Chapter 540: Long Yi’s countermeasures

Vermilion Jade Cuddling House, in the secret room underground.

Long Yi was staring at the big military map hung on the wall with his hands clasped behind his back as Cui Niang stood silently behind him.

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“Immediately dispatch two squads, one squad to Light City and the other squad to meet up with Beitang Yu going across Light City via the mountain path.” Long Yi said. Turning around, two sealed thick bamboo tubes appeared in his hand. They were already prepared by him.

The thick bamboo tube that was to be delivered to Light City had a yellow magic seal and the one that was to be delivered to Beitang Yu had a red seal. Yellow represented ‘urgent’ and the red represented ‘most urgent’. This meant that both of the bamboo tubes had to be delivered as fast as possible using any means.


After he asked Ou Yala to lead Sharman and Crystal to the western border, Long Yi returned to the Ximen Residence along with Murong Shuyu.

“Second Young Master, you are finally back. Patriarch instructed me to tell you to immediately go to the study the moment you return.” The butler of Ximen Residence hastily said when he saw Long Yi.

After instructing the butler to lead Murong Shuyu to his courtyard, he immediately left for the study of the Ximen Residence.Long Yi instructed this butler to led Murong Shuyu to his courtyard, then immediately went to the study of Ximen Residence. When he neared the study, he discovered that the study was heavily guarded with layer upon layer of guards surrounding the place. There were powerful barriers guarding the place as well.

Long Yi passed by layer upon layer of guards and the moment he touched the barrier, the door of the study opened. When Ximen Nu saw Long Yi, he opened the barrier to let him in.

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“Eh, father-in-law, grandfather… You are also here.” Walking in, Long Yi saw Nangong Zhangfeng and Dongfang Qiming sitting on the chair. Out of the four major families, three of them were gathered in this study. Presumably, they were thinking about a plan to deal with Long Zhan.

“Yu’er, you came at just the right time. Long Zhan’s original plan to make a move yesterday was suddenly canceled. Do you think that he has other schemes?” Dongfang Qiming didn’t exchange many pleasantries with Long Yi. Since it was a currently a matter of life and death, this was not the time for doing so. His question was blunt and went straight to the point. He didn’t doubt the strength of his grandson.

“Of course he has other schemes. He had already reached an agreement with the beastmen clans. As of now, a 300,000 strong beastmen army is pressing towards the western border of my Violent Dragon Empire. When they enter the border, they will definitely shake the entire empire and attack us from behind. By cooperating with Long Zhan, they will attack us from two sides. With so many people, their saliva alone will be enough to drown us.” Long Yi directly sat on the sofa and poured himself a cup of green tea. Leaning back on the sofa, he leisurely sipped at his cup of tea. Looking at his current relaxed appearance, it appeared as though it wasn’t their three major families who were forced into a hopeless situation. He made it seem as though it wasn’t his problem at all.

“What? This…… How could this be? A 300,000 beastmen army marching several thousand li is not a small movement. Why didn’t our scouts notice them?” Ximen Nu and other two were shocked. They couldn’t believe this news.

“No need to keep guessing. I have already confirmed this piece of intelligence. I suspect that the Sand Wave Kingdom and the Enlightened Hero Principality have already fallen to Long Zhan’s side. In any case, the beastmen army will invade us from the western border of our Violent Dragon Empire within two or three days.” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and said. He still had a relaxed look on his face.

“300,000 beastmen army! Long Zhan truly schemed well… Now, our military strength is insufficient to deal with him. If we move our troops, it will be difficult to contend against Long Zhan. If we don’t move our troops, the beastmen army will flood our Violent Dragon Empire and fill it with blood. Not to mention the fact that they will attack us from behind… Ai.” Dongfang Qiming sighed. Being an old politician, he could see the clear picture in a single glance.

“Your Excellency father-in-law doesn’t need to worry. This stinking lad is so calm… He definitely has a plan.” Ximen Nu said to Dongfang Qiming.

“My worthy son-in-law, if you have any good ideas, don’t leave us hanging in suspense.” Nangong Zhangfeng also laid down his worries when he saw Long Yi’s appearance. There was a smile on his face which hadn’t been seen in a long time. He completely believed in this son-in-law of his.

“Of course, I have a way, but there are some risks. I have a way to stop the 300,000 beastmen army for five or six days. Right now, we have to attack them first. As long as we resolve everything within a few days, we have no need to fear the beastmen army.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“However… The walls of the imperial palace are not only tall and thick, but they also have an extremely powerful defensive barrier. Not to mention the fact that we have insufficient troops here. I’m afraid that it will be difficult to resolve everything in a few days. Moreover, Long Zhan has an unknown number of dark warriors. The slightest bit of carelessness can cause the entire army to be wiped out.” Nangong Zhangfeng shook his head and said. After he was done speaking, he suddenly caught sight of a confident smile on Long Yi’s face. He couldn’t help but say, “You kid… Don’t you already have a plan? Hurry up and say it so that we can learn about it too.”

“What if I say that I know of a secret path which leads directly into the imperial palace? Do you think we can settle everything in a few days?” Long Yi said with a smile. If he spent a day or two to expand that small hole in the lower part of the Heaven Forbidden Prison dug out by his grandfather, wouldn’t that be a perfect passage for them to attack Long Zhan?

“Really?” The eyes of Ximen Nu and others shone. If there truly was such a secret path, taking down Long Zhan in a few days was not an impossible task.

“Moreover… I have a way to make the imperial palace fall into chaos without spending any of our soldiers.” Long Yi smirked and said. No matter how one looked at it, the smile on Long Yi’s face was extremely sinister.

“Okay, stinking kid, if you keep us in suspense any longer, you’ll see how I beat the s*** out of you.” Ximen Nu was pleasantly surprised. However, Long Yi was explaining the entire plan in bits and pieces. He couldn’t help but get somewhat irritated. He was very eager to know the method which wouldn’t cost him any soldiers to throw the imperial palace into disorder.

“Don’t be impatient… We are trying to do something big here and people who do big things should be calm… Eh… Okay, I will speak.” Long Yi was thinking about dragging it out in order to make the three old men impatient. When he saw the gazes of the three old men, which seemed like they wanted to eat him alive, Long Yi raised the white flag. He narrowed his eyes and said with a smirk, “The secret path I am speaking about is in the Heaven Forbidden Prison. All of you should know the kind of people imprisoned in the Heaven Forbidden Prison right? If they are released from their prison cells and they had a path which led directly into the imperial palace… You tell me, what would happen? Heh Heh…”

The three old men were instantly shocked at Long Yi’s revelation. In the next moment, a delighted expression appeared on their face. Why didn’t they think of this method? Heaven Forbidden Prison… This huge underground prison was home to thousands of extremely vicious criminals. All the people that were locked up here were people with extraordinary skills. Among them, there was no lack of first-rate experts. If they were released and told that there was a path leading directly into the imperial palace, those people who had been suppressing a stomach full of anger without anywhere to vent it for such a long time would definitely charge into the imperial palace to vent their anger regardless of anything.

Also, if they were given the chance, they would definitely charge into the imperial palace. It would give them a slim chance of survival. Being locked up in the Heaven Forbidden Prison where they would never see the sun again was a hellish experience for them. They truly felt as though death would be better.

“Well, you are truly a sinister stinking kid. You are more cunning and more sinister than your father…” Dongfang Qiming laughed heartily and said.

“Grandpa is overpraising me.” Long Yi said with no shame. As for Ximen Nu, he laughed hollowly and he was unable to say anything to retort Dongfang Qiming. Who asked Dongfang Qiming to be his father-in-law?

The heavy atmosphere inside the study suddenly cleared out and the three old men also relaxed. Long Yi’s plan was indeed sinister. If his plan succeeded, the chances of them winning would be much higher.

When he saw that the three old men finally relaxed, Long Yi became happy. He had yet to tell them that he had found a way to deal with the dark warriors behind Long Zhan. If they learned of this, wouldn’t they go mad with happiness? However, Mu Hanyan had yet to tell him the method to deal with the dark warriors. That was the only reason he hadn’t told them the method as he wasn’t able to guarantee anything.

“By the way, Yu’er, have you seen the Kexin girl recently? She hasn’t been writing letters for a long time. I wonder how she is doing now?” Dongfang Qiming suddenly asked.

Long Yi was startled and his complexion became somewhat pale. Should he tell Dongfang Qiming that Dongfang Kexin might be dead? No, he shouldn’t say that at this critical moment. As the patriarch of Dongfang Clan, Dongfang Qiming shouldn’t be affected at this moment.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen to Kexin?” When he saw that Long Yi’s complexion changed the moment he mentioned Kexin, Dongfang Qiming’s heart tightened. Inauspicious thoughts appeared in his heart.

Clenching his fists, Long Yi looked up and said with a bitter smile on his face, “Nothing has happened to her. However, I’m the one in trouble. From the last time I met her in Blue Moon City, she persistently wanted to drive away the women around me. She wanted to marry me and be my only wife. I was irritated by her pestering, so I spanked her. In the end, she returned to the Light Church and entered seclusion. She said that she wanted to raise her strength and chase away the women around me one by one. Now, how do you think I should handle this?”

Perhaps, the performance of Long Yi was too realistic. Dongfang Qiming laid down the worries in his heart and believed in Long Yi because he knew that Dongfang Kexin was someone who could really do something like this.

“Weren’t you very good in dealing with girls? Why are you shriveling when you meet Kexin?” Dongfang Qiming scolded in jest.

“This is called brine tofu. Everything has its nemesis. My worthy son-in-law, you should focus on more serious things. However, don’t leave my family’s Xiangyun out in the cold.” Nangong Zhangfeng laughed.

“I have finished speaking, you all can discuss slowly… I’m leaving first.” Long Yi shrunk back and ran away, reaching the garden in one breath. After reaching the garden, his expression changed and he felt a throbbing pain in his heart. This infatuated cousin had become the pain and regret in his heart forever.

Suddenly, a gentle aura hugged Long Yi. It was gentle and warm like the big hands of his sweetheart, consoling the heart of Long Yi.

Long Yi was surprised. This feeling which surrounded him was extremely familiar. This feeling was similar to that feeling he had felt in that stone room in the Light City’s Light Church. However, he thought that it was his misconception at that time.

Long Yi looked all around but there was not a soul in sight except for the freezing snow and wind. There were guards who were far away in the distance but Long Yi knew that the feeling didn’t come from them. There were no other living beings in his vicinity…

Living being? Long Yi mumbled and spread open his palm. There was a blood-red skull mark on his palm and tiger cub Little Three, Fire Qilin, Violent Lightning Beast, and Long Two were inside it. However, if the feeling came from them, it was impossible that Long Yi would not notice. Of course, there were the resentment spirits and the undead creatures he had subdued earlier… There was no way the feeling came from them.

“Is it her……” Long Yi shook and a nearly transparent figure appeared in front of him.

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