness.

“… Of course, it’s not…but I don’t wish to be someone who’ll only worry and cry for Shen. He knows what he’s doing, even if that means for him to be blown over and over again, I’ll support him and encourage him in whatever he’ll do. For now, making barriers around his body is the only thing I can do…” → Sylvia

Sylvia said with sadness in her eyes, but seeing me so hard-working, she felt more resolute and dragged Bonny to the cafeteria.

“Let’s go. We need to help with cooking.” → Sylvia

“Eh? Ah- wait! Uuuh~. You and Shen are really made for each other.” → Bonny

On the lower levels, The 11 leaders looked out the window at me sitting down and trying to take control of another energy-stone.

“What is Young Master doing? Won’t he die like this?! This is the 6th day! When he got back I saw him bleeding from the seven orifices. He hid in the bathroom to wash away the blood, showing an indifferent face right after. Is clear he’s just putting up a strong front!”

The pig-tribe young leader asked worriedly.

“I don’t know…shall we tell this to the mistress?”

The harpy woman asked with worried eyes.

“No. He does that exactly so he won’t worry her. Seeing his resolute eyes, I can tell he knows what he’s doing.”

The human said with a serious and firm face.

“…I think he’s trying to take control of the energy stones. I read in a book that by imbuing soul energy inside the energy stones you have a 10% chance of taking control over it, the rest 90% chances are that it would explode with a horrible shockwave…is a wonder how he’s still alive after blowing up so many times… I don’t know if his persistence is praiseworthy or foolish.”

The demonic woman shook her head, not understanding why I was doing this.

“I’m sure that is not foolishness…I can see a strong will in his eyes and a wish for greatness. Whatever he wants to do, everything is planned out.”

The lion beast-man looked with admiration.

“What pushes him so much to take such painful actions?”

The fairy looked with sadness in her eyes. She felt bad for me every time I was blown away.

“I think it’s because he wants to save everyone… For now, he needs control over those stones for one reason or another. And as for a final reason, he wants to send us all back home so he could prevent any disaster from breaking out.”

The leader of elves said, looking at me insistently.

“… If what he does is for us then we must also do anything in our powers to help him.”

The dog-middle aged man said with serious eyes. Looking my way with respect.


The dragoon and the spirit-fox woman said together. In the 7th day, I summoned everyone on the decks.

“The injured leaders take a step forward!” → Shen


The word ‘injured’ was added with made most of the people present confused. Anyway, they still took a step forward.

“The dragoon leader. Come here.” → Shen

I told the old but huge dragoon to come in front of me. After that, I took an energy stone which glowed with a golden hue. I absorbed the energy inside it and with my other palm, I focused the absorbed energy on the cut horns.


Everyone was thunderstruck. The horns started to grow back. Looking strong and imposing.

“It seems it’s working even for older scars, it can heal cuts or grow missing body parts back up. Yep. This Prana is a really wondrous energy.” → Shen

After I had that dream, I was left curious about the golden ring around my head and the golden energy. From my subconsciousness, I was able to tell its name being Prana, one of the primordial energies which recreated what was destroyed. It was the energy of recreation and restoration, making it the strongest form of energy for healing. I made the energy stones, which were already under my control, to touch this kind of energy which was hardly summoned by me, to see if they’re able to take the form of this energy.

”Even though it’s just an imitation, it’s good enough to heal some mortal bodies.” → Shen

“I-is a miracle…”

The Old Dragoon touched his horns incredulously. He couldn’t believe it. He hastily wanted to kneel in front of me but I couldn’t let him.

“STOP!” → Shen

I shouted hard enough to freeze everyone.

“What do you think you’re doing? Kneeling is done only to the ones you love and to your parents, don’t you know? Under a man knees, there is gold! NEVER In your entire life should you kneel ever again! As long as that one is not the loved one, I forbid anyone to kneel!” → Shen

I was pretty irritated by his reaction. Everyone else was also pretty confused as for what they should do otherwise.

“If you feel gratified then be a true man and show me through your more manly action! Not like the weaklings, licking the boots of the strong then feeling like you’ve done enough by dirtying your pride in front of me. From now on, those who kneel in front of me would show their will to marry me, because kneeling to someone who’s not family is the same as asking them for marriage. If you wish to show me respect then look into my eyes while taking a straight position and let me see the gratitude you feel, understood?!” → Shen


The Dragoon shouted and looked me right in the eyes with a light of respect, gratitude, and admiration.

“Good. I can see the gratitude in your eyes. Now let the other injured people come!” → Shen


Next was the fox-spirit woman. She lowered her skirt only for a bit at the back, showing me a white, beautiful skin but with 4 ugly scars, right beside the 5 tails of hers, where the other 4 tails were supposed to be. I touched the scarred place while I circulated the Prana from the stone.


She felt a little itching then suddenly, 4 tails started growing back, looking as if they were there all this time.


She looked at her 4 white fluffy tails with wide open eyes.

“Young master I-“

But before she could finish what she wanted to say, I got closer and touched her face, making her redden a little bit.

“Wait for a second, there are still some scars on your face.”

Just like with the tails, I healed the scars making them disappear.

“Aye, done. If before you were beautiful, now you are enough for kingdoms to start wars, hahaha~.” → Shen

While I laughed, the spirit-fox smiled.

“Thank you, young master.” → Shen

She bowed her head with eyes just like those of the dragoon.

“No problem, next!…” → Shen

I made 2 rows of people, the ones who had huge scars and amputated body parts and the ones with less ugly scars or just sick and skinny, making them back in full health and a little bit more plump to look like normal people. After I was done, I used the little and only stone in my hand to get rid of Ryu’s internal scars and the more severe ones from his body then I used it on myself. After restoring my eye fully, getting rid of the two huge scars from my chest and back then restoring my circulation, the last piece of the dust of Prana got completely consumed. Imitating such a strong energy made the stones consume a ridiculous amount of it, making it get consumed only after 10 heavy injuries.

“Haha~ what luck to actually have just enough for me to restore my health to full!” → Shen

“Must you always think of yourself as the last?” → Sylvia

Sylvia asked me quietly while grabbing my hand.

“Well~ it’s all right. I don’t  know how it happens but I always have just enough of what I need, even if I don’t try to keep for myself.” → Shen

It was as if spirits were taking care of me from the shadows. That’s why I never really thought of saving something for myself. I hugged Sylvia then left for the cafeteria. If Prana is circulated for too long, it will give you a sense of hunger, making me eat 3 portions of the food I normally had.

Inside the ship, everyone was talking about me, where did I come from, how come I know all these strange forms of magic, why do I help them, some even asked if I’m interested in building a harem.

“PFFFT!” → Shen

When I heard the last rumor of me being interested of having more than one wife, I spat all the food in my mouth on Ryu’s face, the one who told me about the rumors around here. The other people in the cafeteria looked at us with big eyes, the little ones even giggled.

“What do you mean a harem?! Like hell I’ll get that! Love is all about finding your missing part of the soul, you know? Why should I get more of them? For what use?! Hell no, I don’t need that.” → Shen

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Ryu wiped the food from his face calmly.

“Man…it’s just a rumor, you don’t have to take it seriously. Besides, if anyone ever asked to be one of your wives or concubines, just say you’re not interested, what’s the big deal?” → Ryu

“Yeah bro, but…” → Shen

“Don’t tell me… you’re afraid of hurting them…?” → Ryu

Ryu looked at me with incredulous eyes.


I said nothing, just nodded.

“Bruh…if you don’t wish to hurt Sylvia then you’ll have to hurt the others when it comes to love. It’s a stupid comparison but is the most legit one at the moment: ‘love is a war’, from which nobody gets out unhurt. If you wish to not hurt Sylvia then you’ll have to reject anyone coming for you, however strong their feelings are for you, you must stay firm on what you want, you got me?” → Ryu

Ryu said the right thing to me, making me harden my spirit in case there will be some misfortunate girls asking for my heart.

“Yeah, thanks man. I’ll keep that in mind.” → Shen

After thanking him I looked at him with serious eyes.

“Ryu, what do you think about becoming king?” → Shen

After hearing this, it was Ryu’s turn to spit on me. The others looked again even more dumbfounded.

What are the young masters doing?

Everyone asked themselves without comprehending why we were spitting on each other’s faces with such serious looks on.

“…Is this some kind of payback?” → Shen

I asked while wiping the food off my face.

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