Chapter 670 – Heartfelt Sorrow

Chapter 670 – Heartfelt Sorrow

Now that the Lin Family had been ruined, his tolerance towards her had also gotten lower and lower; however, he was still unable to let go of this rose of his heart.

“Fei Fei, let us leave. There are Waterdrop Fishes everywhere in this Second Palace. It would not take long before my Crocodile Spirit Treasure finds another fish, there’s no need to cause a scene here…”

When Lin Fei Fei heard him, she felt even more enraged.

A great amount sadness and disappointment welled up in her heart.

“Wang Chao, you have never contravened my words in the past, are you turning your back from me now? Is it because Brother Bei Cheng no longer wants me, the Lin Family ruined, that you are starting to treat me as nothing? Wang Chao, you told me that even if Brother Bei Cheng no longer wants me, you will still accompany me forever, is this how you are doing it?”

After such a loud commotion, the people in their surroundings also looked at them.

Many of them were enjoying the show, while Wang Chao was feeling disgraced.

“What are you talking nonsense about? You are making a joke for others, let’s go, let’s talk at another place first.”

He went up and wanted to forcefully drag Lin Fei Fei away, but Lin Fei Fei’s cultivation level was the same as him; plus being in the heat of anger, she managed to fling his hand away.

She turned around and ran out of the gathered crowd.

Lin Fei Fei’s speed was extremely fast, Wang Chao chased for a few steps before he decided to give up.

The exam was only for two days; Lin Fei Fei was throwing a tantrum and he did not want to waste time on it.

His current task was to catch as many Waterdrop Fishes as possible first; when the exam ends, he can give some to Lin Fei Fei.

Like that she would have high scores which was very important, if they want to receive better treatment when they enter Beta Hall.

Time is precious, he cannot waste it on this matter.

Therefore, he brought his remaining team mates and left in another direction.

Lin Fei Fei had wanted Wang Chao to chase after her, but in the end, she only saw Wang Chao bringing the rest and left.

Lin Fei Fei felt a heartfelt sorrow before she loudly cried.

It was all because of that b*tch Huan Qing Yan! It is all her fault, that jinx!

When Brother Bei Cheng saw Huan Qing Yan, he chose to discard Lin Fei Fei.

When Huan Qing Yan visited her family, the Lin Family was suddenly ruined for no reason.

The Nan Gong Clan was also greatly damaged for some unknown reason as well; Brother Bei Cheng seemed to have turned into a completely different person, and he has not appeared in the academia in recent times as well.

Now, Cousin Wang Chao, who listened to her every instruction since young, had also turned his back on her.

Everything that happened was all because of Huan Qing Yan that b*tch!

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She must not let Huan Qing Yan off!

Suddenly, she remembered the words of that dog, Hou Ning Xue, and went to the corner; to the location of the snake nest…

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This place was indeed a snake nest that held quite a number of snakes, as much as sixty snakes were here!

This was also the largest snake nest that Huan Qing Yan has encountered so far as well, they came in all sizes with the leader at the length of nearly twenty meters long, and with a body the circumference of a rice bowl.

Huan Qing Yan’s Pig Spirit Treasure and Le Guo’er’s Ox Spirit Treasure was currently working together to delay this large snake.

They were covering the escape of their team mates.

After that, they both called back their spirit treasures at great speed before quickly escaping, the snake had wanted to chase after them but did not know the direction they had escaped to in the end.

With that, the entire team safely escaped from the danger.

And sighed a breath of relief.

“Let’s place a mark here to indicate that there is a snake nest inside, else the rest of our other classmates might enter this place by mistake and place their lives in danger.” Le Guo’er used her powerful strength to draw a large cross on the floor before writing a few words of caution.

This made Huan Qing Yan’s impression of her even better.

This lady might only be a Seven-Star Spirit Master, but she was magnanimous and calm while her spirit treasure possessed great strength, making her as powerful as Huan Qing Yan; but most importantly, she possessed a kind heart.

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