Chapter 515: Cooperating, the return of Si Bi

The wind got stronger and stronger and it blew against Mu Hanyan’s clothing. Her hair fluttered in the air behind her and she appeared as though she was having a sad dream.

Long Yi stood up as he turned his head to look at Mu Hanyan. There was a profound look on his face. Every little detail of the time he had spent together with her since he had gotten acquainted with her appeared in his mind. Her tenderness, her softness, her attractiveness, and her mysteriousness. Every single aspect of Mu Hanyan attracted him. From the very beginning, this was a dangerous game. Both of them knew that the day would come. However, they indulged themselves in this beautiful dream… When the reality was laid bare in front of them, both of them woke up with a start. Losing 800 to kill 1000… In such a game, there was neither victory nor defeat. There would only be damages.

The next time they met, they might be waving weapons at each other. Long Yi clenched his hands and looked away. The two of them were getting intimate with each other just a moment ago. They were like lovers. However, they were facing the opposite direction the next moment. If Long Yi were to leave right now, the invisible red string between the two of them would be severed instantly.

“Wait a moment.” Mu Hanyan turned around and called out. Her eyes were misty and she felt a heartache as thought a knife was stabbed into her heart. She felt as though breathing became difficult.

Long Yi was startled. He retracted the step he was going to take and stood still with his back facing Mu Hanyan. He didn’t want to see her struggle.

Mu Hanyan took a deep breath and her expression gradually calmed down. Suddenly, a smile appeared on her face and she joked, “What? You don’t have the courage to even look at me… It seems like I didn’t fail completely. At the very least, you fell in love with me, isn’t that so?”

A bitter smile appeared on the face of Long Yi. This seductress. He could never guess what was on her mind. She hid her complex emotions at the innermost part of her heart. Long Yi turned around with a cheeky smile and said, “Hanyan, you are smiling so happily. However, why are your eyes red and swollen like a rabbit?”

“Are they? It might be because sand got into my eyes.” Mu Hanyan touched the corner of her eyes and said with a smile. She slowly walked towards Long Yi with graceful steps and her delicate fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

Long Yi kept the smile on his face as he stared straight into Mu Hanyan’s eyes. He asked, “Is there anything you want to tell me?”

“I want to make a bet with you… Are you interested?” Mu Hanyan hugged the neck of Long Yi and said with a charming smile.

“What’s the bet?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked.

“Bet on our ending. Do you dare to bet with me?” Mu Hanyan stood on her tiptoes and whispered as she licked Long Yi’s earlobe with her fragrant tongue.

“How do you want to bet?” The breathing of Long Yi stagnated. However, his hand reached out and grabbed Mu Hanyan’s perk buttocks. Now, she was playing with fire. Compared to before, this game was much more dangerous and even more insane.

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“We cooperate. I can help you deal with the dark force behind Long Zhan. The strength of the dark force is stronger than whatever you can imagine. No one knows them better than me. With my help, it will become much easier to seize the power.” Mu Hanyan buried her beautiful face into Long Yi chest and she felt extremely comfortable when she sensed Long Yi’s warm aura.

“Then, what about your condition?” Long Yi stroked the back of Mu Hanyan and asked. Looking at them from far away, they looked just like a pair of intimate couple hugging each other. However, the conversation between them was nothing like a conversation between normal couples.

“It’s very simple. Don’t reject my existence and treat me just like you did before.” Mu Hanyan muttered and nibbled the sturdy chest of Long Yi.

The nerves of Long Yi suddenly tightened. He thought about it and understood the meaning of Mu Hanyan’s words. A smile gradually appeared on his face and he said, “You still haven’t given up your goal of controlling me have you? It was impossible before and now that I have already discovered your purpose, do you think you can succeed? It is very unwise for you to bet like this.”

“That is something for me to worry about. The most important thing is whether you dare to bet with me or not.” Mu Hanyan looked up and rubbed the beard stubble on the chin of Long Yi with her little hand. She liked this feeling.

“I have no reason to refuse you, do I?” Long Yi said with a smile. He had seen the dark force behind Long Zhan. Those dark warriors and magicians were terrifying existences. Moreover, ever since he saw the event which happened in the secret room under the Heaven Forbidden Prison, he felt extremely uneasy in his heart.

“Then…… It’s settled. I will not disappoint you. I hope that you will not disappoint me.” Mu Hanyan gently pushed Long Yi away and said with a brilliant smile. With a wave of her hand, the cry of a crane came from far away.


With the arrival of the night, various colored magic lamps lit up in succession. In the dim light of night, Soaring Dragon City looked just like a piece of jade that emitted dazzling luster in the mildest of darkness.

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Long Yi flew over and reached the city gate of Soaring Dragon City and he saw that there was a continuous stream of the crowd.

The famous Wangjiang House of Soaring Dragon City also had a continuous flow of people as usual. Looking at the big river while drinking and eating snacks could also be regarded as a kind of enjoyment.

Although it had not been long since Long Yi returned, he was well known in this city. Even if the people of Soaring Dragon City wanted to forget him, it was difficult for them to do so. Just standing at the entrance of this Wangjiang House, the sharp-eyed manager hastily came over to welcome him into the shop. He respectfully ushered Long Yi into a private compartment.

With a bottle of good wine, several kinds of exquisite dishes, and a cool breeze blowing into the room through the window, Long Yi’s chaotic mind settled down a lot. He should let nature take its course when dealing with Mu Hanyan. In any case, he didn’t believe that she would be able to control him.

“Dark aura……” Suddenly, Long Yi frowned as the blood skull on his left palm vibrated.

He quickly pushed open the window that was facing towards the street and scanned through the crowds which were walking on the street.

Two women dressed in rags were rushing through the crowd. Not far from them, several black robed men who wore hoods were chasing after them from different directions. It seemed as though the black robed men wanted to surround those two women.

Before long, the two women appeared in front of Wangjiang House. When they reached the entrance of Wangjing House, one of them fell over. The other woman stopped and hastily pulled her up. In the short span of time, the two of them became surrounded by the black robed men.

“Help……” One of the women screamed. However, just after she cried for help, she lost consciousness.

The people around noticed that something was wrong, but all of them simply watched from afar and none of them came forward to poke their nose into other people’s business.

“Pretending? Pretending for me to see? This stage performance is too disappointing.” The corner of Long Yi’s mouth hooked upwards and he calmly looked on from the sidelines. These two women were clearly different from average people. Those black robed men had been chasing them down the street. However, they had coincidentally been caught right outside the Wangjing House where Long Yi was in. He felt as though it was too suspicious.

When Long Yi was still watching the good show, the black robed men caught those two women and they were preparing to walk away. Long Yi simply stood still and sneered, preparing to turn back to his private compartment.

“Stop.” A clear and melodious voice resounded which was followed up with a strong light magic fluctuation. A light curtain stopped the path of those black-robed people.

Long Yi was startled and he suddenly turned around. He saw a young girl wearing golden edged priest robe with a hood on her head and a light magic staff in her hand flying over. Not far away from her, a handsome youth who emitted a bone-piercing coldness followed behind her. This youth was holding an almost transparent sword and he was staring at those black robed people with no emotions on his face.

“Si Bi, Li Qing……” Long Yi muttered. He was pleasantly surprised in his heart. The two of them were finally back.

When Long Yi was lost in thought, Li Qing had already made a move against those black-robed people. The sword in his hand flashed and the temperature of the surrounding area instantly dropped by several tens of degree.

The current Li Qing was far more powerful than his former self. In the 18 trials, he had been on the verge of life and death countless times. His latent potential had been completely stimulated. In addition, his divine bloodline had also awakened.

A cold qi flew towards a black robed man at a speed that a naked eye couldn’t see. The man had no time to dodge and he was frozen in an instant. He broke into ten pieces with a loud bang. He had actually been frozen from the inside out.

“It’s a dark warrior.” The eyes of Long Yi flashed and he instantly disappeared from the room.

Suddenly, multicolored radiance appeared in the sky and the remaining black robed people that wanted to escape were suppressed by the multicolored magic douqi Long Yi emitted.

“Holy Light Illumination.” A soft voice resounded and the light magic staff in Si Bi’s hand emitted a gentle radiance. It lit up the bodies of the people in black robes. In the blink of an eye, they lost their power to resist and their limbs became weak and limp.

Li Qing sheathed his Ice Sword and looked at Long Yi. Walking two steps forward, he kneeled down and said, “Young Master, Li Qing is lucky that he didn’t disgrace you. I have already passed my clan’s 18 paths of trials.”

Long Yi help Li Qing up and sized him up from head to toe. He suddenly started laughing and he patted Li Qing’s shoulders. He embraced Li Qing into a bear hug and said with a smile: “Good brother! How are you becoming more handsome the older you grow? Tell me the secret later.”

“Young Master……” A warm current appeared in the heart of Li Qing and he pushed away Long Yi as a feeling on unease welled up in his heart. Although he was also excited in his heart, his expression was still frozen like before.

Long Yi turned to Si Bi and he walked over to her. He hugged her and he could feel that her body was trembling. With a soft voice, Long Yi said, “Darling, I missed you to death.”

Si Bi didn’t speak, but tears slowly rolled down her hood. Her tears fell onto Long Yi’s shoulders. At this time, her heart that had been fluttering for a long time finally stabilized.

A team of patrolling guard rushed over and they happened to be the people Long Yi knew. He quickly ordered them to bring back the black robed men and the two women to the Ximen Residence.

The two women turned around and looked at Long Yi with their tearful eyes. It seemed as though they had thousands and thousands of words they wanted to say to Long Yi.

“Where have I seen them before?” Long Yi frowned and muttered.

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