Chapter 220: Rich!

From the looks of it, the restriction may seem to have been removed, but Cheng Yu still treaded his way to the large purple key carefully. His cautiousness had reached a peak as he slowly stretched out his hand, wanting to grab the key. However, a purple ray suddenly flashed, infusing into Cheng Yu’s body and Cheng Yu felt that it went into his meridians.

“Could this be recognizing the owner through blood?” Cheng Yu was astonished. After a moment, some information appeared in his mind. This caused Cheng Yu to finally understand what was going on. It turned out that the current location Cheng Yu was in was called Amethyst Palace, the residence of the Amethyst Saint. As for the key, it was meant to be given to the owner of the palace. According to the legends, this Amethyst Palace was meant to protect the Heavenly God Palace. They were the Heavenly Temple, Thousand Flower Palace and Thousand Demon Palace. Because of a coup d’état, the amount of dead was too high, causing them to conceal themselves underground.

“Amethyst Palace? Heavenly Temple? Thousand Flower Palace? Concealed underground? Could it be Death Swamp, Death Bone Tomb and Death Fantasy Ocean? Besides, I’m currently in one of the palaces?” Cheng Yu was doubtful as the information received from the purple key was too limited. However, at the very least, he already knew of the whole composition of the Amethyst Palace. What made Cheng Yu most excited for was that within this palace, there was a hidden treasure trove.

To the right of the main hall was Cheng Yu’s original resting spot and the treasure trove was hidden there. Cheng Yu did not even think much of it as he went straight there. Passing through the right wall, he arrived at one of the sealed doors. Cheng Yu’s mind moved, and a key flew out of his body. It was that purple key, but at this moment, the key had returned to its original size. Cheng Yu placed the key into the keyhole, unlocking it.

“Kacha!” The sealed door slowly opened. Cheng Yu was delighted as he looked forward to the treasures hidden inside it. After the door opened, not only was there a treasure room, there was also a passage. The lights along the passage lit up, brightening the place distinctively. At the four sides of the passage, there was nothing. Cheng Yu walked past the passage, arriving in front of another sealed door. This time, the right side of the door did not have any keyhole, but had a 3×3 matrix of pearls.

Cheng Yu followed the information given to him by the key by infusing Qi into the pearls. The pearls lit up one after another. Once the ninth pearl was lit, the sealed door opened.

“What the f*ck! Spiritual vein! This time, I’m rich!” When the sealed door opened, the interior was finally revealed to Cheng Yu. A mountain-like spiritual vein was placed inside, causing the spiritual Qi in the treasure room to be extremely dense. Two pieces of dragon-like spiritual vein hovered in the air, causing Cheng Yu to be extremely excited.

“Haha! This time, I have struck it rich!” Cheng Yu charged in without any hesitation and kept the spiritual stones, commencing the start of his treasure collection.

“F*ck, the space in the storage pouch is too little!” Cheng Yu withdrew his excitement. When his last storage pouch was filled with spiritual stones, he realized that the he had insufficient storage!

“D*mn it! The joke this time is too big. Originally, I thought 40+ storage pouches would have been enough. I never expected that I would actually encounter such a fortuitous event. All these grade 1 item pouches are too small,” Cheng Yu was panicking. There were so many spiritual stones and he had only kept half away. Most importantly, he had yet to keep the two spiritual veins.

“What should I do? Could it be I have to return to buy some storage pouches before coming again?” Cheng Yu looked at the huge wealth in front of him as he hesitated.

“D*mn it! No matter what, I should still keep all the mid-grade and top-grade spiritual stones first,” Cheng Yu suddenly took out all the storage pouches he used to store low-grade spiritual stones. After that, he poured all the low-grade spiritual stones out and placed the top-grade spiritual stones in.

“I never imagined that there would be a day where I could not bring all the treasure away because of the amount. This is ridiculous,” While retrieving the spiritual stones, Cheng Yu thought gloomily.

“Eh? Right! Isn’t there a weapon warehouse? How could I forget? Since this Amethyst Palace had so much wealth, hopefully there will be a few good item pouches or some immortal magic weapons!” Recalling his previous Jade Ocean Immortal Mansion, Cheng Yu’s eyes suddenly brightened up. In the Cultivation World, other than these ordinary item pouches and storage rings, there were still a lot of magic items that contained storage space, so much that there were even palace sized magic items.

Cheng Yu’s storage ring and item pouch were the lowest grade, only able to contain non-living things. A lot of high-grade magic items had their own storage place. Not only was it able to store non-living things, it was also able to store living beings. Previously, Cheng Yu’s Jade Ocean Immortal Palace was a top-grade immortal tool. This kind of immortal palace was meant for multiple purposes. The storage was extremely big, and it could be used for attack or defense, while even humans could be stored inside.

Cheng Yu did not expect that there would be any immortal tools, but there should at least be a few storage type magic items right? Cheng Yu thought of the layout of the Amethyst Palace, and he realized that there was not only one treasure house. There were still two more for weapons and pills respectively. Noting the situation, Cheng Yu was overjoyed at the unexpected good news. Otherwise, if he was not able to bring away the wealth in front of him, it would really be a sin.

Cheng Yu took a look at the twelve purple spiritual lights. After that, he found the first one. Using his left hand, he rotated it. After that, he looked for the second one and did the same thing, so on and so forth for the other ten spiritual lights. Once the twelfth light was rotated, another secret room appeared at the left side of the secret room. Cheng Yu ran over and took a look. Immediately he was elated. It’s the weapon warehouse!

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“Spiritual Tool! Soul Tool! Haha! So many Spiritual and Soul Tools? I’m going to be a rich guy this time!” Cheng Yu already had a rough estimate of the Amethyst Palace’s wealth, but he had never expected it to have so many Spiritual Tools. He estimated that there was at least hundreds of them and five Soul Tools! While looking around, Cheng Yu saw a storage type magic item. It was a pagoda Soul Tool.

“Heaven is helping me as well. With this pagoda, is there a need for me to worry about not being able to bring the treasures away?” Cheng Yu stretched his hand out to take it. However, the pagoda actually flew up and dashed out of the room.

“Pointless escape!” Cheng Yu’s expression changed. He stopped at the entrance and chopped down.

“Bang!” Cheng Yu’s sword was broken into pieces. “Pu!” The pagoda did not stop as it knocked Cheng Yu, sending Cheng Yu back into the spiritual stone treasure room.

“M*th*rf*ck*r. D*mn it!” Cheng Yu coughed out a mouthful of blood. When he saw the pagoda had flown out of the secret room, he immediately grew anxious. A phantom fist image struck the pagoda.

“Clang!” The pagoda received Cheng Yu’s attack. However, this pagoda did not seem to have any hesitation as it continued flying out.

“Clang!” Cheng Yu appeared in front of the pagoda as he punched out once again. The pagoda paused for a moment before charging at Cheng Yu once again. Cheng Yu used both his hands to resist the pagoda. Green Qi armor condensed on his body. But with a bang, he was sent flying off again.

This was a Soul Tool. How could Cheng Yu be willing to give it up? He had to subdue it even if he had to risk his life. However, Cheng Yu’s strength was truly too weak. When he saw the pagoda had flown over, he knew he could not withstand the next attack.

This time, the pagoda did not strike him, but stopped above him. It grew bigger, as it suffused with golden rays. It then pressed down on Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu turned pale from fright. “Swish!” all of a sudden, a purple key flew out from Cheng Yu’s body. It also grew bigger, bathing itself with intense purple radiance. Just when Cheng Yu thought that he would be suppressed, the golden rays on the pagoda actually disappeared as it grew smaller, returning into Cheng Yu’s bosom.

“This…” When the purple key returned to Cheng Yu’s body, Cheng Yu looked at the golden pagoda in a daze. The whole situation had happened too quickly and Cheng Yu felt that he was going mad.

“Are you guys trying to tease me? If this continues, sooner or later I will be toyed to death!” Cheng Yu held onto the pagoda with an helpless expression.

“Forget it, I shall keep you first,” Cheng Yu got up as he quickly started refining this pagoda. Spending about an hour, Cheng Yu finally completely refined it. After dripping a few drops of blood on it, the blood disappeared. With a golden flash, it flew into Cheng Yu’s body.

“Finally it’s done. If it were to escape, the losses would be too big,” Feeling the pagoda had synthesized with his body, Cheng Yu liked it a lot.

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“Soul Suppressing Pagoda? Not bad. This name seems very cool. It turns out that the soul of this tool is injured. D*mn it. Luckily you are injured. Otherwise, I would have died,” Cheng Yu was able to feel a weak consciousness within the Soul Suppressing Pagoda. Immediately, he understood why this Soul Tool’s power so weak. Cheng Yu observed the Soul Suppressing Pagoda for a while. There was a total of nine stories. The first story was a large independent space. Seeing this, Cheng Yu grinned. With such a big space, no matter how much stuff, he would still be able to store it there.

The biggest difference between a Soul Tool and a Spiritual Tool was that a Soul Tool had already grown its own spirit and the spirit had its own consciousness. The spirit was able to control the Soul Tool itself. A Spiritual Tool only needed blood to recognize its master, but a Soul Tool needed its owner to refine the tool first, making it acknowledge you. Furthermore, the owner had to cleanse the Soul Tool’s aura before dripping blood to recognize its master, letting it fuse together with the tool.

The tools that were ranked above Soul Tools would not be subdued so easily. Like just now, without refining it, the spirit had total control of the Soul Tool. Being so weak, how could the Soul Tool be willing to recognize Cheng Yu as its master? Naturally it would want to escape. If it was not because of the purple key suppressing it suddenly, Cheng Yu would have been suppressed by the Soul Suppressing Pagoda instead.

Originally, it was thought that this purple key was only able to unlock the secret chambers. He never expected that it had some control over other matters here, allowing it to save him. Otherwise, Cheng Yu would never be able to subdue the other four Soul Tools. Discovering this secret, Cheng Yu held onto the key, slowly subduing the four Soul Tools one by one. The four Soul Tools were low-grade purple light sword, low-grade devourer painting, low-grade jewels cauldron and the one and only mid-grade Nine Dragons Heavenly Bracelet.

However, other than the Nine Dragons Heavenly Bracelet, the others had all been refined by Cheng Yu. With these tools on hand, although he was still unable to utilize the full power of this Soul Tool, even if he were to face the Golden Core Realm expert now, Cheng Yu still had the confidence to survive. It might be impossible to kill him, but there was no longer a need for him to hide. This time, if he were to come across the old man from Kunlun, Cheng Yu wanted to duel him as dense fighting spirit was revealed in his eyes.

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