Chapter 223: Death Bone Tomb!

“……” When it comes to this question, Cheng Yu had no answer. So, he could only thicken his skin and say, “Who said Golden Core Realm must form a golden core? Can’t I form a tree?”

Every cultivator had to go through the core forming stage to become a Golden Core cultivator. Only with a golden core would they be able to form their nascent soul. This was something all cultivators knew. Furthermore, even demon beasts also needed to form their golden core, and humans called them demonic cores. However, Cheng Yu did not form his core. If it was said that his core forming was a failure, then his strength wouldn’t be able to promote a realm, and he wouldn’t be able to possess the strength of a Golden Core Realm cultivator. If it was said as a success, he did not have a golden core. Therefore, Cheng Yu was unable to confirm if he had truly succeeded or failed.

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“Haha! Do you believe it yourself?” Soul Suppressor laughed once again.

“Er…of course I believe! Geniuses always exist in controversies and are very hard to be understood!” Cheng Yu’s complexion was quite ugly, but he still did not concede.

“Alright! Since you believe it, you should continue persevering. Ok, I’m tired, so I am going to deep sleep. I hope that when I wake up next time, you can let me approve of you,” After the words were spoken, Cheng Yu felt that the consciousness in his head had disappeared.

“Oi! Oi! Tell me about the situation in the Death Forest!” He had refined four soul items, but all four souls were injured. After much difficulty had one awoke, so Cheng Yu still wanted to ask it what exactly was going on in Death Forest.

“……” However, quietness remained in his mind.

“Useless. So not understanding. At least wait until I have finished my sentence!” Cheng Yu said gloomily.

“D*mn it. Seems like I could only follow the flow, so let nature take its course,” Cheng Yu kept the spiritual vein, adjusting his state. What Soul Suppressor said was true. As long as he believed, he should persevere. Although he couldn’t understand what was going on, his strength had still increased. Then this shouldn’t count as a failure.

Since the heavenly law had depicted it on him, why bother getting tangled and understand it? Perhaps, forming a nascent soul might not necessarily need a golden core? This situation had never happened before, so naturally no one had ever tried not using golden core to form their nascent soul. Since it’s like that, then let him be the first! With a goal in mind, Cheng Yu’s confidence had returned!

Besides, the current him had a huge pile of wealth. Most importantly, from the information he had gotten, other than Heavenly God Palace, there were still three other similar shrines. He should go look for them. Cheng Yu arrived at the door of the main hall, but the door was shut tightly. Cheng Yu called the purple water out. The purple water immediately jolted causing shining purple light as the door gradually opened. What appeared before Cheng Yu’s eyes was a large purple whirlpool.

“As expected, it’s you!” Looking at the whirlpool, he understood how he had managed to enter this Amethyst’s Shrine. However, at that time, he was utterly confused. Cheng Yu kept the purple water back into his body. Followingly, he jumped straight into the purple whirlpool.

“Quickly look! A whirlpool appeared in the swamp! Someone flew out!” Suddenly, a voice yelled out.

“There’s really someone! Who is this person? To be able to fly out from the swamp?” Everyone had taken notice of the person who suddenly flew out from the swamp.

“I formerly heard that the reason why this swamp had returned to normal was because someone had fallen in? Could it be him? He’s still alive?” Someone shouted out.

“Nonsense! Previously, many people had fallen in, so why didn’t this swamp became normal? If this person was really that person, how long had it been, you think the alligators below had all turned vegetarian?” A lot of them objected because this incident was too surreal.

“Could it be that there’s a secret below? How about we go down there to have a look?” Someone stared at the location Cheng Yu had emerged in as he said curiously.

“What secret could there possibly be? Besides, have you forgotten that there are still alligators? Although they no longer hinder anyone above the skies, it’s hard to say if they are not going to attack underwater. Besides, if you want treasures, you should head over to the core of the Death Forest to look for the Death Shrine,” That person said disdainfully.

“Right. This place is so far away from the core. Even if there was something, it wouldn’t be good. We should quickly continue our journey!” Someone thought about it and felt that it was reasonable as he quickly flew off.

“F*ck! What’s going on? Why did the swamp become like this? Furthermore, these people flew past the swamp, why aren’t the alligators coming out?” Cheng Yu flew out from the swamp, looking at the situation happening in the swamp, he was astonished, because he can tell that the water, lotuses and alligators in the swamp were no longer purple. Everyone had all flown above the swamp, yet the alligators below still stayed idle.

“Could it be that someone broke the secret of this Death Swamp? F*ck! It shouldn’t be me right?!” An idea suddenly popped out in Cheng Yu mind, giving him a scare. Witnessing none of them faced the obstruction from the alligators as they flew above the swamp carefreely, Cheng Yu had no idea if this was a good or bad thing!

“Who cares? In any case, I already harvested a huge profit. Furthermore, obtaining two spiritual veins. This business isn’t any worse. Better than facing the jealousy of all people!” Cheng Yu withdrew the doubts he had as he took out his flying sword and flew off as well. Although Cheng Yu had gotten a big harvest, he still felt that he should be low-key. Therefore, when he had used his flying sword, he had changed it to a supreme-grade treasured tool. As the saying goes, “Better stolen than coveted.”

With Cheng Yu’s current Golden Core Realm strength, in addition to the four soul items that were able to attack and defend, there was almost no one who could threaten his life. Only a few Golden Core Realm experts would able to cause Cheng Yu to feel somewhat fear. However, to other cultivators, Cheng Yu seemed like a Foundation Establishment late stage expert. That was why he couldn’t help but be worried about some people who weren’t afraid of death and look for trouble. Cheng Yu did not wish to continue being coveted by others, but since he had gotten rich, he also should not treat himself unfairly.

Spiritual-grade flying tools mustn’t be used, but using treasured-grade flying tools as a Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator wasn’t anything crazy. At the same time, it also increased his own strength. Usually, Golden Core Realm experts would never look upon treasured tools. As for Foundation Establishment Realm experts, they only care about their strength. Therefore, Cheng Yu chose the right option. If doing so, people were still looking for trouble, then they were truly looking for death.

“This is the Death Bone Tomb?” Passing through the Death Swamp, Cheng Yu flew for another period of time, he felt that the aura here had traces of coldness and evil. Cheng Yu believed that he had arrived at Death Bone Tomb.

“According to the information from the purple water, the Temple of Heaven should be below Death Bone Tomb. Then how am I supposed to look for entry?” Cheng Yu looked at the region as he thought distressed.

How did the Amethyst Palace open for him? He couldn’t even understand it. The purple water was only a supreme-grade spiritual tool. Without the soul spirit, the only information Cheng Yu could derive was that it was the one transmitting the information to him.

“No choice. I can only look for it along the way,” Cheng Yu’s realm was still in the Foundation Establishment late stage, but his speed wasn’t slow. The current goal he had was not to look for the Death Shrine, but to look for the other three shrines that were protecting the Heavenly God Palace. Therefore, Cheng Yu did not head in one direction, but roamed around, hoping to be able to spot any unusual places.

Although there was death aura lingering here, it was still filled with vegetation with no lack of medical herbs. However, Cheng Yu no longer had the mood to bother with all this. He had no idea how to look for the other shrines, so he could only seize the moment and look for it everywhere.

“There’s nothing unusual in this Death Bone Tomb. I thought there would be a lot of tombs, but not even one can be seen,” Cheng Yu flew, and along the way he did not spot any tombs or demonic beasts. But because of the events in Death Swamp, he saw a lot of cultivators. Cheng Yu did not rest, but continued until night.

“This place is quiet to the point of being ridiculous. It’s better to look for a place to rest earlier,” Cheng Yu flew for the whole day, so he was already tired. His instinct told him that there would be something peculiar happening.

“Forget it. A cavern couldn’t be found, so I guess it’s time to look for a tall tree!” Cheng Yu circled again, but he couldn’t find a cavern. So, he looked for a tall tree and started resting. Cheng Yu had just gotten his stomach filled when he heard sounds of bones cracking in his surroundings.

“Motherf*ck*r! What kind of joke is this?” Cheng Yu stretched out his head and looked below, and he saw piles and piles of bones rising up from the ground. Slowly, a whole army of bones had emerged. Their hands were holding pure white bone blades as they looked at their surroundings.

“Your sister! Turns out that Death Bone Tomb meant this. I knew that there’s a problem with this place!” Seeing many more bones emerging from the ground, Cheng Yu got goosebump.

“Fortunately this thing doesn’t know how to fly. Otherwise, I would be in trouble!” Cheng Yu looked at the bones below and giggled.

“Clang!” Cheng Yu suddenly jumped up. The tree Cheng Yu was sitting on had been chopped down.

“F*ck! Bones that can fly? Golden Core Realm?” Cheng Yu was still rejoicing that these bones didn’t know how to fly. In the end, a Golden Core bone soldier flew over. Luckily, Cheng Yu was agile. Otherwise, he would have suffered.

“Just nice. Let me get familiar with my current strength, and consolidate it,” Although the other party was in Golden Core Realm, things were no longer the same as the past. His eyes were filled with expectation as he took out his low-grade soul rank purple light sword. Although he was nervous when taking out the soul item, when it came to weapons, there was a level of synchronization. The longer you used it, the better it became at giving off resonance. Using it would make it do what the heart wishes.

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Especially this soul tool that had just recognized Cheng Yu as its master. All the more reason Cheng Yu should utilize it. Only by using it to fight unceasingly, would it allow it to develop even more power. Furthermore, only by doing so would it allow it to promote its grade faster.

“Kill!” Cheng Yu shouted. Raising his purple light sword, he chopped down. Layers of purple light blade images slashed towards the bone head.
The bone raised its bone blade, wanting to block Cheng Yu’s attack. In the end, it got smashed into the ground by Cheng Yu’s attack.

“Haha! It’s really different when using a soul tool. This is too god d*mn satisfying!” Seeing the Golden Core Realm bone soldier had actually been struck into the ground only using a move, caused a kind of pleasure that made him feel very satisfied.

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