Chapter 223: You Can’t Go Out At Night


Zhuang Nai Nai looks at him anxiously.

She gets up from her seat, “Please give me my phone back.”

Zhang Chao Wen takes a step back and sneers, “Mr. Si once released a notice demanding every staff to turn off their phone during meeting.  Even my phone is off, you sure have a big head.  Di Hao Group has been in operation for so many years and the only person who can accept calls during meetings is Mr. Si.”

He looks at the screen.

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Zhuang Nai Nai really does not know how to deal with this person, he is too unreasonable!  Even if the company really has that rule, he could have reprimanded her, could have also kick her out of the meeting.  What gives him the right to take her phone away?

The most important thing is, if he sees the ID of the caller……

Zhang Chao Wen sneers when he sees the name flashing on the screen, “Arrogant Master?”

After he says that, bursts of laughter can be heard inside the meeting room.

Zhuang Nai Nai’s face turns red.  When she sees the amused and the mocking smiles on other people’s faces, she suddenly has the desire to dig out a hole to bury herself in.

Zhang Chao Wen harrumphs, “What kind of nickname is this?  Young people these days, hmph….”  He flings her phone on the table before icily saying, “If you don’t want to work anymore, feel free to get lost, Zhuang Nai Nai.”

She really wants to smash the phone on his face.  He is too despicable.

She takes a deep breath and retrieves her phone from the table.  Then, she turns towards Zhang Chao Wen.  She wanted to talk back, but in the end decides against it, “I was wrong this time.”

Admitting fault is not a big deal.  It is easier that way so that things will not get overblown.

But, who would have thought…..

“Get out of the meeting room.  Once the meeting is over, you are to go to Director Mi to admit fault.  Get ready to be punished.”

He has always disliked Zhuang Nai Nai.  She is new to the company and has already started to show her talent during meetings.

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She does not speak much, but whenever she does, it will make people’s eyes light up.

She is a threat to his position in this department!  Now that he has managed to find a fault, how could he simply let it go?  Playing with phones during meeting is not a big offense, but it is not a small one either.

Mr. Si indeed has a rule that forbade others from playing with phones during meetings.  One person got directly dismissed for doing that, one time.

Zhang Chao Wen must seize this chance to drive her away!

She grits her teeth at him, but this time, she has no other choice but to leave.

She walks out with her head bowed down, sitting on her seat.

It is then that the department’s phone rings.

She irritatedly answers the call, “Hello.”

‘Arrogant Master’ Si Zheng Ting’s voice can be heard, “What’s wrong?”

He seems to be asking why she rejected his call earlier, “I was in a meeting.”

So can you please change that stupid rule of yours?

You can’t answer your phone during meetings?  What if you have a loved ones dying in the hospital, waiting to see you for the last time?

Zhuang Nai Nai’s heart is full of irritation, but she does not dare to complain out loud.  One must know that Si Zheng Ting’s mood has been bad since yesterday.  God knows why…

Si Zheng Ting says, “En.  You can’t go out at night.”





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