Chapter 193: Kingkong Array!

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Ning Wushuang stood at the riverside and looked at the battle happening in the skies. Suddenly, she felt that Cheng Yu was not as formidable as she had imagined. The reason she was oppressed by Cheng Yu was because of his cultivation being higher than her. If she were to be in Foundation Establishment Realm late stage, she would not be bullied by Cheng Yu so badly.

When she recalled the scenes of how Cheng Yu had bullied her, Ning Wushuang’s face subconsciously turned red. When she looked at Cheng Yu in a disadvantage, there was hatred in her heart. At the same time, she was quite disturbed by it. Her heart wanted Cheng Yu to win, even though she felt that she hated him. When she felt such peculiarity building up in her heart, Ning Wushuang was frightened. She quickly shook her head as she tossed aside those absurd thoughts. Cheng Yu was a vile person and had killed so many people. Furthermore, he was also a lewd thief and had unexpectedly did such a thing to her. Even if he were to die, it was eliminating evil for the people.

“Cheng Yu, even if you grew wings today, it would be hard for you to fly. I advise you to surrender. I can see that your cultivation is quite good. If you are to follow me back to Cultivation World Kunlun obediently, perhaps you might even be taken as a disciple by one of our elders,” When he saw Cheng Yu was at the disadvantage, Huang Wen started to advise Cheng Yu. Even though he had only fought with Cheng Yu once, Huang Wen knew that Cheng Yu was not someone who could be subdued so easily. Therefore, he was certain that Cheng Yu must had saved an ultimate move in order to flee from here.

The reason why Huang Wen had advised Cheng Yu was because he wanted to disrupt Cheng Yu’s state of mind, restraining him from playing any tricks. If Cheng Yu were to really start getting serious and made some ruthless moves, it would not be beneficial for them as well. On the other hand, Huang Wen also wished to recruit Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu was so young and already achieved such a cultivation level. Furthermore, he was very interested in the boxing technique that Cheng Yu displayed previously. If he was able to lure Cheng Yu into his faction and also learned his boxing technique, he couldn’t hope for any better.

Besides, if he really managed to recruit Cheng Yu, Kunlun would definitely be more than willing to accept him. Perhaps, they might even give him more benefits. Therefore, after much consideration, pulling Cheng Yu into Kunlun was something extremely beneficial for him. However, Cheng Yu did not take Huang Wen’s words seriously. It was impossible for him to join Kunlun.

And Guo Feng was not willing to let Cheng Yu be recruited into Kunlun. He was unable to tolerate Cheng Yu teasing Ning Wushuang. Besides, Ning Wushuang had also asked him to kill Cheng Yu. How could he possibly let Cheng Yu become join his sect?

“Cheng Yu, I will not let you leave here alive today,” Guo Feng said viciously to Cheng Yu. He used the Sunray sword art, bringing forth even greater power.

“Haha! Wish to kill me? You have to block my move first!” Under the fierce strikes of Guo Feng, Cheng Yu laughed. Just as before, he brandished another move that was very ordinary and mediocre.

“Haha! You already used this move more than ten times. Do you feel that this move would be able to injure me?” Guo Feng laughed. As before, he broke the move with ease. But just as Guo Feng’s sword was about to bump into Cheng Yu’s sword, all of a sudden, a large formidable force burst out from Cheng Yu’s sword as it thrust towards Guo Feng’s chest.

“Ah!” Guo Feng noticed that something was wrong, so he quickly released a large amount of Qi to protect his body. However, the power from the thrust was extremely strong. The Qi accumulated on the sword point was like a whirlpool that was revolving very quickly. It pierced through Guo Feng’s Qi defense and pierced his body, causing him to fall to the ground.

“Quick! Change into offensive stance! Surround him!” The sudden change caused everyone to be surprised. However, Huang Wen’s reaction speed was very fast. Just as Guo Feng was falling to the ground, he shouted. He slashed out with sword Qi at Cheng Yu, and after that, he took a look at Guo Feng’s situation. The moment Huang Wen gave the order, sword Qi rushed at Cheng Yu from all directions. However, Cheng Yu had long prepared for this. He fell down like Guo Feng, but the difference was that Cheng Yu was prepared and he was already on his flying sword.

Cheng Yu’s sudden fall caused all the sword Qi to collide as he brought forth continuous explosions. As for those sword Qi that did not collide, it rushed forth towards those that were standing opposite of the caster. They did not manage to evade the sword Qi in time and were slashed by it. Fortunately, they were all in Foundation Establishment Realm and could use their Qi to protect their body. Even though they did not get injured, their blood and Qi were disrupted.

“Senior Brother, be careful!” The descending Cheng Yu suddenly somersaulted changing his posture to face the ground. He thrusted at Guo Feng’s position as Xing Yun shouted at Huang Wen. Huang Wen had just checked out Guo Feng’s situation. Even though he had been stabbed, it was not serious, so Guo Feng’s life was not in any danger. However, Huang Wen still gave him two Soul Strengthening Pills to consume.

When he heard Xing Yun’s warning, Huang Wen raised his head to take a look. Just nice, he saw Cheng Yu’s sword point was infused with a Qi spiral as he stabbed down. Huang Wen had wanted to evade, but with Guo Feng lying here, if he were to evade, Guo Feng would definitely die. Cheng Yu had also chosen the correct target. He did not choose to stab Huang Wen, but the motionless Guo Feng. This caused Huang Wen to be unable to evade as well. Of course, if Huang Wen was not willing to save Guo Feng, Cheng Yu would also not be able to do anything to Huang Wen. But at the very least, he still would have managed to eliminate one of them.

Very obviously, Huang Wen chose to compete with Cheng Yu as he lifted up his sword and thrust it at Cheng Yu who was descending from the sky. This time, both of them were prepared. When the swords collided with each other, it immediately brought forth an explosion. In an instant, the swords in their hands shattered. Cheng Yu was hit by the force of the explosion as he somersaulted and landed on the ground. But just when Cheng Yu landed, the other Foundation Establishment Realm experts also landed in his surroundings. Once again, they surrounded Cheng Yu.

“Haha! Cheng Yu, I want to see how you are going to escape this time!” Huang Wen who crashed onto the ground looked to be in a sorry state, but he did not receive any wounds. He climbed back up and clenched his sword that was left with its handle. He looked at the sword in Cheng Yu’s hands that he was also left with its handle, and he laughed.

“Just a broken sword. It wouldn’t influence my ability in killing all of you!” Cheng Yu threw the sword that was in his hand and replied indifferently. However, his heart was extremely regretful. Just now, the explosion was caused by the Primeval Chaos technique, allowing him to bring forth an even greater power to the sword. Previously, when Cheng Yu had introduced this technique to the Dragon God Squad, he had said that the real Primeval Chaos Technique would be able to allow one’s strength to increase numerous times. Cheng Yu was able to accomplish it, but the grade of the sword was too low and was not able to handle the power he brought forth.

The Cultivation World armaments were classified into Magic Tools, Treasured Tools, Spiritual Tools and Immortal Tools. Each of them was differentiated by high, middle or low-grade. Magic Tools were the most ordinary armaments and only needed simple sacrificial practice before the user could utilize them. But Treasured Tools were different. Only Treasured Tools and above could be counted as real tools. They needed fresh blood before they would recognize their master. The moment they had acknowledged their masters, they would be able to merge into the owner’s body. Furthermore, a Treasured Tool itself possessed a formidable ability. It was able to help in one’s offense, defense or other aspects. All of this would have to depend on the armament’s qualities. And some of those top grade Treasured Tools possessed the ability to grow a spirit. These kinds of Treasured Tools possessed a high chance to become Spiritual Tools. Their might was naturally more powerful compared to the normal Treasured Tools.

The flying sword Cheng Yu got from Kunlun people was just some ordinary Magic Tools. The best one he got was the flying sword that had just been shattered and it was only a middle-grade. All of this belonged to Zhuang Shiyuan. As for those Kunlun Qi Training Realm disciples that he had killed, they did not even own a flying sword and only had low-grade Magic Tools. Just now, Cheng Yu had only used Primeval Chaos Technique twice and it caused the sword to shatter. It was quite obvious that the ability to handle the strength infused in it was just too weak.

If it was a Treasured Tool, or a high-grade Magic Tool, as long as it was definite that the sword would not break, Huang Wen would had been in deep sh*t just now with just a simple sword thrust. This had to be said as a regret. Furthermore, without any weapon, it would inconvenience Cheng Yu as well. Even though Cheng Yu did not have to use a sword, he could still use his fist to put these techniques into use. It’s just that the amount of Qi he had to consume would be higher. With higher consumption of Qi, it would naturally not be beneficial to Cheng Yu.

“Haha! Could it be that you think that just by relying on your hands, you would be able to kill all of us?” Huang Wen laughed heartily. Kunlun was a sect with a focus on sword techniques. The cultivation methods they learnt were basically all sword techniques. Without a sword, it would cause their strength to have a significant drop. In his opinion, Cheng Yu’s swordsmanship was so powerful, so without his weapon, similar to Huang Wen, Cheng Yu’s strength would drop dramatically as well.

“Isn’t it just a sword? I have lots of them,” Cheng Yu took out another sword, but this time, it was a low-grade Magic Tool.

“Qingfeng Sword?” Qingfeng Sword was Kunlun disciples’ standard sword and Huang Wen was able to tell with just a look. However, he understood very quickly. Previously, two groups of Kunlun disciples had been pursuing Cheng Yu when they were slaughtered, so it was not weird if Cheng Yu had their Qingfeng Swords.

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“So what if you have a sword? Today, no matter what, you would not be able to escape,” Huang Wen came over to Guo Feng’s side and picked up his sword as he looked at Cheng Yu and said.

“Hmph! Up to this point, I have still not seen any of you being able to resist my attacks?” Cheng Yu said disapprovingly. He took out five top-grade Qi Gathering Pills and swallowed them. Qi Gathering Pills could assist a cultivator in absorbing spiritual Qi faster. However, the spiritual Qi that was absorbed needed to be refined before it was converted into Qi they could use. In any case, Cheng Yu was not lacking such pills, and with a large amount of spiritual Qi being absorbed, he would be able to refine more of them with a faster rate.

“He is swallowing pills to recover! Everyone quickly attack!” When he saw Cheng Yu had started eating pills, Huang Wen’s complexion changed. He shouted once again as he initiated the attack.

Once again, Cheng Yu was facing group attacks. Cheng Yu’s spirit got serious, allowing Cheng Yu to quickly enter back into battle state. Dozens of them had Qi infused into their swords, causing Cheng Yu to start trembling after blocking of their attacks. However, Cheng Yu was still able to see the flaw in this group attack. With so many people surrounding him, they did not dare to release any Sword Qi. Realizing the problem, Cheng Yu no longer cared about the consumption of his Qi as his radiance grew on his sword. Waves of Qi continued to be shot out from the sword.

Facing the onslaught of sword Qi that occurred so unexpectedly, some of them were caught unprepared. The Qi that was protecting their body was pierced by sword Qi, producing colliding sounds. Everyone felt that the flow of their Qi and blood within their body had been disrupted as their internal organs shuddered.

“Kingkong Array!” When he saw his own men had been forced to retreat by Cheng Yu’s sword Qi, Huang Wen quickly ordered. When they heard the command, all of them searched for their position as they surrounded Cheng Yu and started the array.

Kingkong Array was a type of defensive array that was a defense technique taught to Kunlun disciples. The Qi that was covering their bodies immediately joined into one as blue Qi started to circulate above them. Cheng Yu once again sent sword Qi into everyone’s body. The blue light flickered. The attack was like a stone being thrown into the water, and it only caused a few ripples before it disappeared!

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