Chapter 191: Do You Eat Chicken Butt?

Chapter 191: Do You Eat Chicken Butt?

Fang Heng and the others saw the situation had made a turn for the worse, and they quickly fled. But as a Qi Training Realm cultivator, they could not even use the flying swords, so how fast could they possibly run?

“The few of you, where are you rushing of to?” The five of them did not run far and they saw Cheng Yu had already appeared in front of them.

“Senior, can you not kill us? We are only passing by,” If the other party was Qi Training Realm, they could still risk it, but he was a Foundation Establishment Realm expert. It was impossible for them to resist. Just now, the scene of Lin Feng and the others being slaughtered was still vivid in their mind. When they were in Cheng Yu’s hands, they did not have any strength to retaliate. Within a few breaths, the eight of them had been eliminated.

“Really? Then you guys can just take me as I am passing by and was going to kill you of conveniently,” When he saw those few people were wearing Kunlun cultivator clothes, Cheng Yu did not have any favorable impression of them.

“Senior, please don’t. Please don’t kill us. We are Kunlun Sect people. If Senior were to kill us, the Kunlun sect would never let you off,” When they saw Cheng Yu had raised his hands and was about to kill them, Fang Heng said agitatedly.

“Haha! Forget to tell you guys that Kunlun is my foe,” Cheng Yu laughed. After that, he sent Fang Heng flying as the attack took his life immediately.

“Ah!” Miserable shrieks echoed out. The other four were frightened silly and they started to flee again. Cheng Yu did not bother to give chase as he shot out several rays of spiritual Qi. The rays resembled sword Qi as it pierced through the four necks. Blood spurted out, and the four of them collapsed on the ground. After twitching a few times, no more movements were made. Cheng Yu was quite professional. When he killed someone and retrieved their items, he had did it in a skilful manner. After he retrieved the five item pouches, he did not bother to account for the items inside as he raised his head and looked at a distance. His mouth curled up as he went towards the direction of the depths of the Cultivation World.

Cheng Yu had long felt that there were three groups of people tailing him. He did not like the feeling of people following him. Therefore, he came out and eliminated Lin Feng and Fang Heng’s groups first. However, the third group was unexpectedly Foundation Establishment Realm experts. Cheng Yu did not know if they were also Kunlun people or not. But he did not wish to spend his energy and fight with them now. If he wanted to kill Foundation Establishment Realm experts, it would take too much time. Besides, the main enemy had not appeared yet. What if both of them were just decoys and were specially meant to lure him out and hold him. Then it would be really troublesome.

Cheng Yu possessed some abilities, but if the other party had too many people, it was very easy for a mishap to happen. He did not wish for his cultivation to be stagnant forever. Since he did not have any intention to exchange moves with them, Cheng Yu took out his flying sword and flew off immediately.

“Big Brother, could it be that he didn’t see us?” When they saw Cheng Yu had just flown off like that, a man who looked like he was in his thirties asked the person beside him.

“Not sure. We should have came out and robbed him just now. Even if he was in Foundation Establishment Realm, he would at best be in the initial stage. Both of us would certainly be able to subdue him,” Gao Yuan was surprised by Cheng Yu’s cultivation level, but Cheng Yu was so young, so it was very hard for others to think highly of his realm.

“Since he ran off, we also have no other choice,” Gao Fei said somewhat regretfully.

“It’s a pity. Otherwise the pills and silver on him would be ours,” Gao Yuan said gloomily. It turned out that when Cheng Yu was auctioning his Longevity Pill in the pavilion that time, he was already targetted by these Gao Clan brothers. Originally, they thought that they had fished out a gold bar, but in the end, they did not manage to obtain anything.

“Keep quiet!” Just when Gao Yuan was still grumbling, Gao Fei suddenly covered Gao Yuan’s mouth and stared closely at the location Cheng Yu had just fought at.

“Sect Master, these two groups of people were the ones that I told you about who were tailing Cheng Yu,” Huang Wen and the others felt that the time was about right as they chased over. When the flew here, they saw all the corpses that were wearing Kunlun clothes. That investigator probed the corpse and gave a report.

“The blood is still warm. Seems like they just died. Let’s move. Quickly chase after him!” Huang Wen came to the front of a corpse and used his hand to feel the blood as he said. The five of them took out their flying swords and flew off again.

“These are all Kunlun people?” When they saw the five of them had flown off, Gao Yuan opened his mouth and spoke.

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“That’s right. Judging from their emblems, they should be secular Kunlun’s people. Didn’t they call that guy Sect Master? It seems like the few of them should be the higher ups of the secular Kunlun,” Gao Fei thought and said.

“Why would they be chasing after that kid? Could it be because of the pills on him?” Gao Yuan said puzzledly.

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“Not sure. That kid doesn’t seem to be that simple. Let’s follow them and take a look. Perhaps, there might be fish for us to catch as well,” Gao Fei was also very curious and wished to take a look at the outcome.

“Big Brother, I think it’s better not to. These people were all in Foundation Establishment Realm late stage. If that kid were to be captured, he would certainly be left with nothing on him. If they were to take us to be his accomplices, it will no longer be a joke,” Gao Yuan started to worry again. After all, they had no understanding about Cheng Yu, but they at least understood the Kunlun Sect. As long as those who knew Kunlun Sect knew that the secular Kunlun Sect Master was in the Foundation Establishment Realm late stage.

Gao Yuan himself was in the Foundation Establishment Realm initial stage and his Brother, Gao Fei, was in the Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage. When the two of them joined hands together, they would at least be able to kill off a Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage. If they were to come across a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator, they would not hold any chances. Besides, the other party had five and at least two of them were in Foundation Establishment Realm late stage. Just the two of them alone was not enough to be their warm up.

“It’s fine. We can just distance ourselves from them and be a bit more careful. It should be fine,” Gao Fei said.

“Big Brother, this way it would be really dangerous,” Gao Yuan still did not dare to go. After all, the other party’s strength was too strong. There was truly no need to probe the other party.

“Let’s go. Stop dilly-dallying. Otherwise, we will not be able to catch up anymore,” Gao Fei took out his flying sword and flew up.

“How I hope we wouldn’t be able to catch up!” When he saw how excited his Big Brother was, Gao Yuan was also quite helpless. He could only take out his flying sword and hop on.

The Cultivation World was a lot more desolate than the Secular World. After exiting Ningshui City, if he wanted to reach an other city, it would take at least a few days of time. Cheng Yu did not buy any armaments from Qiongyu Building. The only thing he bought was a map of the Cultivation World and he knew that the nearest city after leaving Ningshui City would be Fengye City. Cheng Yu flew for two hours and saw a waterfall as he flew down.

“If the Cultivation World wasn’t so dangerous. It would be a good place to tour. Wait until I can proclaim myself as a supreme being in the Cultivation World, I would treat the Cultivation World as my backyard. I should go and discuss it with Huaxia tourism bureau and make the Cultivation World as an A class tourist area. I wonder how much money I can get?” After landing on the surface, he looked at the surrroundings and murmured. Surrounded by green trees and red flowers everywhere, the waterfall fell from the sky and the water was clear with the fish visible. This kind of mountain water was truly able to allow one to be carefree and relaxed.

“Tsk! Even the river water also contains sweetness. Truly satisfying!” Cheng Yu walked to the riverbank and washed his face. He drank a bit of water with his mood being refreshed.

“Let’s take a look and see if those kids had anything valuable on them,” Cheng Yu sat at the side and took out several item pouches as he prepared to take a look at the inventory.

“Aish! This Cultivation World seems so poor. Damn it! If they travelled to the Secular World, they would have to beg for food!” Cheng Yu took out everything inside those item pouches as he accounted for all the items.

In the eight secular Kunlun pouches, there were only 10 low-grade Qi Gathering Pills and four spiritual stones. In addition, there were also a few taels and also the top-grade Qi Gathering Pills Cheng Yu had given them. However, the Cultivation World Kunlun pouches were better. In every one, there were 700 Low-grade Qi Gathering Pills and dozens of middle-grade Qi Gathering Pills. In addition, there were also tens of low-grade spiritual stones and a few hundred taels.

“No wonder these foolish kids had been following and were not willing to give up. It turns out that they were all kids that were living a poor life. I have sinned,” Cheng Yu kept their belongings while shaking his head, showing the pity he had for their deaths. However, there were no traces of pity on his face.

“You demonic evil-doer. You actually dare to kill someone for his property and had killed so many of them. Today, I must eliminate you on behalf of heaven!” Just as Cheng Yu was being sympathetic to those people he had just killed, a woman’s voice resonated from a thicket behind him. Cheng Yu turned around and look. Immediately, he was taken aback. Where did this young lady came from? She was actually so pretty. Her facial features were unexpectedly even more exquisite than those women he had in the Secular World.

“Hmph! You evil-doer, are unexpectedly also a lewd thief. It seems like I mustn’t let you off today,” The young lady saw Cheng Yu sizing her up, and the anger in her heart grew. Originally, when she was returning home and had come over to this familiar place, she wanted to take a shower at the pool below the waterfall. But just as she was showering comfortably, she sensed someone had come over. She quickly went ashore and hid.

Just as she had wore her clothes and hidden, she saw a young man leaping down from his flying sword. Furthermore, she had shamelessly heard him saying that he actually wanted to proclaim himself as the hegemon of the Cultivation World. What was more hateful was that he still wanted to treat the Cultivation World as his backyard and was going to develop it into a tourist attraction. This truly made her feel repulsive and ridiculous. Where did this fool pop out from?

At first, she was very unhappy when she got interrupted while showering, but when she suddenly saw Cheng Yu had unexpectedly taken out dozens of item pouches, the girl immediately became astonished. Following that, she became angry. As a person from the Cultivation World, she naturally knew of the matters of killing someone and seizing their treasures. She would never consider those item pouches belonged to that man himself.

Originally, whenever she saw such things, she would just close an eye to it, but this man in front of her was so young and had already killed so many people. The young lady could no longer hold herself back and had directly taken Cheng Yu as someone from a demonic sect.

“Che! Just your that small steamed buns, I am not interested!” Even though he was surprised by the young lady’s beauty, Cheng Yu was not smitten. Ever since he had a few of those young and beautiful women, the resistance he had for beauty had grown a lot stronger. Solely being a beauty was no longer able to conquer Cheng Yu.

“What small steamed bun?” When the girl heard Cheng Yu’s words, she could not understand what he meant. The young lady was naive and had never gone to the Secular World before. How could she possibly understand the profound meaning hidden in his words.

“Nothing much,” Cheng Yu did not pay attention to her as he took out a wine jar and a roasted chicken and started eating it.

“You…” The girl saw Cheng Yu had unexpectedly chosen to ignore her, so she carried her sword and did not know what to do. Should she kill or not? If she were to kill him, didn’t it seem to be lacking of issuing a challenge? Just now, she had already used the fermented feelings and issued a challenged to him. If she were to use it once more, didn’t it seem to not fit well in such circumstances?

“Are you hungry? I still have a chicken butt here, do you want it?” Just as the girl was at a loss of whether she should kill Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu raised up the chicken butt and asked the girl.

“Are you looking for death?!” This time, the girl was enraged again. Immediately, she felt that her state of mind had returned as she raised her sword and thrusted at Cheng Yu.

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