Chapter 514: Deepthr*at and conjecture

Mu Hanyan gasped for breath and she ruthlessly pinched Long Yi’s thighs.

Long Yi hissed in pain and he retaliated. His hands entered her lapel and gently pinched and flicked those two small cherries. Immediately afterward, they stood erect.

“Don’t…… I surrender, okay?” Long Yi suddenly felt that his little brother which was rubbing against her but became grabbed tightly. He couldn’t help but make a wry smile as he raised the white flag.

Since these two people were making such big movements in the attic, if it wasn’t for the sound insulation barrier Long Yi had set up in advance, all the imperial guards in the imperial palace would have already charged into the attic to arrest these intruders.

“Do you think that just saying ‘I surrender’ is enough? I want you to surrender for real.” The words of Mu Hanyan made Long Yi stop smiling. There seemed to be other meanings hidden in her words.

Before Long Yi had time to think, Mu Hanyan turned around to face him. In the darkness, her beautiful pupils emitted a bewitching radiance.

Mu Hanyan exhaled a mouthful of sweet fragrance and she slowly squatted down in front of Long Yi. Her little hand was still holding onto Long Yi’s erect little brother.

“What are you doing?” Long Yi’s mouth and tongue were somewhat dry. When he looked at that spring scenery below him, the passionate feeling in his heart soared.

“Of course I’m trying to make you surrender.” The little hand of Mu Hanyan moved up and she suddenly undid Long Yi’s belt. His high-spirited lethal weapon was exposed in front of her face.

In the next moment, Long Yi could feel that little Long Yi was entering a warm and moist place. He couldn’t help but open his mouth to roar in a low voice, “This seductress……”

The head of Mu Hanyan moved forward and backward. Her fawning eyes occasionally looked up and she stared into Long Yi’s eyes. Her seductive appearance could hook the soul of anyone.

In this aspect, Mu Hanyan’s talent was truly unrivaled. She was naturally extremely charming. Just one look at her and one would become unable to control their emotions. Even though she was extremely seductive, her charm was in no way vulgar. Her style didn’t resemble the lowly seductive techniques used by those prostitutes in the brothels. Her charm had a kind of innate nobility mixed up with it. This kind of temperament was the exact temperament which was fatal for many people.

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Below, Long Zhan was already lying on the bed like a dead dog. As for that woman who was moaning louder and louder, she was currently panting for breath with all four limbs spread open. It seemed like she had yet to recover from the lingering **. Looking at her, her skin and ** were not bad. Her appearance was also somewhat familiar. It seemed like she was the daughter of some minister.

All of a sudden, Long Yi felt as though his little brother had completely entered Mu Hanyan’s mouth. The front end of his little brother was so tightly gripped that he involuntarily let out a moan. That intense pleasure nearly made Long Yi unable to hold it in.

Mu Hanyan seemed to be much more vigorous than him right now. She repeated her movements several times and Long Yi became unable to resist it any longer. With a low groan, he released everything.

Mu Hanyan took out a brocade handkerchief and spat out milky white stuff on it while coughing and caressing her throat. When she was done with Long Yi, her complexion was quite pale.

“Are you okay? Where did you learn such a difficult technique?” Long Yi fastened up his belt and caressed Mu Hanyan’s beautiful hair. Not everyone can perform this deepthr*at technique.

“This is the first test and the result seemed pretty good. Looks like you have really surrendered now.” Mu Hanyan flirted with Long Yi, but her voice was somewhat hoarse.

“Didn’t I already surrender? You are amazing.” Long Yi smiled and patted Mu Hanyan’s beautiful face.

Mu Hanyan leaned closer to Long Yi and looking below, she suddenly asked, “Do you feel anything different about this Long Zhan?”

Long Yi carefully looked for a long time and he shrugged his shoulders as he said, “I don’t see any difference. Is there a problem with the Long Zhan here?”

“Don’t you feel like he became a lot thinner compared to before?” Mu Hanyan said.

“It seems so… However, this is nothing strange.” Long Yi said.

“A person who cultivates douqi all year around will not lose weight without reason.” Mu Hanyan seriously said.

“That…… What do you mean?” The heart of Long Yi jumped as he stared at Mu Hanyan.

“He is not Long Zhan.” Mu Hanyan said word by word.

Long Yi raised his eyebrows and looked at Long Zhan below without uttering a word.

“Who do you think he is? Where is the real Long Zhan?” After a long time, Long Yi asked.

“I am not sure. However, guess is that he is the missing Military Advisor in disguise. As for the real Long Zhan, even his remains might have already been erased.” The words which came out of Mu Hanyan’s mouth was world shaking news to Long Yi. Hearing her, the complexion of Long Yi had great changes.

“I am not speaking empty words. The Military Advisor is the leader of the dark force behind Long Zhan. However, his disappearance didn’t lead to any changes… Doesn’t this seem strange to you? Moreover, after investigating for two days, I discovered that Long Zhan had been the one commanding the dark force behind him. This deepened my doubts.” Mu Hanyan added.

When Long Yi heard what Mu Hanyan said, he raised his eyebrows and said suddenly, “Then it looks like the Military Advisor seemed to have freed himself from your control.”

The charming body of Mu Hanyan stiffened and dense killing intent flashed through her eyes for a moment.

“You speculation is pretty good. Now, let me make my own guess. My guess is that the dark force behind the Military Advisor is you. The Military Advisor controls Long Zhan and you control the Military Advisor. You completely support the battle of domination between Long Zhan and the Ximen Clan. If Long Zhan wins, it means that the Military Advisor wins. That also means that you win… Hehe, you are truly amazing.” Long Yi said with a smile. Even though when he made his guess, he was holding onto Mu Hanyan’s waist. The distance between them seemed to stretch to infinity and they felt as though the other party felt extremely distant.

The expression of Mu Hanyan become exceedingly complex. She bit her lower lip and faintly said, “It’s a pity… A pity that I misjudged your existence.”

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“Since you noticed the change in the situation, you changed your target. You started to help me and you even wanted to control me. Am I right?” Long Yi smiled but his gaze was very cold.

Mu Hanyan didn’t reply Long Yi at all and her gaze was ice-cold.“Let’s go. This is not a good place to talk.”


The light rain outside had already stopped at an unknown time. Even though there was no more rain, the cloudy weather made everyone feel depressed.

At the peak located on the western suburbs of Soaring Dragon City, Long Yi sat under a big tree looking at Mu Hanyan who was standing not far away. At this time, she had already retracted all of her charming aura. She appeared extremely cold.

“What do you plan to do? Kill me?” After a good while, Mu Hanyan spoke.

“I’m not able to kill you…” Long Yi had a bitter smile on his face. In his mind, Long Yi asked himself if he could bear to kill Mu Hanyan even if he had the abilities. The answer was extremely vague in his heart. Perhaps, he was subconsciously denying this problem.

“If you are able to kill me, then will you kill me?” Mu Hanyan softly asked. Even though she was standing close to Long Yi, her voice seemed to be coming from a far place.

“Perhaps, perhaps not. It’s just an assumption that I can kill you. I can’t answer that.” Long Yi answered. When he looked at Mu Hanyan’s body which was trembling in the wind, he couldn’t help but feel a throbbing pain in his heart.

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