Chapter 222: Core Forming Failure?

“Is the news true? Cheng Yu really died?” Yuan Yangzi’s hand was holding onto a jade letter, and his face had traces of delight as he asked those who were kneeling down before him.

“Reporting to Sect Master, the jade letter was sent here by Martial Uncle Feng Qingzi. We also sent people over to the Death Swamp to understand the situation. According to those who had witnessed the situation, they said that Cheng Yu didn’t return after he had been struck into the swamp. However…” The young cultivator kneeling down spoke of everything he knew.

“However?” Yuan Yangzi frowned. Cheng Yu was Kunlun’s nemesis. Because of his existence, not only had he disrupted the finances Kunlun had in Yunhai, he had also killed numerous cultivators they had sent out. Now that he had finally heard the good news of Cheng Yu being killed, he did not wish for any additional problems related to him.

“After this incident, the purple water, purple lotus and the flying alligators all lost its color, returning to normal,” The young cultivator stated.

“Discoloration? Did you check the reason for this?” Yuan Yangzi asked puzzled. He knew what Death Swamp was like. Formerly, he had also been to the Death Forest for exploration, but for what secrets were hidden inside, he also had no idea.

“This…Shu Yu should die! Shu Yu did not look for the reason!” The young cultivator said in fear and trepidation.

“Alright, you get down first!” Yuan Yangzi beckoned his hand and said.

“Yes!” The young cultivator clasped his fist and withdrew himself from the main hall.

“All elders, now that Cheng Yu died, what’s everyone’s opinion on this?” Yuan Yangzi looked at all the elders and asked. Cheng Yu had died, so his mood had turned a lot better.

“Sect Master, I heard that Cheng Yu was the vanguard for Limitless Palace in the Secular World. We killed Cheng Yu in front of so many people, will Limitless Palace come look for us for trouble?” One of the elder said in worry.

“Elder Ping. I think you have turned muddle-headed. Since Cheng Yu was the vanguard of Limitless Palace, why would he come over to the Cultivation World? I think he is more of leaving his post without any notice. I am pretty sure Limitless Palace already wanted to punish him and that we are just a step ahead of them. Now that he is dead in Death Forest, who else could be blamed? When sect disciples go out for training, there would certainly be conflict. For someone to have died, it’s very normal and besides, Cheng Yu is just a puny Foundation Establishment Cultivator. I don’t believe that the Limitless Palace would come over to cause trouble just for a hairless boy!” Another elder laughed.

“What Elder Cheng said is correct. Even if Limitless Palace has came to our doorstep, we can just ignore them,” Another elder said in agreement.

“Limitless Palace is very righteous. There’s not a need for Elder Ping to worry. Now that Cheng Yu has died, we should get back all the resources he took away from us!” Yuan Yangzi opened his mouth and said.

“Right. Although the resources in the Secular World is a lot more sparse compared to the Cultivation World, every year, the quantity taken from them isn’t little,” Elder Qing commented.

“I feel that not only should we control the resources in the Secular World, we must also exercise absolute control. Otherwise, the same incident will happen again. As long as we have power in the Secular World, we can use
secular power to punish them. This way, we would not need to waste our Cultivation World resources and not let the other sects have any resentment towards our actions,” Elder Cheng commented.

“However, Secular World power wouldn’t be able to punish those who have strength like Cheng Yu,” Elder Ping said disapprovingly. In his opinion, those people in the Secular World were like ants. If it wasn’t because a Golden Core expert had made a move, Foundation Establishment Realm disciples wouldn’t be able to subdue him. Let alone those in the Secular World.

“Elder Ping, this is because your understanding of the Secular World is too shallow. The Secular World has laws & regulations to judge the commoners’ actions. As long as you live in the Secular World, you will have to abide by these laws. Unless you never want to go back to the Secular World again. Otherwise, you would be the enemy of the whole Secular World. Just like us, although we are cultivators, when we go to the Secular World, we also have to abide to their laws. Otherwise, it would be hard for us to get large amounts of resources from there,” Elder Cheng said complacently.

“Hmph!” Seeing how complacent Elder Cheng was, Elder Ping was very discontented.

“Alright! Then I will listen to Elder Cheng’s suggestion. Let the Secular World people hold the power!” Yuan Yangzi felt that Elder Cheng’s words were very reasonable, so he said happily.


Cheng Yu meditated in the secret room and his forehead was long filled with sweat. His complexion was rather pale with his expression distorted and his body slightly trembling. If it was someone else witnessing this, they would definitely think that Cheng Yu was suffering in pain. But actually, Cheng Yu was truly suffering. Because Cheng Yu was doing something that even he had no understanding of.

Originally, Cheng Yu had done sufficient preparation to attack the Golden Core. At first, the Qi in his body had slowly condensed. All of this was the initial stage of condensing the core. Cheng Yu absorbed the spiritual Qi from the two spiritual veins, circulating the Qi into his dantian to condense. And the Qi around his dantian had also started to whirl, slowly turning into the form of a core.

If it was according to a normal situation, the core would only need to congeal a bit more before turning into a golden core. Cheng Yu was also very excited about it because the core forming process was coming to an end. If there was no accident, the golden core would certainly form! But at this moment, changes had happened during the core forming process! The core did not congeal, but started to dissipate!

“What’s going on? Why is it like that? Why would the core dissipate?” Cheng Yu was no longer calm. If core forming failed, he might no longer be able to form his core again for life. Furthermore, it would greatly influence his future cultivation progression. His core was still dissipating, but it also seemed like it was moving according to some rule.

Cheng Yu had never once come across such a situation. At this very moment, other than continual absorption of the spiritual Qi, and continuing to provide Qi to let it continue to move, Cheng Yu did not have any other way. Time continued to pass by. Originally, he had planned that a day was all he needed to form his core. Now that three days had passed, Cheng Yu’s body was like a baby’s with unsatisfying hunger. Three full days of continual absorption into his dantian.

“Why? Why is it like that?” Three days passed, and the situation in his dantian became more obvious. Cheng Yu saw the result after three days, he has no idea how to describe his current feelings. Because the Qi that had been irrigated into his dantian had actually turned into a tree! A tree with nine branches!

“What does this count as? Core forming failure Then what does this tree count as?” Cheng Yu finally stopped absorbing the spiritual Qi and opened his eyes.

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“Eh? Why is it like that? This…this strength!” Cheng Yu felt his current strength, releasing his aura. There was no golden ray that a Golden Core Realm expert should have, only a large image appeared behind Cheng Yu.

“This… this… this is obviously the strength of Golden Core Realm. What exactly is going on?” Cheng Yu was astonished to the point that he had no idea how was he going to adapt to this situation.

“I may not have the golden core, but possess the strength of a Golden Core Realm. Then how am I going to form my nascent soul in the future?” Thinking about his future, Cheng Yu was at wit’s end. To possess Golden Core strength, it was something a lot of cultivators yearned for. But the current situation caused Cheng Yu not to be able to feel happy because he did not have a golden core.

Without a golden core, it signified that he would be unable to break the core to form a nascent soul. Could it be break tree to form nascent soul? This is too ridiculous! Besides, this tree did not have the aura of a golden core.

What kind of sin had he committed? Core forming like this? Afraid that in this world, Cheng Yu was the only person who suffered from this! Originally, he thought that his core forming process would be absolutely safe. But he did not expect that there would still be an accident. Furthermore, it was something he couldn’t understand. He still thought that he had truly had good fortune after surviving a great disaster. Turns out that it was just a dream.

Cheng Yu sprawled out on his back and laid down in the secret room. He looked at the ceiling expressionlessly with his heart filled with disappointment. He had no idea what he should do next, and he felt that he no longer had a future.

Suddenly, the few girls’ images flashed through his mind. The five pretty ladies’ faces appeared before his eyes. Following that, there was also his family and friends.

“I made a promise before. I must let them live forever, no longer bearing the parting of death and age. But now, I couldn’t even save myself, how am I going to save them!” Recalling everything that had happened since he transmigated, recalling his oath, all of this seemed to have just happened yesterday. However, he did not have the previous fighting spirit.

“Useless! I am actually following you this kind of good-for-nothing master. So vexing!” Suddenly, an unresigned voice resonated in his mind.

“Who? Who is talking?” Cheng Yu thumped up, looking around and said loudly.

“Don’t bother looking. I’m in your brain!” The voice in his head resonated again.

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“What! In my brain? Who are you? Since when you get inside!” Cheng Yu was startled. He scanned his mind. Sure enough, there was a consciousness in it.

“Stupid. Didn’t you refine the Soul Suppressing Pagoda? I am the soul of it!” Soul Suppressor said discontentedly.

“Oh. It’s you. You alright?” This time, Cheng Yu recalled that there was a few soul-grade items with him. However, it seemed like they had all been injured, sinking into deep sleep.

“Of course not. If it was not because the Soul Suppressing Pagoda had acknowledged you as master, I would be too lazy to bother about you,” At that time, Soul Suppressor had saw that the secret room had once again opened up. He risked his final strength to escape. In the end, he was blocked by the purple water, forcing it to acknowledge Cheng Yu was master. As a soul weapon, how could it be willing to recognise a puny Foundation Establishment kid as master? This was a humiliation.

“Me? What about me?” Cheng Yu said in puzzlement.

“Low cultivation, weak willpower, no fighting spirit, failure in core forming. Isn’t this disappointing enough?” Soul Suppressor said with disdain.

“You…who said I failed. I already possessed the strength of Golden Core,” Cheng Yu was speechless at first, but he was not willing to take it lying down.

“Haha. Not failure? Then tell me, where’s your golden core?” Soul Suppressor laughed.

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