Chapter 669 – Truly A Good Dog

“What do you think is the Waterdrop Fishes are used for? Why do the academia want us to catch them?” someone started a casual conversation.

Smiling, Hou Ning Xue replied, “Didn’t you check the records? Waterdrop Fishes possessed multiple uses; its meat contains spirit energy that could be used to make Spirit Dishes, its swim bladder could be used to create Water Repelling Talismans…”

“Water Repelling Talisman? You meant the one that we used credits to exchange for?”

“That’s right! It is created using the swim bladder of Waterdrop Fishes.”

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“So that’s the case, every part of the Waterdrop Fishes are treasures.”


As the team causally talked amongst themselves, Le Guo’er who was scouting in front shouted back, “Huan Qing Yan, come quick, we found a snake nest and got tied up!”

Huan Qing Yan looked to her left and right, and Hou Ning Xue then proactively said, “You guys quickly go ahead, my cultivation is too weak after all, I can wait here and call for you guys when there are fishes.”

No one objected, Hou Ning Xue’s cultivation was indeed the lowest, going with them would not amount to much help. In addition, even if fishes appeared, it would be impossible for her to catch much as well, they were not afraid that she would keep everything for herself.

Huan Qing Yan brought the rest and quickly went to aid Le Guo’er.

Hou Ning Xue remind behind alone.

Until Huan Qing Yan and her group have turned around the corner and disappeared, then did her curry-favoring smile slowly faded away.

A trace of undetected viciousness appeared within her eyes.

At that moment, a few individuals swam towards her.

It was Lin Fei Fei’s group.

When Lin Fei Fei saw Hou Ning Xue, she started to mock, “Yo, isn’t this the dog of a certain someone? Why did your master not bring you along to have some bone! Oh, I have spoken wrongly, I meant bring you along to catch fish! Those are important credits to earn!”

Hou Ning Xue was displaying a confused expression of not understanding her words, “Hello Senior.”

Wang Chao’s crocodile spirit treasure was moving around the area, sniffing wherever it went.

Very soon, it detected some movements.

Wang Chao was very happy as he took out his net.

But he was stopped by Hou Ning Xue, “Senior Wang, my apologies but this place is baited with Grey Spirit Worms by my team. Please do not catch the fishes that come here as this area belongs to my team.”

Wang Chao really stopped.

Immortal Ripple’s Princess Fruit and Young Master Ya’s woman, both individual were entities that he is unable to offend.

Especially now that the Wang Family’s backing, the Nan Gong Clan and the Lin Clan of Xuan Chu Empire, have both fallen.

This led him to be extremely low key recently.

Lin Fei Fei beside him was unhappy as she placed her hands on her hips, “You say its yours and it is yours? You are the only one here, yet you are occupying such a large area! Learning to be domineering is what your master Huan Qing Yan taught her dog? Cousin, go catch the fish, I really want to see what this little b*tch can do!”

Hou Ning Xue coldly replied, “In front to the left is a snake nest. The Young Mistress and Princess Fruit has brought the rest to drive away the snakes; they will return very soon, you guys should head to another place. The Second Palace is a huge place, there is no need to set yourself against the Young Mistress.”

With such slick bootlicking of calling Young Mistress every few sentences, had they not known, they would have assumed the Hou Ning Xue was really a serving girl under the Huan Family.

When Lin Fei Fei heard it, she got even angrier.

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“Truly a good dog, the barks are really loud! Cousin, let’s catch the fishes here; their names are not written here, what right do they have to prevent us from catching?”

Wang Chao naturally has many considerations in his mind.

The reason he had always indulged Lin Fei Fei and follow her lead in the past was more or less because of his intention of wanting to curry favor and to get close to the Lin Family.

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