Chapter 189: Cheng Yu Reappeared!

“Senior Brother Heng, what are they doing? It seems like they are waiting for someone!” At a corner not so far from Lin Feng and the others, Fang Heng and his friends were tailing closely.

“Who knows? But looking at how sneaky he looks, he’s certainly up to no good,” Fang Heng looked at the eight of them and replied.

“Heh! Regardless of what they are gonna do, they certainly would not expect us to be tailing them!” Fang Ping smirked.

“That’s right. We will let them experience the pain of suffering a double loss after trying to trick the enemy. Heh!” Another cultivator named Fang Lin had also smirked.


“Senior Brother Lin, it’s almost half an hour already, why is that kid still not out yet? Could it be that he didn’t go in there?” The eight of them had sat down for almost half an hour and countless people had walked in and out of Qiongyu Building. However, they did not spot Cheng Yu, making them feel impatient.

“No rush. Wait a little more. If he were to transact inside, he would need more time,” After so waiting for so long, Lin Feng also became anxious. After all, he did not personally witness Cheng Yu entering the Qiongyu Building. If he was not inside, wouldn’t they have wasted their time waiting?

“The food inside Qiongyu is so popular, I am certain that the kid is eating and drinking as much as he likes. Hence, up till now, he hasn’t appeared,” Xiong Pang stared at those diners who walked out from Qiongyu Building and replied enviously while patting his tummy.

The food served in the Qiongyu Building was known for its taste. Because a majority of their customers were cultivators, they were able to obtain demon beast bodies from them. The energy stored inside demonic beasts was very pure, making the meat extremely fresh. It was a kind of delicacy that could only be asked for in the Cultivation World.

However, demonic beasts also had very strong offenses. It was very hard for an ordinary cultivator to capture it, causing the price of the demonic beast meat to be extremely expensive. A chef who could prepare this meat was also a rarity. This kind of delicacy would be paid for with spiritual stones. Of course, there were also mortals who used silvers to pay for it. But the mortals who were able to enjoy these delicacies would usually be those rich merchants.


“What are you thinking about? You only knows how to think of food. If you possessed a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivation, would there still be a need for you to worry about not able to eat delicious food?” Just as Xiong Pang was salivating about those imaginary delicious dishes he was daydreaming about, Lin Feng slapped his head ruthlessly. Xiong Pang lowered his head immediately and no longer spoke. How hard would it be for him to reach Foundation Establishment Realm? He was only a Qi Training Realm initial stage, it would at least take him 10 years before he could reach Foundation Establishment Realm. It seemed like if he wanted to eat delicacies, he would have to save some money. If he were to wait until he reached Foundation Establishment Realm before eating, he would had long starved to death.

“Senior Brother Lin, why not go and take a look inside? It’s not feasible for us to continue waiting like this. If he was not inside, wouldn’t we have wasted our time waiting? In contrast, we would be even further away,” Skinny Monkey spoke.

“No way. He knows the eight of us. What if we were to bump into him? It would not be easy to make a move on him then,” Lin Feng rejected the idea immediately.

“Look! Quickly look! Senior Brother Lin, it’s that kid, that kid has come out!” At this moment, Ming Qian who had been paying close attention to the Qiongyu Building yelled excitedly.

Ever since he had lost track of Cheng Yu, except Skinny Monkey, the others did not say anything about it. But in their hearts, they were more or less dissatisfied by him. He also felt very apologetic. Now that Cheng Yu reappeared in everyone’s line of sight, naturally he would be extremely delighted, as if Cheng Yu was their privately-owned treasure.


“Senior Brother Heng, look! Could it be that they waited for half a day just for that kid?” Fang Ping asked curiously. When he saw their expressions and looked towards their line of sight, Fang Heng and the others also spotted Cheng Yu. Other than his average looks and his somewhat eye-catching dresscode, they truly could not tell what kind of value Cheng Yu held.

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“Who knows? Perhaps they have some hatred towards each other? Follow them and see,” When Fang Heng saw Lin Feng and the seven others were tailing Cheng Yu, he also brought his members and followed along. Cheng Yu walked along the Main Street regretfully. When he took a look around the Qiongyu Building just now, he did not find any goods he liked. The purchasing power in this Qiongyu Building outlet was too limited, so there were nothing decent. All of them were just ordinary celestial weapons.

It seemed like if Cheng Yu wished to buy a good treasure, he would need to enter the depths of the Cultivation World. However, he still needed to stay in Ningshui City for another day. Why? It was because he wanted the secular Kunlun to know where he was. As long as he caused the other party to know that he had truly entered the Cultivation World, it would be fine. Therefore, Cheng Yu intentionally strolled in Ningshui City to expose his own tracks.

“Senior Brother Lin, this kid doesn’t seem like he is intending to leave Ningshui City! What should we do?” When he saw Cheng Yu had been strolling around unhurriedly, Ming Qian said somewhat anxiously.

In the Cultivation World, in any of the cities, they were not allowed to have private fights. If there was any hatred, they could always settle it on the dueling stage. Because once a fight broke out among the cultivators, a city could easily be destroyed with a wave of a hand. Therefore, in order to protect the safety of mortals and to prevent any losses, in every city, regardless of who they were, they had to follow the rules. However, the way Cheng Yu strolled around unhurriedly caused Lin Feng and the others to become anxious. If Cheng Yu intended to stay in the city, how were they going to rob him? They still needed to return to the secular Kunlun.

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“Let’s wait for a while longer! It seems like he wouldn’t be exiting the city today. Let’s come over and see if he’s exiting the city tomorrow. If he does not leave the city tomorrow as well, we can only steal it from him,” Lin Feng stared at Cheng Yu maliciously. He was also feeling very anxious.

“Senior Brother, this doesn’t seem to be a very good idea. If someone else were to know about this, we might be killed by the City Guards,” Even though Ningshui City was in the range of Kunlun Mountains, it did not mean that this place belonged to the Kunlun Sect. Every city would have their own City Lord and they were placed in charge of managing the city. If Lin Feng and the others were to violate the regulations, Ningshui City’s City Lord could punish them.

“We will talk about it when the time comes! Let’s see when that kid will be leaving Ningshui City first. Otherwise, we might really need to steal,” Lin Feng also did not wish to steal it from him and could only hope for Cheng Yu to leave the city as soon as possible.


“Senior Brother Heng, these scoundrels has been following that kid in circles around the city. Isn’t about time for us to withdraw?” Fang Lin who had been following behind Lin Feng and the others could no longer endure the boredom.

“What’s the rush? This is also a form of experience. If you don’t even have the patience to tail a person, how would you know what they are trying to do? And how are you going to become a Phoenix who can soar?” Fang Heng said discontentedly to Fang Lin.

“Senior Brother, I understand,” When he heard Fang Heng’s words, Fang Lin was remorseful.

“Since you understand, then I am going to give you a mission. You are going to tail them and see where that kid is going to stop at,” Fang Heng patted Fang Lin’s shoulder and said seriously.

“Senior Brother, I…” When he heard Fang Heng’s words, Fang Lin immediately turned clear-headed. He had been duped!

“This is a good opportunity for you to accumulate experience. If you are to watch that kid well, when the time comes for distribution, we would give you another portion of what we get!” When Fang Heng saw Fang Lin intend to reject him, he interrupted.

“This…fine,” When Fang Lin saw Fang Heng’s serious look, ultimately, he agreed. Inside Kunlun, there were a lot of small groups like theirs. No matter what they do, they would do it together. Kunlun had so many disciples, so the competition was very tough. If they wanted to be able to obtain natural resources in a speedier manner, they would form a small group. This way, the odds of them obtaining natural resources would be a lot higher. Fang Lin did not wish to be discriminated by the group. Under such circumstances, he could only agree.

“Be at ease! Once you know where the kid stops, come over to Fulai Inn and look for us. Senior Brother would treat you to a feast. Remember, be more serious and don’t lose track of him,” Fang Heng delivered encouraging words to Fang Lin and brought the other three who were rejoicing away.

When he saw the four of them were going to a inn to eat and drink, Fang Lin felt an urge to give himself a tight slap. A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble. If he knew about this, he would not have grumbled. At least all of them would be together, even if they were not eating and drinking, there would be someone who he could talk to.

“Really hope that I fish some benefits from you guys!” Fang Lin followed behind Lin Feng and the others unwillingly.


Cheng Yu went around in circle in the city. He had long realized that there was someone tailing him. Cheng Yu smiled and did not seem to care about it. His objective for doing this was just so he could get Kunlun’s attention. Even though he had no idea if these people were from Kunlun, even if they weren’t, it wouldn’t be long before Kunlun would start tailing him. Since he had already achieved his aim, and it was already quite late, Cheng Yu looked for a guest room and casually went in.

“Waiter, get me a room and a table of signature dishes,” The moment Cheng Yu entered the inn, he shouted out loudly. With money on him, Cheng Yu would never be stingy with himself. Who asked him to sell pills? He was not lacking money. Once his money ran out, he could always sell pills again. After much difficulty did he finally manage to make a trip to the Cultivation World. He must play and eat in luxury. If he came across a formidable expert, even if he couldn’t run, he would not give his enemy his money. Cheng Yu sat down on the first floor and finished his food, but still had not seen those people who were tailing him. They probably stopped nearby and were monitoring him.

Cheng Yu might seem to be unconcerned about all matters, but that did not mean that he was ignorant. On the surface, he may seem to not care, but that did not mean he truly did not.


Deep in secular Kunlun.

“Sure enough, Cheng Yu has reappeared in Ningshui City. Does this kid really intend to rush into the Cultivation World?” Huang Wen held onto the intelligence report in his hand and asked with a frown.

“Senior Brother, isn’t this a good thing? You yourself said so. If Cheng Yu were to returned to the Secular World, it would be very hard for us to make a move on him. Now that he intends to enter the Cultivation World, isn’t this a good opportunity for us to let him enter without returning?” Guo Feng sat in his chair and asked as he was confused.

“That’s what I said, but after all, Ningshui City is not our territory. If our secular Kunlun experts intrude Ningshui City, I am afraid we would bring conflict with Ning Wuji,” Huang Wen may have said it like that, but in his heart, he was extremely worried if Cheng Yu’s head would be stolen away by someone else.

The news of Cheng Yu’s reappearance in Ningshui City was exposed to him and if he and the others headed over to Ningshui City, his traces would also be exposed to the Cultivation World Kunlun people. If Cultivation World Kunlun were to meddle, he would no longer be able to obtain his Golden Pill. This was what Huang Wen had been worrying about.

“Senior Brother, since it’s like that, then couldn’t I just go over and ‘greet’ him first?” In Guo Feng’s opinion, this was not anything major to him.

“Senior Brother Guo, I think you are not going to greet Ning Wuji, but his daughter, Ning Wushuang, instead!” Xing Yun sat at the side and laughed at Guo Feng.

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