Chapter 667 – Destroy His Own Future

It was true that the First Palace was no longer able to suit their team’s needs.


Mu Rong Xin Nuo knelt in front of Madam Ru, “Auntie! You must never do that! Aunt…”

Madam Ru was still in the height of her anger, “Why not? That woman is a vixen that came out of nowhere, to dare to seduce my son till he lost his soul, a demoness like that must never be left alive. Isn’t she still not a True Spirit Master yet? Just send a Mystic Spirit Master and it will be settled, once she dies, everything will naturally solve itself.”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo shook her head, “Aunt, we cannot do that. Let’s put aside the people that cousin had sent to protect her and say that the assassination worked. If she is really killed, cousin will surely see you as an enemy, if cousin had a falling out with you, what can you do from then on?”

“He dares? To fall out with me for a woman? No longer observing the path of filial piety?” Madam Ru’s voice turned even angrier.

Mu Rong Xin Nuo meekly said, “Auntie, cousin is the heir nurtured by the patriarch, no one is able to understand him; but how can we not understand him? Once he has set his mind on something, there is nothing he will not dare to do. In addition, do you really think cousin really cares about the bond between the two of you? He was not brought up by you since young…”

These words were what Madam Ru hated to hear the most and she pushed Mu Rong Xin Nuo aside, “I did not raise him, but I gave birth to him. Will he exist if I never gave birth to him…”

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Mu Rong Xin Nuo knocked her head on the table after she was pushed, causing a red mark to appear on it instantly.

But she did not cry out in pain, “Aunt, listen to me, you cannot rush this matter, the patriarch and others would not let this matter go as well. You wanted to force things but Xin Nuo thinks that we must not use force in this matter. You need to use logic and rules to reason with him, if you cannot convince him, then let the patriarch and others to handle it. You only have Cousin this one son, there is no need to fall out with each other. You have said before, it is only one woman; Cousin might be doing this in a spur of the moment, there is still a long time ahead of us…”

Madam Ru still felt angry but she also thought that Mu Rong Xin Nuo’s words were logical, she helped Mu Rong Xin Nuo up, “Xin Nuo, I have underestimated you, to think that you have the ability to be so insightful child. If that brat dared to tell me his intentions, then he must have made ample arrangements to protect that woman, one or two True Spirit Masters might not be enough…”

Mu Rong Xin Nuo stood up and said gently, “Auntie, you a heroine of women, the women of the Mu Rong Clan have all saw you as our role model to learn from. Xin Nuo has admired you since young, you are meticulous about small matters and decisive about big matters; only thing was that your methods might be too hard at times and not soft enough. In fact, your position is tied to Cousin, if Cousin is around, your reputation and position in the Ji Mo Clan would be even higher, if Cousin is not around, your position and status would be greatly reduced. Therefore, you must not break off ties with Cousin too early, it is not too late to leave it till you can no longer tolerate it anymore before deciding…”

Those words caused Madam Ru to see Mu Rong Xin Nuo in a different light.

“Your words made sense, Little Nuo, let’s wait and see how the Patriarch and others handle this matter before we continue. I am just worried that the brat would head down a path of no return, he mentioned that he is willing to give up the position of heir for that woman! Such a good opportunity presented to him, yet he chose to destroy his own future, truly ridiculous. His father in heaven would also be sad if he learnt of it.”

“You shouldn’t feel hurried, they have not even gotten married yet, right? To be really married, they require the blessings of an elder to help them form a Heart’s Union Knot. If not, it would just be another concubine serving by his side; there is no need to feel angry over a mere concubine.”

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