Chapter 630 – Three Moves?

The bell quickly flew towards the altar, following her will.

Bai Li Zi Xi’s cold beautiful face revealed a light mocking expression, “You truly have some guts, no wonder you dare to disrupt the Great Saintess Ceremony.”

“A misunderstanding, truly just a misunderstanding!” Huan Qing Yan tried to explain again.

Bai Li Zi Xi stopped her sentence, “Seeing that your cultivation is too low and for the sake of fairness, how about this? We will settle this in three moves, if you can still move after taking three attacks from me, then we can consider you win this challenge, how about it?”

Three moves?

Huan Qing Yan originally wanted to immediately surrender!

However, when she thought about it, immediately surrendering after coming up here would make her lose too much face. So be it, three moves it is, she had learnt the Phantom Shifting Steps from Ji Mo Y, plus her cultivation as a Nine-Star Spirit Master, it should be enough to evade three moves, right?

The Pig Spirit Treasure might be running about but she still has her Leaf Spirit Treasure; with the agile movements of Leafy, it might aid her in her evasion.

Leafy sent a quick message to her from her wrist, it also thought that it should be able to help.

Therefore, Huan Qing Yan accepted without hesitation, “Sure! However, I have a request, we fight while using flying equipment…”

That would make it more convenient for escaping. On this altar, the area was too small, making it hard to escape.

With her words, Bai Li Zi Xi’s cold eyes flashed a trace of excitement.

At the same time, she also knew what Huan Qing Yan’s intentions were as she sneered coldly in her heart, ‘Trying to escape using the help of the flying equipment? Too naïve!’

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“I accept.”

With the agreement in place, everyone on the green stone area shook their heads as they looked at Huan Qing Yan with gazes of pity.

A mere Star Spirit Master was underestimating three moves of a Mystic Spirit Master by too much.

“This lass is really foolish!”

“Bai Li Zi Xi is a Mystic Spirit Master, the difference between them is simply too wide.”

“An ignorant who doesn’t know her limits! Let us she how she dies from idiocy!”

The other young ladies glanced at Ji Mo Ya, but he still maintained his calm and indifference, not commenting at all.

When he looked at others, his gaze would be warm but distanced, only when he was looking at Huan Qing Yan would it be filled with adoration and acceptance that observers could easily witness.

Causing others to grit bitterly in jealousy.

The Wine Sage and Plant Sage were also enjoying the scene; the Wine Sage even has the intention of accepting the lass as his disciple and this would allow him to have lots of good wine to drink in the future. Therefore, he was particularly focused on the fight; however, he also felt that the lass had made a bad decision.

When suddenly, the two sages frowned at the same time and communicated with their divine sense, “Wine Sage, did you notice that someone is trying to communicate with our Holy City’s Power of Will?”

“It seems so, let me send my divine sense out to take a look, it disappeared again. Maybe one of the old fellas have came out from closed-door training?”

“That can’t be, they would not communicate with the Power of Will for no reason, it has disappeared once again! So be it, lets wait till the ceremony ends before we go investigate.”


On the altar, Bai Li Zi Xi summoned a flying equipment.

“First move.” Bai Li Zi Xi’s clear voice came out, and within it, was a hidden trace of disdain.

At the same time, she waved her hand and a penetrating spirit energy stabbed towards Huan Qing Yan.

She truly did not think too much of a small little Star Spirit Master.

Her spirit treasure might not be about and she was also not a specialist in offense; as a Mystic Spirit Master she has more than enough capacity to squash any Star Spirit Master without problems!

Under the witness of so many people, she must keep up her image.

This attack was enough to let this Huan girl stay bounded to bed for three consecutive months.

Seeing the powerful surge of energy coming at her, Huan Qing Yan quickly controlled the Phoenix Feather Bell to evade. In a moment of hurry, she also uncontrollably used Phantom Shifting Steps, affecting the bell to shift in a weird manner and thus evaded the attack!

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