Chapter 89 – Luon Vs Deminier 2

Deminier wasn’t the only one to know that they had an overseer. In fact, as it was traveling to rendezvous with their team, Luon had also noticed it, only he did nothing to stop it. The top two priorities in a base race were to destroy your opponents base and delay the enemies progress towards their own.

Although two warriors above level 80 were difficult to handle it wasn’t like he had no solution. Which is why Luon emphasized to his team to end the match as fast as they could as he slowly supplied them with more Inzektor reinforcements.

Within the group of reinforcements was a few Inzektor Queens to produce their combatants on the frontline using the bodies of their defeated Inzektors, Demons, and any kind of natural resource in the region such as trees, vegetation, and water.

After completely separating the two divisions and setting Gizmo as the leader of the second group, Luon’s priority was to halt or delay their enemies advance.

So far he had used the complex terrain to confuse their foes as he employed hit and run tactics using the quick Inzektors. He was able to find it highly effective as the weak and stupid imps would create a huge commotion upon being raided. However, the longer they survive, the more troublesome they become.

Anyone or anything can adapt, and the remaining imps that were alive learned how to counteract and deal with Luon’s ploys.

Luon then asked Thomas who was nearby, “How’s the progress?”

Thomas replied, “Everything is ready, all we need to do now is put the meat in front of the tiger. Are you sure this is going to work?”

“Trust me, everything I said is going to happen, and this move will without a doubt be the one that will change the tide,” said Luon confidently.

He pressed a few buttons on the command panel before sending his gaze over the map, soon the end will come.

The overseer soon arrived, it wore a ragged black robe with a black gassy aura that managed to shape itself to make up its face. The most distinctive part about the overseer was within the darkness of its body was the red eyes it had, and the scent of death it emitted.

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Even Deminier was slightly intimidated by its appearance, compared to the Dark Knight he was much scarier. Giving a light cough, he said, “Alright, overseer, start mapping out the region and tell us which way to go.”

The overseer nodded as crows that were composed of his pure black aura emerged from one of his sleeves and departed to multiple directions.

As they left, the overseer conjured up black gas before him. The gas began to shape itself and replicated the terrain like in a 3-dimensional figure. Seeing this Deminier laughs out loud, before he wouldn’t be able to experience such luxurious treatment as the overseers in his solar system could only be commanded by the demon king, but it was okay to have it during simulated battles.

The only reason why he was unable to command them was that their numbers were already so low, and there are new devices which could take their place. Unfortunately, Deminier and the Dark Knight were too stupid to learn how to map things out, and there was no point of talking about how dumb the imps were.

With the appearance of the overseer, they were soon able to find Luon’s base. The area where they sent the phantasmal crow in managed to pick up the information before it was taken out. With a proper map before them, the group marched towards that direction. Only since they knew which way to go the path got even harsher.

Within the time where he was distracted by the swarm of Inzektors and waited for the overseer, Luon had placed a series of traps and ambushes which killed off numerous of imps. Although, the overseer can map out the terrain it was still tricky to dictate lifeforms and traps as they weren’t appropriately recorded and even if they were, they didn’t know what kind of Inzektor it was.

Despite having their numbers drop, Deminier insists on pushing onwards. He had received word that the enemy is closing into their base, they were surrounded entirely and can only pray on what kind of demon comes out from the portal to save them. So far amongst the summoned beings were 4 level 70s which managed to keep their defensive line fortified to some extent. If they show any sign of weakness, they could all be devoured by the Inzektors.

Falling for another trap, losing about 5 more imps, Deminier yelled in a fury, “Traps! Traps, and more traps! That brat, to use so many against us, he’s asking for death! Overseer! I want you to concentrate your scout ahead and find their commander! I’ll go end him once and for all! As for the rest of you, try to follow after me. Just do it carefully, we can’t expect any reinforcements after all with those darn Inzektors outside of our base!”

The overseer nodded at the command as all the remaining crows in the region appeared before him. Sending more black gas out of his sleeves he swallowed them up as a large black mass continually to form a miniature dragon.

The dragon landed on the ground and bowed before it’s creator, with a simple finger pointing towards a direction the dragon roared and flew towards that direction.

The map displayed before rapidly change, in one direction more detailed information was revealed to their eyes, and soon the enemy base which was filled with countless Inzektors appeared before him. The dragon soon received a barrage of attacks as it desperately searched for Luon, and sure enough, he found within this large base, the only single building in this entire region of Inzektors.

Luon had apparently built a structure that encased both the command table and Crypt of Heroes if Deminier wanted to destroy the Crypt of Heroes he needed to either demolish the building or enter it himself. And looking at the material used he soon discovered that although it was possible to destroy, it would take him quite a long time to do so.

His best bet was to enter through the doors in the center and straight-up raid the base. The dragon had no combat-related abilities before it fell the overseer managed to grasp a portion of the interior and recorded it on his map.

Deminier laughs as he pulled out a relic and muttered some words. A whirlwind of magic encased his body, and with a blinding light, he vanished from the spot leaving behind the overseer, the dark knight, and the badly beaten imps behind.

Deminier reappeared inside of the building and began to asses his surroundings, it was a wide ring with several kinds of closed doors all around. From a pedestal, several meters nearby he saw Luon looking down on him as if he found an idiot.

Deminier appeared confused, this was indeed Luon’s base, but the design and layout almost looked like… an arena. Quickly he turned around only realized that the doors closed itself before he could even consider escaping. How would he know that this building would turn out to be a trap? All he could see was a tiny glimpse of the inside on their map.

Even though Deminier was in a tough position he didn’t give up, after all, he was a level 80 warrior, and to his understanding, Luon shouldn’t be able to beat him despite trapping him here, unless he summoned a hero unit that is. Deminier channeled his magic to fly up and kill Luon only to realize an odd sensation, he couldn’t feel the flow of mana inside of this room.

Luon who realized his set of actions started to laugh as if he was an evil villain who had just gotten away with an evil deed, he said, “In this room, you won’t be able to feel any mana. In fact, your mana is being drained to support the defensive capabilities of the building! So unless the force outside is more powerful than the combined effort of every single being with mana inside of this room, there is no way to escape!”

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Deminier sneered as he said, “If I can’t fly up and kill you. I’ll just climb up and kill you!” Deminier rushed towards the wall that Luon was on but stopped all of a sudden, he soon realized that the wall was completely flat, there was nothing for him to grip, and unless he could jump several stories high, there was no way to reach Luon from where he stood.

Luon smiled as he signaled Thomas was operating a panel nearby to open some of the doors to the room. From the darkness emerged several Inzektors that launched an acidic attack that would harm Deminier. The worse thing was that they were widely spread out and were all ranged attackers. Deminier thought that if he could kill them all, he could pile a hill of corpses to climb with only to realize that the reason they used acid attacks wasn’t so it would hurt him, but so they could burn the bodies of their allies.

Luon frowned after Deminier had killed the 50th Inzektor, he had sealed the room where Deminier was in with a small barrier to keep the acidic contamination in, and yet he was still alive.

‘As expected of a demonic being,’ Luon thought as Deminier continued to create more acid in the room. If a normal human were to enter the place, they would have died from overexposure to dangerous chemicals.

‘Just how many more do we need to kill him?’ Luon couldn’t see Deminier dying from the acid that easily. Fortunately, below the facility was several Inzektor Queens who were quickly breeding these acid Inzektors with the help of outside food resources that was tunneled inside. As long as Thomas keeps up with the expert door, opening and closing techniques, they could keep this siege on.

Only they weren’t fortunate with that much time. If Luon had more time to do things, he could have summoned a hero unit from the Crypt of Heroes to end the battle. But there were more pressing matters to be worried about. The Dark Knight and Overseer managed to break through their second defensive line, with only two remaining, they will soon reach the base. Luon had hoped that after killing all the imps that they would retreat, however, the intelligence they displayed caused Luon to be surprised at how well done the virtual battle system was. Apparently, the Dark Knight and Overseer knew that the battle will end with Deminier’s death.

The only hopes that he had was with Gizmo and the others on the front line, it would be great if they could make a breakthrough. The only other option was to defeat Deminier to end everything once and for all.

But could Luon handle someone whose level was above 80? He didn’t know whether or not he could, as he had never tried before. Luon tried to recall what the protagonist of a story would do at moments like this and only seem to remember that they would either call upon an unknown strength to aid them when the moment was right. Too bad for him he didn’t have anything like that.

Luon began to think of ways to overcome this situation, it was too late to send extra reinforcements to the offensive force, and the defensive force has its hand tied down. Although Luon didn’t like Deminier personally, he didn’t underestimate his strength. There was nothing he could do except try battling against Deminier. He may not even lose out against him.

As Luon was pondering on how to deal with Deminier, the latter screamed, “Hahaha, Luon is this the best you can do? It would take you centuries to beat me at this rate. Just give up! There’s no hope for you, and if you do, I might be lenient on how I treat you next time.”

Luon gave a sigh, he was not tempted by the taunt. However, if he was going to fight Deminier anyways, he might as well wordlessly handle it himself. Before entering the ring, he cleared the fumes inside the room by sending it outside. It wouldn’t be great if he killed himself with his own strategy.

Just as the last ounce of gas went out, and the worms retreated, he jumped into the ring and readied his sword.

Deminier’s eyes brighten as he began to rain a series of curses at him. Luon tried his best to ignore and prepare for the battle, one of the ways he did so was to read to himself a quote that he read off of a book long ago that would match the situation. However, for some reason this time he was drawing a blank.

All of a sudden, a quote entered his mind as he managed to recall it from someone, possibly from his simulated life.

“There are some places, people, things that you’ll really dislike along the way. One of the points of life is to ignore them, beat them, and then ignore them once more,” Luon recalled and silently muttered.

Although he couldn’t remember who had told him so, it had perfectly matched this situation. Luon tried to ignore the annoying and disgusting chatterbox Deminier but failed to do so. What he should have done was beat him silent and then ignore him.

Luon might have preferred to cut the weeds while their still growing, but weeds, in the end, are just weeds. Something he would rather not bother himself with.

With a sword in hand, Luon said to Deminier, “Come on.” Unknowingly, a hint of black silently appeared in his eyes.

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