Chapter 190: Quickly Escape!

Ningshui City, City Lord’s Mansion.

“Reporting back to City Lord, secular Kunlun’s Sect Master brought someone over and is requesting an audience,” Housekeeper Wang came to the backyard and stood behind a middle-aged man as he said respectfully.

“Secular Kunlun’s Sect Master? Why are they here?” Ning Wuji was baffled. He had always hated interacting with Kunlun people. Why would they be looking for him?

“I am not sure.”

“Let’s go and take a look!” Ning Wuji stood up and walked towards the main hall.

“Kunlun’s Huang Wen, Guo Feng, Xing Yun and Ku Shuo pay respects to Ning City Lord!” When they saw Ning Wuji had appeared, they stood up one after another and greeted the City Lord. It had been known that Ning Wuji was not only the City Lord of Ningshui City, but also a Golden Core Realm expert! In front of him, these people did not dare to be ostentatious.

“Have a seat. May I know why you are all looking for me?” Ning Wuji sat down on his chair and did not bother to waste time as he asked for the purpose of their visit directly.

“City Lord Ning, we will also be to the point. Some time ago, there was a burglar that intruded into my Kunlun and now, he has escaped to Ningshui City. I hope City Lord Ning would accommodate us for a while and allow us to bring him back to Kunlun,” Huang Wen did not wish to let Ning Wuji knew about Cheng Yu’s identity. After all, the news of the previous Kunlun’s Sect Master being murdered was known by a lot of people. A lot of them did not know of Cheng Yu’s name, but they had also heard rumors of Cheng Yu having relations with Limitless Palace. If they were to let City Lord Ning know the man that they were chasing after was Cheng Yu, the news would be leaked out and it would be very troublesome. In the Cultivation World, all the powers were jumbled up. If Cheng Yu’s identity was exposed, a lot of people would be willing to hit a person who was down and hope that Kunlun would fight it out with other influences.

“Since he dared to steal something from your Kunlun, could he still be a mortal? I am not allowing you to catch him in the city. I do not hope that my citizens will be in danger. Furthermore, the regulations of my Ningshui City are written very clearly. No battles are allowed within the city. If you want to capture him, you can wait until he leaves from the city. When the time comes, I will not meddle into the affairs,” Ning Wuji heard Huang Wen’s words, but he did not even have any hesitation and rejected their request.

“Fine. Then we will wait until he departs from the city. We hope that when the time comes, City Lord Ning will not meddle. My Kunlun will first thank City Lord Ning for meeting us even though it was already so late. We will bid our farewell,” Huang Wen actually knew that it was impossible for him to capture Cheng Yu in the city. Therefore, the objective of him coming over was to get Ning Wuji not to meddle because if they were to make a move near Ningshui City without informing him, there was a high chance Ning Wuji interfere. And when the time comes, it would be very troublesome for them. Now that Ning Wuji was not going to get involved in this matter, they could deal with Cheng Yu without any restrain.

When they stood up and were about to leave, Guo Feng glanced at Ning Wuji and wanted to say something, but did not know how to phrase it. When he saw Huang Wen and the others were about to leave the main hall, Guo Feng’s heart grew anxious as he summoned up his courage and asked Ning Wuji, ”City Lord Ning, may I know when Miss Wushuang will be back?”

Ning Wuji’s daughter, Ning Wushuang, was the number one beauty in Kunlun and was born intelligent. She had cultivated until the Foundation Establishment Realm in only 20 years. In Kunlun’s current generation, lots of young cultivators hoped to receive Ning Wushuang’s good graces. Everyday, countless young and handsome youths would ask for a meeting with her, causing the front yard to be as busy as a marketplace, and causing the whole City Lord’s Mansion to not have peace. In addition, Kunlun Sect also thought very highly of Ning Wushuang’s aptitude. But Ning Wuji did not agree to Kunlun’s condition and without a choice, Ning Wuji sent her to Huashan Sect. Only after this did the City Lord’s Mansion finally quiet down.

“Don’t know,” Ning Wuji picked up the teacup on his table and drank a sip. He then looked at Guo Feng and said nonchalantly. Guo Feng saw the situation and he grew disappointed. It seemed like it was impossible for him to get news on Ning Wushuang.

“Then, the younger generation will take my leave first,” Guo Feng clasped his hand and said as he followed the others out of the City Lord Mansion.

“Senior Brother Guo Feng, don’t act like this. Isn’t it just a woman? Ning Wushuang is very pretty, but also very crafty and unruly. In the Cultivation World, Ning Wushuang is not the only one who is pretty,” Exiting the City Lord’s Mansion, Guo Feng showed a disappointed look. Xing Yun could no longer tolerate it as he advised him.

“But I truly like her,” Guo Feng was still not willing to give up.

“So what? Let’s not talk about other places, just Ningshui City alone, there are countless people who are fond of her. Besides, who didn’t know that City Lord Ning did not have a good impression of Kunlun? If you really wish to chase her, that’s basically impossible,” Even though Xing Yun did not wish to beat Guo Feng while he was down, it was still an undeniable truth.

“…” Guo Feng did not say anything. What Xing Yun said was very reasonable and was an undeniable truth. But every time he recalled that perfect beauty of hers that he saw under the waterfall, his heart was not willing to abandon that beautiful face no matter what.

“Alright. Proper business is more important. As a cultivator, how can you be stranded because of feelings. This would only affect your future prospects,” Huang Wen was dissatisfied by Guo Feng.


The next day, Cheng Yu left the inn very early as he walked out of the city. His objective was to only divulge his traces and not battle to death with them. The other party had so many people with them, and if he really had a death match with them, it wouldn’t be very beneficial for him either. If it were to end up like the previous time, then he would really be finished. However, the news of Cheng Yu leaving the city was transmitted to Huang Wen’s ears very quickly and also the other group of small fries. Lin Feng’s group and Fang Heng had already been tailing Cheng Yu.

“Sect Master, we saw Cheng Yu leaving the city. However, there were three groups of people tailing him. One of it was our Kunlun people, the other was from the Cultivation World Kunlun and the last one was loose cultivators,” The investigator said respectfully to Huang Wen.

“Oh? The Cultivation World Kunlun people are also tailing Cheng Yu? Could it be the Cultivation World Kunlun’s side has also found out about Cheng Yu’s identity? What cultivation are those people at?” When Huang Wen heard this news, he was surprised. If the Cultivation World Kunlun were to know of Cheng Yu’s identity, Huang Wen would need to hurry up.

“The two groups from Kunlun did not possess high cultivation level and are just Qi Training Realm initial stage disciples. However, the two loose cultivators were in Foundation Establishment Realm initial stage,” The investigator replied.

“Ok. Understood. Continue to follow Cheng Yu.” When Huang Wen heard that the people from Kunlun were just some disciples in Qi Training Realm, he sighed in relief. If they were to really know Cheng Yu’s identity, they would not have sent those Qi Training Realm disciples to their deaths.

“Senior Brother, since Cheng Yu has already left the city, let’s go and chase after him now!” After receiving the news from the investigator, Xing Yun said excitedly.

“No rush. Cheng Yu is not a fool. Since he dared to enter the Cultivation World alone, there’s naturally something he can rely on. Besides, if we were to chase after him like that, once he realizes there is something amiss, he would certainly run back to Ningshui City. This way we would had inadvertently alerted the enemy. Since there is a group of Foundation Establishment Realm cultivators helping us scout, we should rejoice. We can chase after him, but we mustn’t be too close. Only after he left Ningshui City and we trap him, can we kill him,” Huang Wen slapped onto the table and said.


“Senior Brother, why is that kid fleeing so quickly? He already disappeared in a short while!” Skinny Monkey asked strangely. Lin Feng and the seven others had long been tailing Cheng Yu out of the city. But after they had followed him to this forest, they lost track of him.

“Previously, I had also lost track of him like that. This kid is too crafty,” When Ming Qian saw Cheng Yu had disappeared in the same way again, he finally had the opportunity to recover his reputation.

“Are you guys looking for me?” Just as the eight of them were at a loss, a voice resounded from a tree beside them.

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“Good kid. Turns out that you were hiding on top of the tree. No wonder we were not able to locate you,” When Skinny Monkey saw Cheng Yu sitting on the tree branch smiling at them, he replied jubilantly.

“Fellow cultivators have been following me for several days already. May I know what you are looking for?” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Actually, it’s nothing much, we just wish to borrow something from you,” Lin Feng looked at Cheng Yu’s unperturbed and calm expression, and a bad premonition arose within his heart, but he was unable to tell what was wrong.

“Oh? May I know what is it that caused several fellow cultivators to be so meticulous and so insistent in following after me?”

“Actually, it’s nothing new. We just wish to borrow the pills and money on you. That’s all!” Lin Feng pushed down the uneasiness in his heart as he lifted up his head and looked at Cheng Yu.

“So it’s like that. Then what if I don’t want to?”

“It isn’t up to you to decide. Leave behind your pills, and we can still let you live. If you are not going to give it to us, then we can only retrieve it ourselves,” Since it had already come to this, there was no more meaning in acting like nice guys as he spoke ferociously.

“Are you so certain that you are able to make me to stay?” Cheng Yu leaped down from the big tree and stood in front of everyone with a smile.

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“Senior Brother, don’t bother talking with him. Let’s take his life before deciding what to do,” Skinny Monkey was no longer able to restrain himself as he unsheathed his sword and thrusted at Cheng Yu. Skinny Monkey’s temperament was quite impetuous, but this sword skill had truly been mastered well. However, Qi Training Realm cultivation was too low and the Qi that was infused was too little. Just as Skinny Monkey’s sword was about to pierce Cheng Yu’ chest, Cheng Yu’s aura suddenly burst forth.

“Clang!” The sword that Skinny Monkey thrust at Cheng Yu was stopped two inches away as blue light flickered. It was no longer able to be thrusted any further. Then, the sword started to break into pieces.

“Not good. He’s a Qi Training Realm late stage expert. Let’s kill him together!” Lin Feng saw Qi covering Cheng Yu’s flesh, immediately, he was startled as he shouted.

Only in the late stage of Qi Training Realm would cultivators be able to use Qi to protect their body. Lin Feng and the others had always thought that Cheng Yu was in the Qi Training Realm initial stage. At best, he would also be in Qi Training Realm middle stage. But Qi Training Realm late stage was troublesome as they had the protection of Qi. This kind of ordinary thrust was no longer useful, unless they could infuse their
Qi into their sword. But how can a Qi Training Realm initial stage cultivator have such an ability? Since they had already started attacking, Cheng Yu did not wish to waste his time because there were still other groups that were waiting for him. Qi Training Realm initial stage and Foundation Establishment Realm late stage’s disparity was just too wide. The eight of them were basically unable to even endure a single palm strike from Cheng Yu.

“You…you…you are not in Qi Training Realm!” Cheng Yu choked the remaining person, Lin Feng. Lin Feng was frightened. He finally knew what the bad premonition he had in the heart just now was.

“Haha! Seems like I had forgotten to tell you that I am in Foundation Establishment Realm late stage,” Cheng Yu smiled and exerted a bit of strength. Kacha! Immediately, he twisted Lin Feng’s neck. Lin Feng’s eyes widened just before he died. Cheng Yu did not have time to pay attention to this. After he retrieved the sacks on all the eight of them, he rushed to the other direction.

“Quick! Quickly escape! He’s a Foundation Establishment Realm expert!” All the while Fang Heng and his friends had been hiding not so far away when they saw the explosiveness in Cheng Yu’s offensiveness. Fang Heng’s face turned ghastly pale as he shouted to his friends and quickly escaped.

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