Chapter 629 – Phoenix Feather Bell

Huan Qing Yan knew that Bai Li Zi Xi would not allow the opportunity to slip by and would do all she can to pull her into battle.

To hell with her! This Bai Li Zi Xi was just having prejudice against her!

Well, it was also expected; when love rivals face each other, jealousy was inevitable and also understandable.

However, she was only a mere Nine-Star Spirit Master, how could she face the challenge? It would be an absolute defeat and she would be lucky if she could escape being beaten to death. She really did not know who release that damn fart, that big bloody stimulating stink!

Causing her to be in this trap.

It should not be Mu Rong Xin Nuo, being such a gentle lady, she would not have released such a smelly fart…

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There were also too many people around.

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If she really needs to face this challenge, then she could only reluctantly try it!

She can just admit defeat immediately after she going up.

Learn from the pig classmate; run if you cannot win, she can just admit defeat when she cannot win, it is not shameful.

This was also not the place to fight, it was someone’s Saintess ceremony, what if she won her, would she still be given the title of Saintess?

Hmmm, better to be more mindful about the situation and think of the big picture!

Huan Qing Yan gritted her teeth, “Fine, let me witness first-hand the powers of the Saintess.”

A commotion started amongst the crowd.

“This young lady has guts! A Nine-Star challenging a Mystic, to think that someone under the heavens would want to be beaten up so badly.”

“Who knows, she might have a trump move, hahaha, maybe she will be like her Pig Spirit Treasure, it can be a superb technique of running away.”

“Maybe you got it spot on…”

The VIPs such as the Half-Sages and King Spirit Masters were also looking forward to the outcome with gentle smiles on their faces.

Fights like these were only a formality, there will be no danger to one’s life, at most some injuries at the end of it.

This Young Lady’s spirit treasure was such a funny character, everyone was also curious what sort of abilities she possessed.

Ji Mo Ya displayed a calm and celestial-like attitude, he seemed unaffected by the situation, but the fingers holding his cup was silently circling its surface, if those personal guards of his were to see this small action, they would know that his mood was not good at the moment.

Amongst the crowd, Nan Gong Bei Cheng was also looking intently; it was unknown what he was thinking.

During the banquet, he did not initiate a conversation with Huan Qing Yan neither did he greeted Ji Mo Ya, treating as though he did not know them.

But now in this crucial moment, he could no longer act indifferently and started to look at the situation with concern.

Mu Rong Xin Nuo beside her advised with concern, “Lady Huan, maybe you shouldn’t go out, it would not look good if you lose in front of so many people.”

Huan Qing Yan was also in a difficult position, Bai Li Zi Xi was adamant to use Huan Qing Yan to boost her prestige; Huan Qing Yan had no other choice.

From her position to Bai Li Zi Xi’s spot on the altar, was a distance of a few dozen meters.

The woman who challenged Bai Li Zi Xi earlier on used a flying equipment to fly up to the altar…

Therefore, without hesitation, Huan Qing Yan took out the Phoenix Feather Bell.

This was also the first time Huan Qing Yan had used this item that Ji Mo Ya gave her, as she had not used it before, she was thus unclear of how to use it.

Ji Mo Ya had said before that this equipment cannot be bounded to her so she did not try to bound it as well.

Now that she took it out, she spent a few seconds to analyze it, before she sent her spirit energy into it. The palm size little bell immediately started to expand…

Transforming into a two-meter wide big bell, Huan Qing Yan climbed on top of it.

The crisp and refreshing ring of the bell resounded throughout the entire area, attracting the attention of everyone.

Ji Mo Kai Yuan squinted his eyes when he saw it and he revealed a weird expression.

The other two Half-Sages also silently sneak a peek at Ji Mo Ya, but Ji Mo Ya continued to maintain his usual demure expression with no changes.

When Huan Qing Yan climbed on top of the bell, she tried using her spirit energy to control and unexpectedly, it was pleasantly easy to control it.

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