Chapter 192: You Forced Me

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“Clang!” The beauty’s sword stabbed out towards Cheng Yu’s forehead.

“Ching!” Just as the tip of the sword was an inch away from Cheng Yu’s forehead, it stopped. This time, it was not stopped by Cheng Yu’s Qi, but he had used two of his grease-filled fingers to stop the sword.

“Beauty, when you see a handsome guy, isn’t it inappropriate to use such a cheap move?” While using his fingers to stop the sword, Cheng Yu smiled at the beauty.

“Hmph! You treat human life as grass, your character is so despicable and your expression looked so demonic. Just by looking I can tell you aren’t someone good. What’s wrong with me using my sword to kill you?” The young lady had long determined Cheng Yu as a demonic sect disciple. Naturally, she would not have a good impression of him.

“Tsk. I truly have a whole new level of respect for you. In just a short while, you have understood me so thoroughly. However, if you wish to use your sword to kill me, you might as well rape and murder me,” When Cheng Yu saw the loathing and disdainful look the young lady had for him, it was as if he did not see it as he smirked.

“You f*ck*r! You actually dare to insult me, so I will let you wish you were dead! Let go of my sword!” When she heard the shameless speech from Cheng Yu, the hatred she had increased as she exerted her strength to take back the sword that was stopped in between Cheng Yu fingers.

“For what reason? Just because you used a sword? If you don’t have the ability, you can only be raped and murdered by me. Haha!” Cheng Yu laughed.

“I will let you experience the consequences!” The young lady tried to pull out her sword again, but was still unable to do so. Immediately, she poured all her Qi into the sword and used her strength to stab it at Cheng Yu once again. Feeling the sudden change in her aura, Cheng Yu quickly let go of his fingers. However, the tip of the sword did not advance forward. This time, it was stopped by Cheng Yu’s Qi. When it comes to the might Cheng Yu brought forth, the young lady was not too surprised because of how she saw Cheng Yu had stopped her sword, so she was able to tell Cheng Yu was also a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator. When her sword was obstructed by Cheng Yu once again, her energy increased as she thrust into Cheng Yu’s Qi defense forcefully.

The purple Qi on the sword circled as it bumped into the light blue Qi defense on Cheng Yu. The purple Qi was completely obstructed by the Qi defense.

“Haha! No wonder you have so much confidence. So you were a Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage expert. However, it will not be easy for you if you wish to kill me,” Previously, Cheng Yu still felt strange, as he was actually able to detect the beauty’s existence. It turned out that she was a Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage cultivator. It seemed like she had practiced some techniques to conceal her energy. The young lady had already started to sweat, but the sword in her hand still did not budge. She looked at how nonchalant Cheng Yu was, and her heart was in extreme shock. She had never expected this hateful person’s cultivation to be so high with a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivation.

Ever since she was young, her father had collected all sorts of heavenly treasures and had personally taught her. That’s why she had the cultivation today. It did not come to her that she would actually unexpectedly meet such a formidable young cultivator in the wild. The young lady was not resigned to it, but she still did not dare to pull back the sword that was obstructed by Cheng Yu’s defense. Both sides put in all their efforts. If Cheng Yu did not take the initiative to withdraw, the young lady might be devoured by his Qi completely.

“Little girl, if you don’t have the ability, don’t act like a hero. Eliminating evil is something you can’t possibly do,” Cheng Yu did not have any intention to kill her. When he saw she was no longer able to persevere, he immediately retracted his Qi. Even though he did not wish to admit he was an evil person, this woman had already determined him as one without even questioning him.

“Hmph! Whether I have the ability or not, you don’t need to care. In any case, I must kill you today,” The young lady did not have any sense of appreciation when Cheng Yu had tentatively retracted his Qi. She used the thousand flower sword art she had learnt from her sect. The motion was like moving clouds and flowing water, with every move and every style extremely fast and nimble. The beauty who was displaying the sword art was like a flower fairy dancing lightly and gracefully. But the offensiveness of this sword art was not strong, as Cheng Yu avoided it with ease.

“Oi! Little girl. Stop before going too far. I already let you off, and if you continue provoking me, don’t blame me for being impolite,” Cheng Yu looked at the dancing beauty and said furiously.

“Who needs you to be merciful? If you have the ability, let’s compete and see. Why would you still evade? If you are afraid, you can beg me. If my mood is better, perhaps I might let you off,” When she saw Cheng Yu kept on evading and she could not land her hit, the young lady grew angrier. She no longer cared if her opponent was stronger than her.

“Fine. You asked for it. Don’t blame me for being too vicious,” An ominous glint was displayed on Cheng Yu’s face as he said fiercely to the woman. When she saw Cheng Yu’s vicious expression, the young lady suddenly got scared. It was only then she remembered her opponent was a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert. However, without much time for contemplation, Cheng Yu’s speed abruptly increased. With a flash, his figure appeared behind the young lady. The young lady lifted up her sword and chopped down, but Cheng Yu had unexpectedly disappeared!

“Ah!” All of a sudden, the young lady screamed out in alarm because she felt that someone had hugged her from behind. She withdrew the sword, and tried to slash behind her. Cheng Yu grabbed the young lady’s hand that was holding onto the sword. With some strength, he removed the sword from her hand, causing it to drop to the ground.

“Ah!” The young lady screamed once again. However this time, apart from alarm, there was also sadness. Because Cheng Yu had used the move that would cause virgin women to drown themselves in a river, the unstoppable grabbing b**bs dragon gripper!

“I said before, you forced me!” Cheng Yu hugged the beauty from behind and pinched as he wished. He thought in his heart, sure enough, he was wrong, it was a lot bigger than a steamed bun.

“Lewd thief! I must definitely kill you!” Young ladies always had to preserve their chastity, so how could they be touched by man like this? Her anger increased and her face reddened, as she punched out towards Cheng Yu’s head. Cheng Yu withdrew one of his hands and held onto the young lady’s elegant fist. Suddenly, Cheng Yu felt that there were a few formidable energies rushing over, so his heart tensed as he smiled to the beauty that was in his bosom, ”Heh! Let’s stop here for today, if there’s a chance in the future, let’s research the problem of the size of steamed buns together!”

After Cheng Yu spoke, he let go off the young lady in his bosom as he leaped. He took out his flying sword and boarded it before leaving.

“Wish to leave? Cheng Yu, it will be difficult for you to run from death!” Cheng Yu had just started flying when ten figures appeared in an instant. The person who spoke was the one who was injured by Cheng Yu’s Phantom Fist previously, Huang Wen.

“Haha! Just a defeated opponent and you still dare to talk so bravely. You think that just because you have more people, you are terrific? Sad to say, I possess an ultimate killing technique,” Cheng Yu also knew that he would not be able to leave in a short while. He planned to eliminate their awe-inspiring authority quickly as he extended his own aura, causing them to feel some fear towards him.

“Hmph! Cheng Yu, it’s useless to spur me into action by making negative remarks. Today, it’s inevitably the day of your death!” Huang Wen’s complexion was unsightly. However, he was very judicious and would not be infuriated by Cheng Yu so easily.

“Miss Wushuang? Why would you be here? Is it because this fellow bullied you?” At this moment, Guo Feng noticed the woman at the riverbank. Immediately, he was overwhelmed with surprise, as he quickly flew to the front of the young lady before speaking.

“Guo Feng? Are you guys here to capture that lewd thief?” It turned out that this young lady was the Ningshui City’s City Lord, Ning Wuji’s, daughter, Ning Wushuang. However, Ning Wushuang did not have a favorable impression of Guo Feng because this person had actually peeked at her previously when she was taking a shower. Furthermore, it was also at this pool. Even though he kept on saying that it was a misunderstanding, Ning Wushuang did not believe in him.

“En. What? Lewd thief? Miss Wushuang, did he really bully you?” When he heard Ning Wushuang’s words, Guo Feng looked at Cheng Yu as he said furiously.

“Help me kill him,” Ning Wushuang truly hated Cheng Yu. He had actually dared to touch her, but she was not able to defeat him. Even though she did not wish to have any ties with Kunlun people, if Cheng Yu did not die, it was truly very hard for her hate to vanish.

“Sure. Cheng Yu, you are dead today. You actually dared to bully Miss Wushuang, I will not let you off,” When he heard Ning Wushuang ask him for help, Guo Feng became very happy as he spoke to Cheng Yu with fighting spirit.

“Tsk. Turn out that she’s your sweetheart. Truly a good Chinese cabbage that has been defiled by a pig. Er…it should be a stem of flower being planted on by dog poop!” Cheng Yu looked at Guo Feng with extreme disdain. Suddenly, he remembered the few girls he had at home were also good Chinese cabbage. Hence, he quickly restructured his example.

“Kill him!” When she heard Cheng Yu once again speak of her, Ning Wushuang said in extreme anger.

“Ok! Today I will personally slaughter him,” With Ning Wushuang’s orders, Guo Feng’s fighting spirit raised and he felt his heart was suddenly filled with heroic spirit. He stepped onto his flying sword and sent it towards Cheng Yu, officially commencing a battle at this moment. When they saw Guo Feng had taken the intiative to fight, the others did not attack together, but instead, they encircled them. This time, Huang Wen had brought along all the Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators in secular Kunlun. Even if they were not able to participate in the battle, he still had to prepare for interception. He must not let Cheng Yu escape again.

Guo Feng was using Kunlun’s Sunray sword art. This sword art’s offensiveness was a lot stronger compared to Ning Wushuang’s Thousand Flowers sword art. Every move was aimed at a person’s vital points and with the incorporation of Qi, it was as if sun rays shot out in all directions, but actually, those sun rays where all sword Qi.

When it came to Kunlun’s sword art, Cheng Yu was not unfamiliar with it. Therefore, when facing Guo Feng’s violent attacks, his responses were on point. This time, Kunlun had sent out so many experts. Cheng Yu did not wish to consume too much Qi, otherwise, when the time came he would not be able to escape.

Cheng Yu’s attacks were all very simple. After every defense, he would thrust out with some simple sword strikes. Very quickly, Guo Feng had gotten used to Cheng Yu’s assault as he got rid of Cheng Yu’s assaults with ease. His heart felt that Cheng Yu was only so-so and only the Phantom Lion Head was more powerful. If he was not able to manifest that move, Cheng Yu’s strength was just ordinary. After dozens of exchanges, Guo Feng started to faintly gain the upper hand.

“Cheng Yu, aren’t you quite powerful? Why are you using just a few moves time and time again? Did you not have a very powerful technique? Try using it!” When he saw Cheng Yu was being restrained by him, Guo Feng became complacent as he provoked Cheng Yu. Huang Wen and the others who were watching this not so far away also saw the ordinary performance of Cheng Yu, and they felt quite puzzled. In normal circumstances, the longer the battle dragged on, the more unfavorable it became for him. Why was Cheng Yu not using his ferocious move and fleeing after that? Could it be that he was looking for an opportunity to flee again?

“Everyone, take note of the direction Cheng Yu is moving in, don’t let him escape again!” Huang Wen felt that Cheng Yu was too cunning. It would be better for him to be more vigilant. Hence, he ordered the others loudly.

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