Chapter 665 – Powerful Combo

When they reduced the gap to a suitable distance, the water mobile Leafy was sent to bind the black stone.

The Waterdrop Fish possessed a very powerful hiding ability; however, it did not possess much of an attack power, this allowed Huan Qing Yan to easily keep it inside her pouch.

This was surely a large fish that was several times larger than the first one she caught, this one was as long as her arm!

Huan Qing Yan happily wondered how much credits this one would get her.

With this experience, Huan Qing Yan increased her observation and made sure to focus on the details; this allowed her to continue netting several more fishes. However, none were as big as that large one she had caught.

Currently, another black dot was in front of her,and  from her experience, she could tell that this one was relatively large.

When she was about to make a move, she discovered that someone was behind, it was Le Guo’er!

The larger a Waterdrop Fish was, the faster its speed would be, as Le Guo’er possessed relatively short legs, the word ‘difficult’ was completely written on her face.

Huan Qing Yan covered her mouth in a giggle, with a palm strike, the black dot slowed down due to the obstruction, allowing Le Guo’er to finally catch it.

“Thank you!” Le Guo’er said immediately with a smile.

“Welcome!” Huan Qing Yan said magnanimously, as the two exchanged gazes they instantly felt a pleasant connection…

After a while, the others also noticed that the larger Waterdrop Fishes all possessed faster speeds as well; it was impossible for them to catch it alone, it would be better if they form teams to work together.

Some would be in charge of distracting the snakes, some would intercept, some would focus on capturing etc…

Therefore, everyone started to discuss with each other.


Just as everyone started to get familiar with the team members they have formed with.

Le Guo’er smiled to Huan Qing Yan and asked, “How about we form a team as well! I wonder if I am worthy of working together with Classmate Huan?”

From the moment when Le Guo’er had not tried to steal that large Waterdrop Fish from her, Huan Qing Yan already knew that the lady was a forthright person, worthy of being friends with.

So Huan Qing Yan decisively agreed, “Sure.”

Le Guo’er and Huan Qing Yan could be considered one of the several power individuals around, when everyone heard that these two were forming a team, some people tried their luck to join theirs.

“Can I join your team too? I am now a Seven-Star Spirit Master.”

“I am a Six-Star Spirit Master, Princess Fruit, I am from Immortal Ripple Empire as well and has admire you for a long time!”

“I am from Hanging Cloud Empire, Lady Huan, please bring me along, my Horned Horse Spirit Treasure has great speed, it can be used to distract the snakes…”

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Everyone wanted to join Huan Qing Yan’s team, only Lin Fei Fei snorted, “What’s so great about her? Isn’t she only a Nine-Star Spirit Master? There are so many dangers in there, no matter how high your cultivation is, there is still a chance to die and forever remain here!”

Huan Qing Yan ignored her, there was no need to be bothered about this type of people, the more you gave her attention, the more she will act up.

Just directly ignoring them would be the best.

Le Guo’er looked at Huan Qing Yan and the latter shrugged, “I have not been in the academia long and did not know anyone, I will leave it to you to select.”

Le Guo’er did not hesitate and quickly selected the excellent individuals, only when the strong team band together will there be greater efficiency in their team.

Soon, a total of seven people were selected.

Lin Fei Fei stood beside Wang Chao as he watched Le Guo’er and her team in envy, the angry Lin Fei Fei quickly pulled him away.

“What are you looking at? Time to catch fish, two days will pass very quickly yet you still have the mood to look at others…”

Wang Chao possessed a Crocodile Spirit Treasure, as a water spirit treasure, its ability to sense Waterdrop Fishes was much stronger than others; teaming up with Lin Fei Fei had allowed him to catch several fishes and that allowed them to not lose out to others.

Seeing their current results, it was highly likely that they would be joining Beta Hall.

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