Chapter 668 – A Dead Person

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Madam Ru thought for a bit and noticed that the words were true.

No matter how much Ji Mo Ya that kid wants to have his way, he would still require the blessings of the elders to form the Heart’s Union Knot before the marriage could truly be formalized.

Only a couple with the Heart’s Union Knot could use Couple Battle Techniques.

A Heart’s Union Knot could be split into grades, Low Grade, Mid Grade, High Grade and Top Grade.

The higher the cultivation of the elder that gave the blessing, the higher the grade of the knot blessed.

And the higher the grade of the Heart’s Union Knot, the more powerful would the Couple Battle Technique be.

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“Ok. I am only worried that he would be giving up his future for a single woman.”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo replied, “When Xin Nuo was in the Holy City, I have met Lady Huan several times, and I can see that she truly loves Cousin. How about Xin Nuo makes a trip to Surging Wave Academia and explain about Cousin’s situation to Lady Huan clearly, ask her to think from Cousin’s point of view. If she really loves Cousin, she would also not want to see Cousin fall out with his clan and waste away his bright future…”

Madam Ru pondered for a while and did not object, “Will do, you can try urging her. The old maids I sent to discipline her the last time were sent back by her, you should be careful.”

“Rest assured Auntie, I will. Lady Huan is a very reasonable person.” Mu Rong Xin Nuo obediently replied.

The two of them exchanged a few more words before Mu Rong Xin Nuo left.

Only when Mu Rong Xin Nuo left did Madam Ru summoned her close aide.

It was a person possessing the cultivation of a Mystic Spirit Master.

“Bring men and secretly accompany Xin Nuo on this trip. If that woman is not willing to listen to reason, then use whatever it takes to kill that woman in secret!”

This was Madam Ru’s greatest step back, she allowed Xin Nuo to try reasoning first; give that woman a chance.

If that does not work, then she would not allow this sand to continue to irritate her eyes.

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In her heart, this woman was already the same as a dead person.

Her son was originally not close to her, now a wild woman dares to come and steal him away from her?

No way!

Even if mother and son were to fall out, it would at most last several years or maybe several decades. However, blood is thicker than water; she do not believe that he would hate her for the rest of his life.

Her subordinate acknowledged, “Yes Madam.”


Huan Qing Yan’s team had entered the Second Palace.

The Second Palace was only separated by a corridor, due to their large numbers, they managed to locate the place rather easily.

Compared to the First Palace, this place was much more complex, there were several tables and chairs scattered about within each area, there were also several single rooms as well.

Like the First Palace, it was also a dilapidated scene.

This palace possessed an even greater space and being the first team that entered here, Huan Qing Yan’s team managed to discover even more fishes then the First Palace within a short while.

Hou Ning Xue scattered some Spirit Grey Worms at various eye-catching spots, this instantly created lots of movement.

The others did not relax as well, as they each took out their fishnets and fish pouches and started catching fish.

Their harvest was quite bountiful, as compared to the First Palace, the fishes in the Second Palace were one size bigger and most of their catch were the size of their palms.

Some smaller fishes managed to escape but the group was too lazy to chase after them.

The people outside followed behind them to observe when they saw Huan Qing Yan and her team entered the Second Palace. Seeing that nothing serious happened, everyone’s courage increased and they also entered the Second Palace.

After a while, several teams entered the Second Palace one after the other.

With more people, the harvest also got smaller; Huan Qing Yan’s team started to shift to a deeper location as they gave up the area nearest to the entrance to the others.

Le Guo’er went ahead with the faster individuals to scout ahead; if they encounter snakes, they would distract it, if there were no snakes, they would scout. While Huan Qing Yan brought Huo Ning Xue and the rest to scatter more Grey Spirit Worms to catch more fishes.

There was no instantaneous effect from scattering Grey Spirit Worms; it takes some time before the baits can start attracting their catches.

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