Chapter 34: Night Rescue

“What the hell are you asking? Even Sylvia asked me once to be a king and build a kingdom or something, why don’t you do it?” → Ryu

Ryu looked at me with hopeless eyes and a tired face. His wish in this life was to marry Bonny and have an easygoing life. Having a family with 2 kids, raising them like a good father, working for his family, growing old then remember about the good and peaceful life he had. Not becoming the king of thousands of people and risking his and his family’s life every single day because of internal or external conflicts.

“I can’t. I’ll need to go to Eihwaz continent and see how things are going there. I already told you didn’t I? If nothing is done then Ragnarok will start in Eihwaz and till it gets bad enough to come inside the other 2 continents, the waves of demonic beasts pushed by the godly war would destroy every kingdom and both the empires, leaving only the 2 of us with our groups to take care of all the demonic beasts. If everything goes as Sylvia predicted, we’ll be able to survive and participate in Ragnarok then die a meaningless death…I don’t wish to take part in another war like that…” → Shen

The last words were hushed but Ryu heard them clearly.

“What do you mean by ‘another’?” → Ryu

He looked at me with wide open and serious eyes. I gave Ryu the memories of the dream I had at that time through telepathy.

“Gah!” → Ryu

He felt as if his heart tore apart, his eyes were unfocused while looking in space, after 10 minutes he looked at me with a frown and composed face.

“…I’ll do it…I’ll create your kingdom…no, I’ll create an empire. I’ll take these two down and build an empire where all races can live together peacefully…I’ll tell you this, it might be a bloody mess in the end. Are you sure you wish to let this in my hands?” → Ryu

Ryu’s eyes were so serious, I felt like I was talking with another person and not a 21 young man.

“And because I’m afraid of what bloody mess you’ll make, I’ll ask of you to create just a kingdom or just a land over which you to be the lord. You will be independent of anyone and if someone wants to bring you down, destroy but don’t conquer. We only want to show our wish for independence but if anyone dares to try and subdue us, then destroy them even if it means destroying an entire kingdom! I know you will do well because you are more ruthless than me…” → Shen

I smiled bitterly and said.

“I can’t be like that so I’ll leave it in your hands. After I finish my parts, I’ll come back and build a school in your kingdom. We’ll make the biggest, strongest and most evolved Kingdom from the 3 continents, everyone will be free to come to us but if anyone would try to oppress us, we won’t show fear and attack back with all we got.” → Shen

“Show kindness to all who needs and cruelty to those who provoke us. A sword in one hand, a book on the other, half white and half black, this shall be the banner of our kingdom.” → Ryu

The moment we crossed our arms was the day a goal, which would change the fate of the entire Sario, was born.

“I’m happy we agreed on this together. Let’s leave this Kingdom for a later date and focus on our plan to save the ones who are still inside the Village. From the demons and mouse-beast-men, I found out their location and where they will send them. Also, the ones behind all of this. After we’re done here, we’ll make a visit to the King of the Jian Kingdom.” → Shen

The Snow village is at the most Northwest point of the kingdom, it might be hard for the King to oversee this faraway place but, as a king, this is his responsibility and letting others do whatever they wish in his kingdom is the same as saying ‘I can’t do a good job as a ruler’.

For what reason are you on that throne? To show off? Let me teach you something about being a ruler.

At night, demons, mouse-beast-men, and fox-spirits would go out and spy on the slave traders. I gave them some memory crystals which recorded everything from an area of 4 meters in front of it. It worked like some kind of video-camera from Earth, but with holograms, showing its memories through a 1-meter square screen. After some spying, the Searching parties got back incredible news. The location, the number of slaves, the races of the slaves, guards number, where they wanted to send the slaves, where most of the slaves had been sent to, even the one behind all of this. They really surprised me with how efficient they were.

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The one behind all of this was no surprise to me at all. Snow village actually looks like a city for a reason. It seems the lord of this place won quite a bit of money by selling slaves. I see this is not the first time. I started looking with indifference in the direction of a huge castle on top of a huge valley right beside the ‘village’.

“Searching party, well done. You’ve done much better than I expected.” → Shen

“Yes master.”

After we got the information we needed, together with written and video proofs, I had nothing else to worry about. At night, I and a group of demons sneaked inside an abnormally huge shack. The guards were already sleeping, leaving us to sneak inside without a problem.

“For God’s sake, I can fight armies and destroy this city on my own without breaking a sweat, why do I need to sneak around like this…?” → Shen

I asked the leader of the demons with a grumpy face while we sneaked inside the huge shack.

“Young master, if we do it like this, everything will work out in our and the other groups’ favor. The other parties we’ve sent around the village are in the same position. If we start a racket here, then the other groups of slave-traders will get alerted and strengthen their groups. Hiding is our only option right now.”

The demoness smiled bitterly while explaining.

“Please have patience, after this, the Young master can go wild as much as he wishes.”

Saying this everyone started giggling. They got used to me and understood what kind of personality I am pretty quickly.

“Go wild, huh? Not a bad idea~.” → Shen

After I talk with the king about such things like slave trading happening in his kingdom, I’m around 80% sure he’ll try to silence me. Then I’ll explode as much as I want~. I will let the killing to Ryu though. → Shen

After we sneaked inside, I made the demons silence the guards around while I was searching for the slaves. After every guard was knocked out or put to sleep, I was still unable to find where was the entry. I could feel underground more than 100 slaves, but the entrance was being kept secret and I couldn’t find it anywhere even with my radars.

“…Should I just blow this place up?” → Shen

I got irritated and prepared some magic while the demons tried to stop me.

“Y-young master, please calm down…!”

He normally thinks with a cool head but if things don’t go his way he resorts to violence…he’s amazing, in more senses than one.

The leader of the demons thought while letting out a laugh.

“How about you use Earth magic to make a passage from outside?”

Actually, why didn’t we think of that from the very beginning? Master’s radar was out of our calculations.

“Good idea!” → Shen

I hastily made a hole in the underground then I covered it after entering, making it look like nothing ever happened.

“Wah?! What a horrible smell!” → Shen

I was overwhelmed by the horrible smell. Smelling like excrements and death.

“… The slaves are mostly half dead.”

One demon said while looking around. Demons had eyes which were able to see in the dark. They were instantly able to tell the conditions of the slaves.

“…Go, set them free, I’ll make an exit.” → Shen

I instantly became serious. The freed slaves didn’t know what was happening, it was so dark, they couldn’t see their own hands. Because of the horrible filthiness around them, most of them were sick and some even half dead. The most were children and elders.

“It seems they’ve sent the ones worth selling in another place.”

Another demon said while he broke the locks of the cages. I stood in the back and used healing aura. I was emanating the aura from my heart outside the body, letting the others to inhale it and feel more revitalized. After that, I sent in everyone treads of energy through with I offered my Chi so they could walk.

“Y-young master? What kind of magic is this?”

The demons were shocked by my aura. It made them feel relaxed and alive, completely contradictory to the place we were in at the moment.

“Well… it’s a little bit complicated… It’s something like my heart’s aura.” → Shen

I really didn’t know how to explain it

… Should I just say Is ‘the power of love’ between me and Sylvia? Wouldn’t that make everyone cringe?! Nobody would believe such a fairy-tale-like explanation. → Shen

“Young master’s heart’s aura?!”

They looked at each other with confused eyes.

“I won’t be able to answer this. Believe me, you better ask Sylvia, she might know how to explain it.” → Shen

After I passed my responsibilities to Sylvia, we moved the more than 100 slaves out of the underground prison and rushed to the boat. On our way, I used some magic which made the light go around us, making us invisible to anyone outside the group.

Ryu, we’re done here, how’s your part? → Shen

I asked through telepathy. I was wearing the ring with the connection magic only if someone needed to tell me something.

Dude, this place is so heavily guarded! How am I supposed to sneak in?! → Ryu

Ryu was revolted by the huge difference they had. His place was full of guards looking around vigilantly while my part barely had any and most of them were asleep.

Ahahaha~ blame your bad luck when we chose with rock-paper-scissors. I think what they’re guarding are the sex slaves, good luck in saving the beauties~ I bet you’re able to do it. → Shen

I was a little bit amused. One would think they’re lucky in saving the sex-slaves but it was actually on the contrary. Being able to play a little bit with them, most of the guards wished to guard them. Plus, they were the most expensive kind of slaves, making them being heavily guarded even more of a reason.

… You’ll sooo~ gonna pay for this~ just wait~. Ryu

Ryu’s playful voice sent chills down my back.

Oy! It’s not my fault that your luck sucks. Come on! → Shen

I tried to take off the blame but with no results.

Just~ wait. → Ryu

After that, he closed the connection.

“God damn that Ryu….” → Shen

I suddenly felt burdened.

Let’s wish he won’t keep this as a ‘favor for later’ and just ask for something in return. → Shen

Oy Gregor. How is it on your part? → Shen

There are some guards, but still better than Ryu. → Gregor

Gregor said with an amused tone. It seems he got the working slaves.

Gregor~ do you need something from me~? → Ryu

Ryu’s scary voice suddenly reappeared.

Wah! cough… it’s nothing. I’ll come up with the good news later. Done. → Gregor

After getting frightened by Ryu, the little old tiger closed the transmission.

Then later~. → Ryu

Ryu closed the connection again


I couldn’t even joke about this.

I bet Ryu is going to kill someone…sigh. → Ryu

Sylvia. My part is done, prepare the bath. I got the leftover group. → Shen

Understood. → Sylvia

After I got on board the ship, suddenly Gregor’s voice sounded out.

Done here. Around 120 slaves, all male. Please prepare some food, they are extremely hungry right now.  → Gregor

Okay, I’m preparing the food immediately. → Bonny

Bonny said while commanding the dog tribe in the kitchen. Even after more than half the night passed, Ryu’s group was still not coming.

Ryu? Are you still there? → Bonny

Bonny asked a little bit worried.

Hmm~~? Has everyone finished their parts yet? → Ryu

Y-yes, Shen and Gregor are right here, waiting to welcome the slaves. → Bonny

Bonny was a little bit taken aback by his happy tone with wasn’t really happy at all.

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Ooh~ hahaha~, then please wait a moment. I’ll finish up right now~. → Ryu

“…I have a bad feeling about this.” → Shen

I said while looking in Ryu’s direction, and just when I finished talking.


A huge explosion suddenly resounded, turning the dark sky red.

“…Yep, he snapped.” → Gregor

Gregor face-palmed while looking at the explosion.

“Haah, he still has the same temper as before.” → Bonny

Bonny sighed and left to go into the kitchen to prepare some food.

All right everyone~ the slaves are with me. Surprisingly, they are more than 400 and all female, of ages around 16 and 30. Please prepare some nice clothes~. → Ryu

Ryu’s voice was as playful as possible which showed his level of annoyance reaching maximum. After they finally arrived, the females were frightened by Ryu’s aura while the demons who were with him sweated profoundly, some of them cursing Ryu in their minds calling him ‘Devil’.

“Shen, you better give me something nice from your armory, yes?” → Ryu

He looked at me through slits while smiling at me in such a way that gave me the creeps.

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