Chapter 221: Breaking Through to Golden Core Realm

After storing the necessary items he needed, Cheng Yu looked for another few storage items and kept the remaining items away. After that, he ran to the other side and kept the remaining spiritual stones and the two spiritual veins. Deep in his heart, there was a kind of satisfaction that he never had before. Thinking of the fact that there was still another pill storage room, Cheng Yu was already itching to go over and take a look. Similar to the method used just now, after turning the twelve purple lights, the pill storehouse appeared in front of Cheng Yu.

“Haha! So many pills. There’s no longer a need to refine pills,” Looking at the mountain of pills, Cheng Yu did not hesitate as he kept all of them into his storage item.

“Nascent Soul Pill? Spiritual Rank low-grade pill? Spirit Severing Pill? Spiritual Rank mid-grade? All of these pills are Spiritual Rank pills!” Cheng Yu opened up box by box, and every box he opened, there would be a surprise waiting for him.

“Seems like this side are all high rank pills,” Cheng Yu opened up the left box. These were all pills that helped in breaking through to the Golden Core Realm, so with a wave of his hand, he stored all the items.

“As the proverb says, ‘one is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster.’ This proverb is true. Kunlun, wait till I return, and I will let you suffer! Haha!” The most important thing in the Cultivation World was resources! With resources, one would possess sufficient strength!

“Originally, I was thinking of finding some herbs and refining some high rank pills once I returned. I never expected that I would be able to obtain Spiritual Rank pills. I am so fortunate that I have no idea what I should do,” Obtaining such a huge benefit, Cheng Yu giggled as he pondered.

“This place is so safe, it’s the best spot for me to attack the Golden Core Realm!” Thinking about the Spiritual Core Pills he had, Cheng Yu was already looking forward to raising his cultivation.

Spiritual Core Pill was a pill meant for raising cultivation. The difference between it and other pills was that it was a Spiritual Rank pill. Furthermore, the worst pills here were at least a high-rank pill, which were these Spiritual Rank pills. Even so, these pill refiner’s techniques had already caused Cheng Yu to gasp in surprise.

With Cheng Yu’s current cultivation, he would at most be able to refine an Ordinary Core Pill. Spiritual Core Pill was something that had never crossed his mind before. He didn’t expect that he would actually have the opportunity to see it here. Supreme-grade Ordinary Core Pill was able to increase a person’s cultivation by 50 years, but a Spiritual Core Pill, even if it was a low-grade one, would be able to increase one’s cultivation by 80 years. And for high-grade Spiritual Core Pills, it was able to increase one’s cultivation by 200 years. This kind of concept made Cheng Yu feel blessed yet disoriented.

As for Supreme-grade Spiritual Core Pills, it was able to increase one’s cultivation by 350 years. This kind of result was sufficient to let someone who just entered Foundation Establishment Realm to breakthrough to form his core. Of course, whether or not if he would be able to form it would depend on his luck.

Cheng Yu’s cultivation had long reached Foundation Establishment late stage. But for this period of time, it had never increased. In contrast, there were signs of decline. Now that Cheng Yu had the Spiritual Core Pill, it was sufficient for him to breakthrough to attack the Golden Core Realm. Cheng Yu returned to the secret room that had stored the spiritual vein. He took out the two spiritual veins and placed them beside him. After that, he took out a Spiritual Core Pill, commencing his breakthrough.

Refining 200 years of cultivation, judging from Cheng Yu’s current state, he would need at least 10 days before being able to assimilate it completely. However, to Cheng Yu, this was no longer important. The reason he came to the Cultivation World was to look for resources and form his golden core. Now that he had obtained so many resources, even if he had to returned home, Cheng Yu would also not decline.


Nighttime, in Bone Tomb Forest.

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“Senior Sister! Save me!” Ning Zi’s complexion was pale, and her body full of blood. Her look was frantic as she kept on brandishing her sword to kill the countless bone army. Ning Yan looked over to the direction the voice came from, and she was extremely anxious when she saw Ning Zi’s situation. She flung her bracelet on her hand before flying over. The bracelet grew bigger and smashed down on the bones in an instant. Ning Yan came over to the side of Ning Zi and asked, ”Ning Zi, are you alright?”

“Senior Sister, I am scared. I can’t continue any longer,” Ning Zi wept in fear.

“Persevere! We are about to break out from the siege!” Ning Yan glance at her junior sister, looking at them grouping together, and she was somewhat at ease as she pulled Ning Zi and flew over to Ning Xue’s direction.

“Senior Sister, what should I do now? Judging from this situation, all the nearby bone armies are coming over to this side,” Seeing Ning Yan had come over, Ning Xue said nervously.

“If this continues, we won’t be able to kill them all. We will join forces with Shushan’s people and kill our way out!” Ning Yan slashed a few bone soldiers as she looked at Wu Ming and his brothers killing the bone armies and said.

“Senior Brother Wu Ming, this is not the way to go, let’s join forces together to open up a path, allowing our juniors to rush out!” Ning Yan shouted at Wu Ming.

“Ok! I agree. Everyone, group together!” Wu Ming shouted. He brought his own junior brothers as he killed his way towards Ning Yan and the others.

“Raging Flames Chop!” Wu Ming chopped his sword down, quickly grouping up with Ning Yan and the others.

“Junior Sister, I remember that there’s a cavern in this direction. Let’s kill our way out from here. Now that there’s still threee hours before daytime, continuing this prolonged battle is not favorable to us!” Wu Ming said. Even he, who was the strongest among this people, after killing for two hours, was also tired. The bones armies’ cultivation wasn’t high. Most of them were at Foundation Establishment initial stage. But because of their large amount and that their bodies were able to defy death, after killing a bunch of them, another group arrived. There were simply countless and the only choice was to escape.

“Sure! Then please lead the way, Senior Brother!” Now that there was no way they could continue fighting, they could only look for a place to defend themselves. Half an hour later, everyone finally arrived at the cavern Wu Ming had spoken of. After clearing the bone armies inside, a few of them joined hands to lay out a restriction. After that, a few of them were sent to guard the entrance.

“Finally safe,” Ning Xue sat down and sighed. She felt her body had turned soft.

“Senior Sister, these bone armies are too scary. Not only is their amount endless, they are also able to fly. Otherwise, we would have just flown out,” Ning Wushuang was in a bad shape. Her body was filled with blood as she said with lingering fear.

“Senior Sister, why are there so many bone armies here?” Ning Zi looked at the pure white bones and asked.

“I am also not sure. However, from their appearance, they are most likely the remains of the dead cultivators from the past,” Ning Yan shook her head and said.

“According to my teacher, there’s a mysterious sect in this Death Forest. After an accident, they suddenly disappeared. I think these remains should be them. As for why they became like this, I believe no one has the answer because this Death Forest is truly very weird. The demonic beasts are at the same level as us, but a lot stronger than us. In normal circumstances, it’s very difficult for us to kill them,” Wu Ming ignited a campfire and sat next to Ning Yan as he explained.

“Could it be that no one survived in this mysterious sect? Is the Death Shrine we are looking for their sect’s location?” Ning Zi asked curiously.

“Perhaps! Death Forest is so big, but after so many years of exploration, if the shrine truly existed, then it is certain that it’s at the core of this forest,” Wu Ming took out the map of Death Forest and started analyzing.

“Senior Brother Wu Ming, are those X marks on this map places you have been before?” Ning Zi saw Wu Ming’s map was filled with X marks, so she immediately asked.

“Yes. I have been to the Death Forest a lot of times. But every time, the harvest wasn’t very big,” Speaking up to here, Wu Ming was also very embarrassed about it.

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“Senior Brother Wu Ming, you have already been to Death Fantasy Ocean?” Ning Xue took a look at Wu Ming’s map and said as she was astonished. This time, Ning Yan also took a glance at the map as she looked at Wu Ming in surprise. According to Ning Yan’s understanding, other than teacher and those in her teacher’s realm, she had never once heard of anyone getting past the Death Fantasy Ocean. Never had she expect Wu Ming to had been through it.

“I luckily got past it,” When he saw Ning Yan had finally paid attention to him, Wu Ming turned complacent. However, he did not display it, but answered modestly.

“Senior Brother Wu Ming, could you talk about how you got past Death Fantasy Ocean? What’s after Death Fantasy Ocean?” Ning Xue asked curiously.

“Sure. Wait for a few days, and after getting past Death Bone Tomb, we can cross the Death Fantasy Ocean together,” Wu Ming smiled. After that, he intentionally glanced at Ning Yan. Ning Yan noticed Wu Ming’s glance. However, she did not say anything. When it came to Wu Ming’s thoughts, she more or less understood. However, she did not give much thought to it, letting nature take its course. Furthermore, if Wu Ming was really able to cross Death Fantasy Ocean, then the chances of them discovering treasure would be a lot higher.

“Senior Brother Wu Ming, then what’s after crossing the Death Fantasy Ocean?” Ning Xue asked once again.

“I’m not clear. If it was its features, it should be a fantasy formation that’s even more powerful than Death Fantasy Ocean. So much so that it would cause a person to lose his wisdom,” Wu Ming thought and said.

“A fantasy formation that make one lose his wisdom?” Ning Xue said astonishingly.

“Senior Sister, I regret asking. Hearing what Senior Brother Wu Ming said, I no longer dare to go there,” Ning Zi said timidly. She grew up in Huashan Valley since she was young and had never left the sect. Everything was new to her. But the experience she got from Death Forest was too cruel and terrifying. Just the siege from the bone armies had already caused her to be panic-stricken.

“Junior Sister, when we come out for training, it is to temper ourselves through life and death. This way, our cultivation would increase a lot faster. You should quickly adapt yourself to this kind of life and not escape from it. Understand?” Looking at the youngest and lovely, yet pitiful Ning Zi, Ning Yan was also distressed. She stretched out her hand and embraced Ning Zi in her bosom. But for her teacher to intentionally ask her to bring her Junior Sister out, she naturally had her own intentions.

“Uh. I understand.” Ning Zi spoke softly.


10 days passed by in a flash and Cheng Yu woke up from his meditation. Feeling the dense Qi in his body, especially the Qi around his dantian, he noticed it had already gotten extremely dense. Currently, the only thing he needed to do was attack the Golden Core Realm. Originally, Cheng Yu planned to use the Core Transformation Pill, but his current state was extremely good. Cheng Yu felt that he should just try breaking through directly!

So, he closed his eyes once more!

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